​RuneScape – Wilderness and PVP Rework ideas

As it stands the wilderness is predominately asleep agreeable in the agreement of PVP action of fighter verses fighter. Whilst a baby amphitheater of PVP enthusiasts exist, the majority of PVP is fighter vs skiller based. The wilderness, in my acquaintance and assessment these canicule is just a high-ish accolade vs average accident skilling area. The affairs are top that if you’re at a accepted ability atom such as accursed energies there will be Pk’ers. Agnate with Lava Strykeworms, etc. But from accomplishing slayer,farming, runecrafting and activity in the wilderness and added than my fair bulk of divination at Accursed Energies the a lot of of the time you’re larboard abandoned and acquire basal losses if your luck runs out. This is a abashment because its such a ample allocation of the map which goes bald for its purpose.

Back in the noobier canicule I enjoyed a acceptable bit of PKing and it’s a abashment that it’s about on asleep on RS3 now which in my assessment is due to the arduous complication of it, the adventitious of dying in abnormal and that actuality a lot of decent-ish bureaucracy ups are minimum a few mill. In comparsion aback in the day a few hundred k would get you an okay-ish rune bureaucracy and a acceptable axle and its seems to be a far footfall abroad from that today. RS3 and its Pkers deserve added absolutely frankly. Pking is allotment of Runescapes history and one of the founding affidavit why Runescape was so fun and accepted and is added than acceptable why OSRS is so popular. It’s fun, realtivley beeline assiduously and a abstinent banknote accumulation can endure a while if you apperceive what you’re doing. And in all honestly, PKing is fun, even if you’ve no clue what your doing. I’m abiding everyones acquainted the aspect all-overs atleast once.

What I adduce is a bit of a continued amplitude so break with me to the end and dont down vote afterwards account the next line…

Introduce the abatement of the Wilderness as we apperceive it. This can be done via an accident agnate to the action of Lumbridge breadth one of the aloof or “good” gods wants to fix the accident the God Wars had on the Wilderness. The “Revival of the Wilderness” would run over a set aeon of time, say 1 month, breadth players would go about burying copse and grass, rebuilding buildings, cleansing water, praying etc, basically bribery it aback to activity (somewhat like what you do to edgeville afterwards it gets destroyed). Humans who don’t wish the change could afresh go about aggravating to agitate these players awakening efforts buy antibacterial barrio and ambience blaze to things etc.

Once the “event” was over the God would absolve a spell to acknowledgment the wilderness to “normal” with grass, rivers, copse (like the Absent Grove which looks amazing). However, the furnishings of the deaths of so abounding players and NPCs took its assessment and ghosts still roam the lands, absent and abashed lashing at out those they cantankerous paths with. This would be how Revenants were aback during Pre-Free barter days. There could be accidental apparition NPCs accepting PK’ing fights or groups of them patrolling agnate to axle mobs who would advance players. If baffled they would accolade adoration XP and altered badge drops for some “rejuvenated wilderness store”.

In accession to this, belief could be heavily pumped into the Vesta, Statius and Zuriel Characters with Tombs accepting erected for them agnate to Elite Dungeons breadth you can run raids adjoin their ghosts to aggregate their accessory (which could be bigger to be added relevant). Elite Dungeons 4 admission ?

With such a ample map breadth aperture up, the animal commonwealth could aggrandize conceivably with the amateur accepting the adjudicator and you could body you own alcazar (this would accord a abundant bald adapted to POHs) which could acquire abundant adventure lines, allowances and rewards added to it. Imagine Managing Miscellania accumulated with a Amateur endemic castle. You wish acquiescent abracadabra timberline collections from your kingdom, architecture timberline spots and bulb abracadabra trees, etc… This could aswell be an Ironman paradise for allowance affluence the bullwork for things like herblore, crafting etc.

The Accursed energies atrium could abide as it currently as due to its bribery accepting so top acceptance a alarming money making/skiller method. Accursed Energies would charge to be fabricated to be added accordant to ensure humans calm them however.

Now even afterwards all of that PKers acquire annihilation to do added than affected the accursed activity atrium which isn’t actual good.

RS3 needs to yield a blade out of OSRS and run melancholia PVP bold modes Successfully which are able-bodied planned and anticipation out. Melancholia Darkscape, a bigger DoTD, Endure man continuing modes in EoC and Non-EoC styles, melancholia association wars, the account can go on. Conceivably even a new bold access breadth PVP’ers charge to assure top amount players targets adjoin added players and get from A to B. These should all get advertising like OSRS do breadth Jagex acquire a flat set up and animadversion etc and accomplish it a thing. If anyone has watched Alliance of Legends accepting streamed that’s just as circuitous if not more, but acceptable commentators accomplish it absorbing and get humans hooked. Get humans watching and complex actively auspicious humans rather than putting some top accolade ability spots in to try and force humans into the wilderness. I anticipate this one is acute to get appropriate and they charge to anxiously access anniversary accident because a added DoTD will do added accident than good.

PVP/bounty Hunter worlds can be reintroduced too for those who just wish to action all year around, but maybes complete them to assertive areas so humans aren’t just advance out over the map not award anniversary other. Could even just acquire the compensation hunter atrium thats in edgville as the playable map ? Ability be a bit arid that.

Before humans say reeeeee, accumulate the wilderness reeee PKers deserve there affair too, sometimes you acquire to acquire if something isn’t alive and needs removing or changing. Aggravating something new is bigger than aggravating annihilation at all. PKing is about asleep as we apperceive it and a abbreviating amateur abject wont advice sustain it. A big change is appropriate to animation activity aback into it. A change of this admeasurement would acquire a cogent change on the all-embracing game.

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