Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide: Location of Water Stone

Everyone’s in the thick of getting themselves ready for the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC that’s going to be cracking on in June 2020. Whether this means throwing yourself into max raids or finally trying to complete your Pokedex by evolving key potential members of your Pokesquad, you’re gonna find our Water Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide handy.

So you’re wanting to pick up a Water Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Well, we reckon they’re pretty useful, no matter what you’re trying to evolve. You can use a Water Stone on the following Pokemon to ensure that they grow up big and strong:

  • Lotad
  • Eevee
  • Shellder

However, knowing which Pokemon need this elemental stone and actually acquiring one are two different things. If you’re already familiar with acquiring other evolution stones like the Moon Stone, then the process here won’t actually be all that different for you. There are multiple places that you can get a Leaf Stone, and prime of them is probably to head to Bridge Field. If you cross the bridge by Motostoke and look out for a raid hole at the intersection of a hill and a wall, you’ll see a Pokeball just to the left of it – this will contain a Water Stone.

It’s also possible to hit up the Digging Duo in the same part of the Wild Area – you pay these people in Watts and they basically dig up items for you. It’s all entirely random, but you have a chance of getting your hands on evolutionary stones, including the Water Stone. Last but not least, you can also head over to the Lake of Outrage once your Rotom Bike can walk (spin?) on water; you’ll be able to find a weird looking Stonehenge thing. Every rock in this formation will have some kind of evolutionary stone under it, and you could pick up a Water Stone eventually as these will respawn to give you more than one go.

Now that you’ve got our Water Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide in hand, it should be pretty easy to get the Vaporeon of your dreams.

Snape Grass in OSRS

There are various herbs in Old School Runescape that players can use to make potions. One of runescape gold these useful herbs is snape grass. Snape grass can be grown and harvested in the world of OSRS.

Growing Snape Grass

Snape grass can be grown by players with level 61 Farming. They can be planted in an allotment using snape grass seeds. The seeds can be found as item drops, rewards for farming contracts, or pickpocketing Master Farmers.Players must plant three snape grass seeds per allotment. Players will gain 82 experience for each harvesting action. Players can pay gardeners 5 jangerberries to watch their allotment. Planting near white lily patches will also help in protecting the crops.The typical harvest is between 15-20 per allotment. Sometimes harvests can yield up to 60 units.

Gathering spots for Snape Grass

Players can also find snape grass in certain areas in the game world. Waterbirth Island allows players to utilize teleports to bank snape grass for storage. Twenty-seven snape grass spawn in this area.Hobgoblin Peninsula west of the Crafting Guild also has patches of snape grass. This area is close to Rimmington and yields three spawns.

Northwest of the vinery at Zeah, players can find ten snape grass growing in the area. These will respawn once all ten have been harvested. There is also a bank at the vinery.Snape grass can also be bought in the Nightmare Zone. These can be bought for 175 reward points each.

Uses for Snape Grass

Sanpe grass is useful in many potions in OSRS. Snape grass is also useful in several quests in the game.Snape grass is an important ingredient in prayer potions. This potion is used to restore Prayer points. It is created by combining snape grass with ranarr weed in a vial of water with 38 Herblore skill.Another useful potion is fishing potion. This potion will temporary raise a player’s Fishing skill by three for two minutes. Players need level 50 Herblore. It is made by combining avantoe and snape grass in a vial of water.

Snape grass is used to create the hangover cure during the Plague City quest. The hangover cure is needed for Bravek, the city warder of West Ardougne. The cure can be made by first grinding a chocolate bar to create chocolate dust. This is then added to a bucket of milk to make a chocolate milk. The snape grass is then added to this mixture to create the cure. Players then give this mixture to Bravek and in return, he will give the player a warrant giving them access to the plague house.

The hangover cure is also needed in the mogre miniquest. The player must find Skippy behind Hetty’s house in Rimmington. He is a washed-up fisherman, and if you give him the hangover cure he will give the player information on what he saw in the water. The creature turns out to be a mogre, which the player must defeat as part of the Monster Slayer quest.

