Different Voices about RS My Arm Wearing Farming Cape While Reaching 99 Farming

It’s said that RS My Arm will be able to reach level 99 of Farming skill by Dec. 30, 2019. After that, he can be able to buy farming rs3 gold cape for 99,000 coins, which has an emote lasting for 6.6 seconds. However, some players don’t agree with this action. What about you?


RS My Arm getting to level 99 Farming on Dec 30

My Arm is a troll farmer at the Troll Stronghold. Because trolls are named after the first thing they eat, using “My Arm” as his name derives from eating his father’s arm when he was just a baby. He has been training his Farming skill since he was released in 2006 by planting some goutweed. And calculations say that My Arm is going to reach 99 Farming on Dec. 30th, 2019. Once he arrives this level, the farming cape can become purchasable for him.


Farming cape available for 99,000 coins at Farming 99 level

The Farming cape is the Cape of Accomplishment for the Farming skill, which can be able to purchase with 99,000 coins from Martin the Master Gardener when arriving 99 Farming.
My Arm will reach to this requiring level on Dec. 30, and then he can be able to buy the Farming cape. This cape has an emote lasting for 6.6 seconds, and when My Arm equips with it, he can be able to grow flowers and smell them.
However, there are different voices about wearing farming cape. Some players agree with this idea that My Arm should wear the cape and they would like to see him with the cape, but the other don’t think so.

How do you think of RS My Arm wearing farming cape?

How to Get Redundant Savvy Phebert from Borderlands 3 Wick and Warty

You’ll find Borderlands 3 Wick and Warty in the Lectra City area of Promethea. If that name rings a bell it’s because it’s referencing Rick and Morty, in a cleverly hidden play on words. Kill them both and you’ll be rewarded with the Borderlands 3 Redundant Savvy Phebert legendary shotgun. It’s a handy weapon that returns any damage absorbed by its shield when you fire it. Here’s how to find Borderlands 3 Wick and Warty bosses, and get the Redundant Savvy Phebert.

In order to find Wick and Warty in Borderlands 3, you need to begin on Sanctuary. Over on the mission board where you can accept side missions, there’s a chance a mission will appear called “Kill Wick and Warty”. Subtle.

If it’s not there, you simply have to play the waiting game because there’s no guarantee of when it will appear. When you get it, accept it and head over to Lectra City on Promethea. Head to the quest marker to your right, and Wick and Warty should simply spawn in the vicinity.

Neither Wick nor Warty are particularly tough to kill, just make sure you avoid their warps and you’ll be fine. When they die, you should get the Redundant Savvy Phebert legendary shotgun.

Redundant Savvy Phebert stats

The Redundant Savvy Phebert’s unique selling point is that when aiming down the sights, any damage absorbed by the weapon shield amplifies the damage you deal. It consumes two ammo per shot but if you can absorb considerable damage, that plus the percentage damage increase means you’ll be outputting some serious raw firepower.

Are WoW Classic Island Expeditions worth it?

As mentioned before, Island Expeditions can be a decent way to farm pets and mounts. Some collectors will be entertained since it is not a bad piece of buy wow classic gold cheap content. There was a lot of crying and hate over Island Expeditions. They lacked content before 8.1 or 8.2. Changes made later in the game drastically improved the experience that players have on said minigame. It is also worth noting that lesser difficulties (Normal and Heroic) aren’t as entertaining as higher ones – especially PvP.

This piece of content was designed as a PvP activity, but Blizzard also implemented lesser difficulties for more casual players. Facing “Advanced AI” is not as entertaining as fights against real players who can immediately change strategies or imply some genius plays. Because of that, it is highly advised to do only the PvP version of Island Expeditions and leave Normal, Heroic, and Mythic for players who want to learn how the system works.

When we take into consideration only the PvP version of Island Expeditions, we can surely call it a fun activity. They are more entertaining than regular PVP since you have higher variations of strategies that you can use, and events on the island can drastically change the course of battles. The rewards are also much better. Pets, mounts, titles, and cosmetic items are desired by many players who even commit to Island Expeditions only to acquire those items. It is also the main Island Expedition issue. Besides reputation with Honorbound and Azerite Power collected from them, it is not a place where you can quickly obtain items and gear which would help you in progression. Because of that Island Expeditions are done almost exclusively by collectors and for quick Azerite Power. It is a shame that Blizzard have not put enough love into this piece of content. We can only hope that this would change in the future.

