Learn Runescape Elite Dungeons&Dungeoneering Improvements

This week Runescape offical news post have released spotlighting the quality of life changes to Elite Dungeons,and Dungeoneering.Here you could learn various changes and improvements.

Elite Dungeon Improvements

Here are the QoL changes to make the Elite Dungeons a better experience for everyone.

1.All Elite Dungeon reward shops have now been merged into one shop, accessible at all three Elite Dungeon locations.
2.Players can now unlock a bank chest upgrade for 750k tokens which allows banking inside Elite Dungeons and automatically grants the 20% double loot chance on bosses. The chest can still be toggled for non-boss drops.
3.Players can now teleport between Elite Dungeons using the chests outside each dungeon if they have completed the ‘Impressing the Locals’ quest.
4.Invention combat dummies can now be placed within a short distance, and in sight of, any dungeon chest inside Elite Dungeons.
Celestial and Gemstone dragons inside Dragonkin Laboratory have had their defence slightly reduced.
5.Dungeoneering daily challenge criteria now allows the player to complete Shifting Tombs and Elite Dungeons instead of completing a Daemonheim floor if they wish.
6.Messages for getting loot in an Elite Dungeon now more obviously denote whether an item has been stockpiled in your Elite Dungeon chest or not.
7.You can now use the Seasinger and Tetsu sword weapon upgrade kits on their respective augmented weapons in order to upgrade them. All experience and perks will be kept.
8.Spiky rune salvage drops in Elite Dungeons are now noted.
9.Elite Dungeon lucky charms are now able to be converted to work in other elite dungeons at the click of a button.
Dungeoneering Improvements
1.Solo dungeoneers can now take on large dungeons alone.
2.Two new interface slots have been added to the Dungeoneering in-game status interface. These slots will now display a Lockmelter and Dungeoneering Outfit slot. When the Lockmelter is used this slot will display a tick to show that it’s been used by your party for this floor. The same goes for the Dungeoneering Outfit.
3.A party message will now be shown when someone in your party uses a Lockmelter.
4.A party message will now be shown when someone in your party uses an Outfit skip
5.There is now a party message to show which player has voted to end a floor
6. A “Yes, don’t ask me again” option has been added to the message received when completing a floor. If you choose this each time you click the end-ladder it’ll now try to vote to end immediately instead of prompting you.
7. 29 out of 30 DG bosses (except Skeletal Horde) will now automatically trigger the end ladder on death, previously 28 of these bosses forced you to wait for their death animation before allowing you to end the dungeon.
8.Chisel spawns in Dungeoneering have been removed.
9.Gatestone 1, Group Gatestone and Gatestone 2 will now appear as the item on top of a loot pile to allow players to easily pick them back up.
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