News.Best Club Package of Premier Club 2020

Why not treat yourself to a Premier Club package? You can get up to 12 months of Membership at a phenomenal discount, and a whole host of other benefits besides – including the Premier Pass for Yak Track, access to the Premier Club Vault, and the

Premier Artefact for 2020.
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It offers big discounts on standard membership prices along with a whole host of unique benefits.
Premier Club gives you access to some great content in game! We’ve compiled some of the common questions about the content below.

1. Artefact
2. Vault
3. Premier Pass
4. In-Game Cosmetics / Rewards
5. Daily keys
6. Reward tokens

1. Artefact

How does the Artefact work?The Artefact provides you with a selection of temporary boosts to choose from, each giving you an increase to your skilling activities.

The available boosts are:
10% increased XP from all normal sources
One free Aura reset
50% chance to act like a sign of the porter
20% increased hitchance against enemies which are low on health (does not work in PvP) and a 10% chance that your slayer task count will not decrease with each creature killed
You can use each of these boosts once per day, and they all last for one hour (aside from the Aura reset which has a one-time daily use).

2. Vault

What’s inside the Premier Club vault?It’s our way of giving something a little extra to those who pick up the Premier Club Gold package. Once per month, you’ll be able to enter the portal at the Grand Exchange, giving you one minute to loot as many chests as you can. These chests contain various different rewards so it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!

3. Premier Pass

What is the Premier Pass?

The Premier Pass is a new system that we will be launching on the 25th November 2019. It rewards players for completing a variety of in-game tasks. Each task unlocks a new tier, awarding players with a mixture of both consumable and cosmetic items.

How does the Premier Pass work?

All players will have access to a free track, but only players with the Premier Pass will have access to the Premium track, which grants superior rewards. The Premier Pass usually costs 2 RuneScape Bonds, but all Premier Club users will get access to the pass for free.Players will also be able to purchase ‘task skips’, which will allow you to bypass certain tasks that you may not want to undertake for whatever reason.

(1) Bond buys 4 task skips
(2) Bonds buys 10 task skips
We are considering running additional Premier Pass events through the year ahead, and as a Premier Club user, you will have automatic access to any future event we run (as long as you are still a Premier Club user).

What if I purchased the Premier Pass before Premier Club?

If you purchased a Premier Pass before purchasing a Premier Club RuneScape package, you will have paid the same amount as every other player. This was because any user with a Premier Pass on their account at the time of purchasing a Premier Club RuneScape package will have been charged a reduced amount, to reflect the two bonds they have already used for the Premier Pass.This was applied automatically to all purchases made via the RuneScape website store, or via RuneScape bonds in-game.

4. In-Game Cosmetics/Rewards

How do I access all of the in-game items/rewards?

Bright Inquisitor Outfit Found via the customisation interface
T-Bone Pet Found in the ‘Pets’ tab via the customisation interface
6000 Oddments Added automatically to your currency pouch
50 extra Bank Spaces Added automatically to your account whilst a user is a Premier Club Gold User
Extra Crate for Lootscape Added automatically, giving Premier Club Gold users two crates.
Free Weekly Boss Instance Added automatically, the free boss instance resets on Wednesday.
Reward Tokens One added on purchase of Premier Club Gold
One added in January 2020
One added in July 2020

What’s the Premier Bank Space?This is an additional 50 bank space exclusive to Premier Club Gold members. This bank space will be removed at the end of your Premier Club gold membership unless you purchase Gold again.

5. Daily keys

Why am I receiving four daily keys instead of three?Our Silver and Gold members receive an extra daily key, bringing the total up to three.If you’re receiving four it’s likely because you have some of your Premier Club subscription remaining from the previous year. You’ll continue to receive four until your existing package expires at which point you’ll drop back down to three.

