WoW Token Guide – What is it and how can it help you

On top of that, WoW Token can be exchanged for the Blizzard Entertainment account balance. It means that you can get games from their online store and paid features in their other products by farming gold and exchanging it for WoW Tokens. The amount of currency added depends on the region of the account – for Europe, it is set at 13 EUR, for America 15 USD and for Great Britain 10 GBP. It is worth noting that Token from the Auction House is always listed on a server-wide exchange unlike other items in this place. buy wow classic gold cheap

WoW Token from the in-game shop via real money

Follow the instructions below, if you want to purchase a Token at the Blizzard Entertainment store for your real currency.

Open in-game store through the “Escape” key menu or by a button placed at UI.

Select the WoW Token on the left side of the shop.

You will be informed about the price and you can confirm it through the Buy Now button.

You will be redirected to the webpage that shows all the necessary information, make sure to check all of them and select the payment method if everything looks fine.

After the payment process is completed you will receive a Token directly to your bag. There will be also mail sent to your email which confirms the purchase.

Go to the Auction House and talk to any Auctioneer NPC.

Right-click the Token which you want to sell to create an auction. The price of the Token will be predetermined and cannot be changed by the player.

Now that your Token is up there you can check current prices and prediction of how much time will it take to sell it. If everything is fine click on the Create Auction button.

A warning will pop up which informs you that you won’t be able to cancel this auction later on.

After the Token is sold you will receive its full price that you have confirmed before.

Go to any Auction House and speak with Auctioneer NPC.

Choose the “Game Time” option on the left side of the menu. You will be taken to the screen where the current price of the Token is shown. There is no bidding – only a straight buyout option.

Click the ‘Buyout’ button to purchase Token.

Your purchase will be sent to the mailbox so make sure to take it out before it expires.

There is an account-wide restriction that won’t let you purchase WoW Token when you have one already listed on the Auction House.

Battle-net balance features

You can Battle-net balance by adding a real money to your account or by exchanging Tokens for it. Here is what you can spend it on afterward:

Digital editions of Blizzard Entertainment games including special editions

Character services: appearance change, realm transfer, etc.

In-game shop items including special mounts, pets, and cosmetics

Paid items and services in other Blizzard Entertainment games

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