Participated in RS Wintumber Warmer Event for Firemaking XP & More

RS Wintumber Warmer event has begun. You can take part in four activities to get Firemaking XP and other skills’ XP. In addition, you can also use the bonfire to receive rsgold Firemaking XP boost and more benefits.

Firemaking XP available from RS Wintumber Warmer activities 

There are a total of four activities in Wintumber Warmer event, including Fire Dancing, Constructing Lanterns, Fire Breathing and Summoning spirits. They are hosted by Emmett, Chad, Sera and Evey respectively located at north-west, south-east, north-east and south-west of the bonfire. If you join in Fire Dancing and Constructing Lanterns activities at level 99, you can get 58,200 and 59,625 Firemaking XP per hour separately, and 59,133 Firemaking XP from both Fire Breathing and Summoning spirits activities.
Beyond of Firemaking XP, you can also receive Agility XP, Construction XP, Herblore XP and Summoning XP from these activities respectively by turning in Fire breathing solution, Fire stone, Firewood and Fire poi items that drop while skilling during this event to Emmett, Chad, Sera and Evey correspondingly.

Receive bonfire benefits in RS Wintumber Warmer event 

Victor residing in north of the bonfire holds a bonfire in Lumbridge Crater during this event. You can use it to train your Firemaking and Cooking. And there are a series of bonfire benefits you can get from bonfire:
- 25% Firemaking XP boost while using logs.
- 10% Firemaking XP boost for cremation but no Prayer XP boost.
- The bonfire acts as if five people are using it for experience boosting purposes permanently.
- A chance to save logs when burning.
- Chances of fire spirits appearing is increased.
- The bonfire life point boost is obtainable after adding just one set of logs and always lasts for the full 66 minutes.

Come to join in RS Wintumber Warmer event for Firemaking XP and more before it ends.