6. Reward tokens

What are Premier Club Reward tokens?As a Premier Club Gold or Silver user, you’ll get Reward Tokens that allow you to unlock previous Premier Club exclusive items, or upcoming Pre-Paid Card exclusives from 2020.What can I redeem my reward token for?A full list of exclusives that you can redeem the token(s) for can be found below:

Cosmetic Outfits
-2019 Valkyrie Outfit
-2018 Stormborn Armour
-2017 Duskwing Outfit
-2016 Menaphite Outfit
-2016 Crystal Peacock Armour
-2015 Mahjarrat Outfit
-2014 Lava hood and wings
-2014 Samurai Outfit and sword
-2013 Capoeira Outfit
-2013 Aurora Armour
-2013 Skypouncer outfit
-2012 Paladin Outfit

-2018 Bj?rn Pet
-2016 Crystal Peacock
-2015 Postie Pete Pet
-2014 Lava hawk
-2014 Kirin Pet
-2013 Piggles Pet
-2013 Porkins Pet
-2012 Bloodpouncer

-2018 Lightning Weapons
-2016 Crystal Peacock Weapons
-2015 Retro Swords
-2012 Barbed Bow
-2012 Golden Katana
-2012 Lightning Pack
-2011 Ornate Katana

-2013 Sinister Clown Face
-2013 Xmas Pudding Head
-2013 Snowman Head
-2012 Flaming Skull
-2012 Scarecrow Mask
-2011 Turkey hat
-2011 Ice Mask

-2015 Retro Teleport
-2015 Retro emotes (dance & joy)
-2014 Grey Skin
-2014 Onyx Skin
-2011 Green Skin

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软文OSRS 2019 Christmas event Walkthrough and Rewards

Angry children have gathered in Varrock and it seems like they’re protesting against something. But who’s that jolly looking fellow standing beside them? Why, that’s Santa! What on Gielinor is going on here?OSRS Christmas event this year comes earlier than before. Are you ready to complete the event? Here is the fast walkthrough shared to help you complete it smoothly.Speak to Santa by the Varrock fountain to learn what epic quest awaits you this year. And various Christmas rewards will be obtainable when you complete it successfully.

Walkthrough guide for OSRS Christmas 2019

1. Speak to Santa Claus in the centre of Varrock, just outside the general store.
2. Run to south of apothacary building and talk to the worried baker;
3. Return to Santa and hold space through all the cutscenes – you should be in the christmas house now after using the auto using the scaperune tablet;
4. Finding the key: Talk to the door (with 2 npc’s stuck);
5. Search a crate, then Talk to the door again;
6. Go into the southern room and take 3 pots (then fill with flour in corner), 3 cinnamen, 3 eggs, 3 festive branches;
7. Talk to the door then place all 3 of each item into the receiver;
8. Pull lever after 3 of each were added;
9. Collect shield off table;
10. Go through the barrier to ice monster and take the key;
11. Talk to door to release the captured;
12. Talk to paul to be returned to Varrok;
13. Return to Santa and collect your rewards.
OSRS Christmas Event 2019 complete! Congratulations!

OSRS Christmas Event Rewards

You will gain the following new rewards after completing OSRS Christmas 2019 event:
-Green gingerbread shield: The green gingerbread shield can be transformed into the red gingerbread shield if you right-click on it.
-Two partyhat sets
-Two Santa hats
-Two Christmas crackers: The Christmas cracker OSRS can be used for a partyhat and other items, including coins, runes and weapons.

In addition, you are able to obtain rewards from previous Christmas event by speaking to Diango OSRS, such as the Christmas tree costume, candy cane, snow imp costume, Yo-yo, etc.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope our OSRS Christmas 2019 guide can help you to complete this event fast. Join in OSRS Christmas event right now for amazing rewards. By the way, you can also buy cheap OSRS gold from us with the best service and fast delivery.

Oldschool RuneScape Void Knight Armour Guide

Void Knight Armour is debatably the best armour in the game that doesn’t cost any OSRS gold. I am going to explain how to obtain Void Armour, its best use cases, and the best items to buy rs 07 gold spend the RuneScape gold on that you’ll save by owning it.

