Complete Pokemon GO January 2020 Research Tasks to Get Rewards

Can you smell it in the air, trainers? It is the very beginning of 2020 with January already bringing some new content for Pokemon GO players to enjoy to kick off the new decade. A large chunk of this new content is the group of January 2020 research tasks, and all of the rewards players can earn by completing them. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about these particular tasks and rewards covered for you.

All of the new tasks will ask players to complete various objectives based on different features of the title. Each challenge will then reward players with one of a variety of rewards for future use. You can find all of the challenges that are now available for players to complete this month and the rewards they offer to trainers from across the world below courtesy of The Silph Road.

There are a total of 48 objectives players will have the chance to complete. These objectives are spread out among six different categories that all focus on various aspects of the title. Players will find that the majority of the January 2020 research challenges will consist of objectives that deal with the mechanics of throwing, catching, and battling.

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