Obtaining The Gear

Void Armour is obtained by playing the Pest Control minigame. It can be accessed by navigating to the Minigame Teleports tab, and using the Pest Control teleport, which is free once every 20 minutes. By playing the minigame, you’ll earn 3, 4 or 5 Pest Points per win, which can be exchanged for void armour. You’ll also earn OSRS gold equal to 10 times your combat level for every win you achieve. Not bad.

Spending Your Pest Points

For the full set of Void Armour (that is, all 3 helmets, top, robe and gloves), you’ll need 1,250 points, equivalent to 250 wins if you’re over level 100 combat. The other items, the Void Knight Mace and the Void Knight Seal are rarely worth buying and should be disregarded. The full set will take between 8-14 hours to obtain, however this is well worth it, because you’ll have a huge amount of excess RuneScape gold now that you’ve got armour for all 3 combat styles covered.

Why It’s So Damn Good

The full Void sets have different bonuses for each combat style:

Void Melee set bonus – +10% Melee accuracy and damage

Void Range set bonus – +45% Magic accuracy

Void Mage set bonus – +10% Ranged accuracy and damage

Each of these effects are very beneficial and are only ever outmatched by very expensive gear. It’s often worth saving your RuneScape gold for other expenses, as void will have you covered for most situations, and it’s free of charge!

What To Spend Your Excess OSRS Gold On

Now that you have the Void Armour Set, there are many great options for what you could spend your newly freed up OSRS Gold on. The most effective choice would be something like the Amulet of Torture (for melee), the Necklace of Anguish (for range), or the Occult Necklace (for mage). The first two are expensive items, costing roughly 15M OSRS gold each. However, they are widely regarded as ‘Best In Slot’, so it may well be worth it. The Occult Necklace, costing just 700K OSRS gold, is cheap-as-chips by comparison, so I would definitely recommend picking that up whatever the case.

Is there better armour than the Void Set?

Absolutely. But it’ll cost you a pretty penny. Item sets such as the Bandos armour set (for melee), the Armadyl armour set (for range) and the Ancestral armour set (for mage) are all significantly better than the void armour, as they provide higher attack and defence bonuses. However, you’ll need a significant amount of OSRS gold for all that power. As of now, the Bandos melee armour costs just shy of 60M OSRS gold, the Armadyl set nearly 100M, and the Ancestral set almost 150M OSRS gold total.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: New Forms for the Veteran Characters of Venasaur and Blastoise

January 9th, was a fascinating time for the Pokemon community as an official expansion pass for both Sword and Shield was announced to the joy of many players. This expansion pass will consist of two DLCS called Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. These Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansions will be bringing a plethora of new content for Trainers to experience. A whole host of new Gigantamax characters will be one of the focal points of the expansions, which will include new forms for the veteran characters of Venasaur and Blastoise.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamax Venasaur

The franchise’s very first Grass-type starter’s final evolved form in Venasaur will be joining Charizard when it comes to Generation 1 creatures who have this new and powerful form. Venasaur gets a much larger flower petal on top of its head that covers its entire body with an even more formidable flower sitting on top ready to deliver its devastating power at a moment’s notice.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamax Blastoise

Blastoise is also joining its Generation 1 starter comrades in the Gigantamax class. Its new giant form transforms the two cannons on its shell into an assortment of cannons that turn Blastoise into a living battleship that is likely to be able to deliver some severe punishment in battles.

There will no doubt be plenty of Trainers who will be looking to battle and catch these new versions of Venasaur and Blastoise to add powerful characters to their team for future adventures.

What are your thoughts on Gigantamax Venasaur and Blastoise in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

World Quests Begins in WoW This Week

Are you ready to start a new journey in this week’s challenge? According to the information WOWclassicgp.com knows, you can open your map and select any of the Kul Tiras or Zandalar regions to view the World Quests available all week. As always, wow classic gold US hot sale for you here.

Here are some requirements you need to join the world quests.

- Chronicler Toopa in Boralus or Chronicler Shoopa in Zuldazar has a quest for you—The World Awaits. You can also start the quest from within the Adventure Guide (Shift-J).

Quest requirement: Complete 20 World Quests in Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Mechagon, or Nazjatar

Reward: 1,000 War Resources

- Passive buff: +50% to Reputation gains from World Quests

Except the World Quests, the Frozen Arathi Basin Race also begins this week. Of course we will reveal the details of the race for you as well.

Put away your bathing suit, pull out your parka, and enter a winter wonderland as the Arathi Basin you know and love gets a fresh coat of ice and snow. You’ll be racing your way between the farm, stables, mine, lumberyard, and blacksmith through piles of snow and over a – mostly – frozen lake. One more thing: the weather forecast calls for a bit of fog of war. We hope you’re prepared for the weather.

The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. If you want to get prepared in advance, then buy WoW gold from WOWclassicgp.com now. We offer you best WoW gear, mounts and items. Top services and cheap price are ready for you now!

RuneScape – Ranch Out of Time Expansion in RuneScape Brings New Content to Entertain Players

RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Jagex and released in 200l. It takes place in the world of Gielinor, a medieval fantasy realm divided into different kingdoms, regions, and cities. In the game, players can find a lot of things to explore. Recently, the developer Jagex announced Ranch Out of Time, an expansion to the player-owned farm at RuneFest 2019, introducing dino-farming and bringing various skills to help players manage their prehistoric herds.

In this expansion, Ranch livestock require level 42 to 120 Farming and level 45 to 90 Construction to build the pens. All of the Ranch breeds are included within the Animal breeding log; the update introduced 14 new species with a total of 65 variants. Moreover, five new farming paddocks for the giant lizards have been added to the standard player-owned farming features. The level caps for farming and herblore have been increased from 99 to 120, bringing new ingredients for potions like fruit trees and berry bushes, and new bombs to craft. Players can now form farming guilds, too, unlocking farming requests for rewards, and a machine that checks on all your land patches.

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OSRS Staking Guide: Introduction to Duel Arena & How to Become a Famed Dueling Master

Duel arena in Old School RuneScape is a big part of the game. So much in fact, that some players only play the rs07 gold game there or with the aim of spending most of their time playing OSRS there. The mix of safe combat, competitiveness and possible high rewards attracts hundreds of players. The aim of this blog post is to introduce you to the duel arena, what’s so special about it and how to become a famed dueling master.

Where is Duel Arena?

Duel arena is located in Al Kharid. To get to it you simply need to pass the Lumbridge gate and follow the path west. You’ll have to pay a 10 coin toll to the guards, if you haven’t completed the quest Prince Ali Rescue, after which you can get through the gate for free. There is also a way to get there for free by going to Duel arena from Varrock. There is a gap in the fence south of Varrock. You will enter the desert and the arena will be in the south.

Duel Arena Rules

Duel arena functions as a safe zone, where you can die without being penalized at all. You will just wake up in the arena’s hospital as if nothing ever happened. An NPC named Mubariz will provide you with basic information about the arena if asked.
Challenging another player is easy, simply right-click on them and click challenge. If they accept, the duel is on! There are no level, gear or quest requirements in Duel arena. You can enter it as soon as you’re out of Tutorial Island. However, there are some rules regarding duels themselves and those can be customized until both players are satisfied with the settings.

You should always familiarize yourself with the rules and if something is unclear either turn on “display inventories” or reject the duel altogether. There are always sketchy players hanging about duel arena trying to trick a less knowledgeable player. It’s always better to skip a duel than to lose your stake, which can potentially amount to millions of OSRS gold.

How to Stake in Duel Arena

Getting started in the Duel arena is pretty simple: as mentioned above, you need only to challenge your opponent and they need only to accept your challenge. However, it’s a lot more complicated if you’re aiming for fat cash stacks. While, theoretically you can use any armor, weapons, and spells and can be of any combat level, there are certain guidelines you’ll have to follow to beat your opponents with decent certainty. Or have a reasonable chance to win, if they’re using the same method. You also need to have a decent amount of coins to begin staking big and there’s no better place to buy cheap OSRS gold than probemas!
First, the safest way to duel is for both opponents to be of the same combat level and usually it’s the maximum combat level.
Second, you need to have the appropriate gear. Now, the better your gears are, the higher your chances of claiming the reward.

Staking Strategies in Duel Arena

Odds Staking

Odds staking was a strategy that a lot of dedicated duelists were using. Essentially, it was a system of comparing both players’ levels and then staking in some proportion to those levels. For example, if one player has 95 Attack, 96 Strength, 95 Defense, 99 Hitpoints and another has 92 Attack, 90 Strength, 95 Defence and 99 Hitpoints, the second one would stake less than the first one because of lower levels and thus a lower chance of winning. While this seems logical on paper, the amounts of gold being at stake would often be arbitrary, with the experienced staker taking advantage of a less knowledgeable player and coming on top anyway by the end of their dueling session. Experienced odds stakers used to use a formula to accurately calculate how much they could stake and what their odds of winning accounting for both players’ skill levels.

Odds staking, in general, was very controversial. It created a huge gap between veteran stakers and people who were staking more or less just for fun. This is why after the duel arena update the staking part of dueling was changed a lot. The difference in the value of items or the amount of OSRS gold or platinum tokens on a stake cannot exceed 10k gold anymore. This means that if you stake 100k gold, your opponent can stake anywhere between 90k to 110k. Additionally, to get two birds with one stone, Jagex implemented a tax for each duel. You will not be taxed if you don’t stake anything, however, the more you stake the higher the tax rate is being applied.

As you can see, the tax is not that high, however, it still adds up with time. This was implemented as a money sink to reduce inflation rates of OSRS gold as well as to combat people profiting off staking as Jagex felt that this way of making money was too powerful.


Player Identification Number in RuneScape (PID)

Player identification number or PID for short is a number given to a player by the server. This number defines your “position”, so to speak, in a given game world. Quite literally PID functions as a sort of queue. The lower your number, the sooner your actions will be calculated by the game and, therefore, the better. Having the PID of 10 is better than having a PID of 23. This feature of RuneScape is as old as RuneScape itself: it has been there since the first iteration of the game, currently referred to as RuneScape Classic. Back in the good old and not so old days PID was stagnant and you were stuck with the one assigned to you once you logged in. The only way to change it was to relog. Oh, and players were able to see their PID’s. This meant that players had a limited amount of control over their PID’s. But this little limited control that they had was all that they needed. Players picked the system up quickly and figured out how to abuse it in various situations, dueling included. There are cases of players waiting for hours to get the best PID before dueling. And once they got it, all hell unleashed. Having a better PID tipped the scales a lot. Dueling against the same level opponent, but having a lower PID meant a huge increase in chances to win. If both players need only one hit to kill the other one, the one player with lower PID would win, because their hit would be calculated first. This system became so notorious and controversial, that with years, Jagex decided to hide PID from players and later to make it dynamic. Nowadays, PID changes randomly at an interval of 60 to 90 seconds. Despite the random nature of the modern PID system, it is still possible to figure out your position in this digital queue. Sort of. If you click “Follow” on another player and once they move, you move at the same time, without delay, that means that your PID is lower. If you move with a delay, yours is higher, meaning their actions take priority over yours. Since PID’s change constantly and you can only find whose is higher or lower with the “Follow” method, they don’t play such an important role anymore and, therefore, people started relying on other staking strategies.


Martingale System and Staking

The Martingale System is a system that comes straight from the gambling world. This makes it perfect for Duel Arena a.k.a Sand Casino. The system is very simple and very reliable: all you need to do is to stake twice the amount of gold you lost in the previous duel. Let’s say you start with 2m stake. Lost? Stake 4m next time. Lost again? Stake 8m. Once you win, begin with the 2m again. While it’s not too exciting, this system is guaranteed to bring you precious coins eventually. With the previous example, you will always come out with 2m gold on top. The starting stake depends on how much gold you have in total. If you can afford to go through an extensive losing streak, make your base stake bigger. If you can’t, then don’t. Play it safe and have a good amount of gold on you as a reserve. Keep in mind that you will need to find players who are willing to stake the amount you need to. Using this system against the same player multiple times might make them suspicious. Also, know that a lot of people are aware of this strategy: it’s not a secret, despite what shady ads on the internet might tell you.


The Safest Staking Method

Currently, dueling in OSRS is mostly based on luck, rather than skill. Since information on the internet is abundant, people can get a good idea of optimal itemization in a matter of minutes. One of the most iconic dueling weapons is abyssal tentacle and it is chosen for its reliability as well as good price.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Slowpoke: What Else is in Store for Them

While we have some qualms about Slowpokes and their use in Pokemon canon, plus the fact that people have eaten their tails in past games), it looks like we can look forward to the introduction of Pokemon Sword and Shield Slowpoke evolutions when the DLC begins to roll out from June 2020 onwards. Yes, we’re talking Galarian Slowpokes growing up, and boy, do they look cute.

These Galarian Slowpoke are already in the game, but you won’t be able to evolve them until the first of the two announced expansion DLC packs arrives in June 2020. According to the Direct, they’ve wandered over to this part of the world from the Isle of Armor, which means that we get to benefit from some sort of ecological displacement. Let’s not think too hard about that for now because honestly, they’re adorable.

Sporting a new yellow cap and tail unlike their early generation counterparts, Galarian Slowpoke still manages to retain the gormless expression that made so many of us fall in love with other versions of it over the years. You can currently already catch them due to a recent in-game patch for Pokemon Sword and Shield, so long as you first speak to Klara or Avery respectively with regards to the version of the game that you’ve got. Once you’ve done this, you just have to take yourself over to Wedgehurst Station where you’ll find a bunch of them milling about in the vicinity. They shouldn’t be too hard to get your mitts on, so pack a bag full of Poke Balls and persistence and you’ll be on your way to your own Galarian Slowpoke in no time.

We’re pretty stoked to see what the evolution of these Pokemon Sword and Shield Slowpoke end up being, so needless to say everyone here is frothing for the Isle of Armor DLC when it finally does drop. The Pokemon Direct did briefly show off what looked like sketches of Galarian Slowbro, even though it was only a glimpse, so it’ll be cool to see what this evolutionary chain ends up being later in the year. Is that a cape that we spy on what could be Galarian Slowking? Looking dapper!

Guide: Witch’s Potion OSRS Quest Easy & Fast Walkthrough

The novice Old School quest Witch’s Potion requires players to get four potion ingredients for Hetty, a witch in Rimmington. Here is a guide&cheap runescape gold for the Witch’s Potion OSRS quest to help you complete it easily and fast.

Basics of Witch’s Potion OSRS quest

OSRS Witch’s Potion quest is a Novice quest with no level requirements. To start this quest, you need to talk to Hetty in her house in Rimmington, south of Falador and west of Port Sarim.

Witch’s Potion OSRS quest walkthrough

1. Speak to Hetty OSRS to start this quest. She will tell you she is making a potion and needs four ingredients that she wants you to get: a rat’s tail, a piece of burnt meat, an eye of newt, and an onion.
2. To obtain a rat’s tail, kill a level 1 rat(they can be found in the archery shop west of Hetty’s house)
3. To obtain a piece of burnt meat, first head to the chapel south of Port Sarim and kill a giant rat and get the raw rat meat. Cook the raw rat meat on range in the house north of Hetty.
4. To obtain the eye of newt, head to the magic shop in Port Sarim and purchase one for 3 coins.
5. To obtain an onion, find and pick it from a field northwest of Rimmington (directly east of Melzar’s Maze) or in the backyard of Fred the Farmer’s farmhouse west of the sheep pen in Lumbridge.
6. After getting all these 4 items, return to Hetty and drink from the cauldron. Quest complete!

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