It is the end of our World of Warcraft Island Expeditions guide. We hope that you have learned everything that you wanted to know about this topic. We were trying to cover every bit of information in the best possible way we could. Make sure to check out other articles and guides on our blog page. Make sure to check out all the features that our website has to offer. Read texts about reputation in World of Warcraft or patch notes or buy an account boost at the MMOAuctions market. As we value the opinion of our users, share yours in the comment section below to let our team know what you think about the site. Visit us also on Discord and become our friend on Facebook.

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Which are the best items to trade in OSRS for easy gains?

Everyone that plays Runescape mobile or osrs mobile knows that it can take a lot of time to grind for gold. But then again you can make the process easier with the right approach. The idea is to know exactly what you are getting into and what you expect from this stuff. Usually it will be very challenging to find and eventually trade the right items. But RS3gold.com are here to show you which items are the most profitable when you learn how to make money osrs.

Expensive osrs items that you can trade for gold

As you can imagine, the Runescape prices are shifting all the time. Even if they might not be the most profitable when you read this, the reality is that these items are always bringing in an insane amount of gold, so you do need to at least test them out and see for yourself.

We encourage you to get the Dexterous Prayer scroll, this one is worth around 62 million, sometimes even more. If you are a mage or want to sell stuff that mages want, the Kodai wand is a good option because this one commands around 105 million. And then there’s the Ancestral Robe set which can be more than 220 million gold at times.

Some of the other, very expensive items are the Elysian Spirit shield at around 641 million and the Twisted Bow which can sometimes be well above 1 billion. As you can imagine, these are great to trade and you will acquire an amazing set of results if you just give them a shot and check them at your own pace.

Is there a faster way to get Runescape gold?

It’s a lot easier to buy osrs items directly if you want to. Or you can buy RS gold from us and we will deliver it right away. We offer some of the best prices on the market for RS gold, so you never have to worry about any issues. We know how hard it can be to find the right amount of RS gold nowadays, so we are here to help you with all of that. The entire process is convenient, fast and reliable, and you can repeat the transaction again and again if you want to, don’t worry about that.

As you can see, you can learn how to make money osrs or you can just buy Runescape oldschool gold and get it over with. Buying gold encourages you to play more and pick the item you want without having to waste a lot of time grinding for a particular unit. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it’s definitely something that will bring in front a whole lot of benefits. Rest assured that your Runescape account will always be stocked with gold if you spend it adequately. But in the end it’s all about having fun and enjoying your time with friends! So getting Runescape gold will be really exciting!

OSRS Ferocious Gloves Guide: Learn How to Obtain and Use

As a pair of melee-focused gloves, OSRS ferocious gloves can be the best-in-slot gloves for rs 07 gold melee users. Here is a ferocious gloves guide to help you learn how to obtain and use the gloves.

Features of the ferocious gloves OSRS

Ferocious gloves are melee-focused gloves which require level 80 Attack and Defence to equip.
Surpassing OSRS barrows gloves, ferocious gloves can be the best-in-slot gloves for melee users. There are also disadvantages that ferocious gloves do not offer any defensive stats, and offer negative ranged and magic attack bonuses. They become less effective when multiple attack styles are used.

How to obtain ferocious gloves OSRS?

Ferocious gloves are made by the Hydra leather, which can be obtained from the Alchemical Hydra OSRS boss as a rare drop. After obtaining the Hydra leather, you must take it to the Lithkren Vault to make it into ferocious gloves (completion of Dragon Slayer II is required). You need to take a hammer along with the Hydra leather, and investigate the machinery south-west of the large pool up north.
If you want to sell ferocious gloves, you also need to use this machinery and a hammer to revert the gloves to a piece of Hydra leather.

Hope our ferocious gloves OSRS guide can help you know more about the gloves.

Survive Brutal Winters and Lethal Sandstorms with 10 Essential Tips for Gears 5

With its ‘same but different’ approach to the series, our Gears 5 tips will help you adjust to a few changes. While the cover based chainsaw gun action is basically the same, things like a new open world setting, and upgraded combat drone change things up significantly and might mean you’ve a few new tricks to learn.

There are new mechanics to learn everywhere in this new installment, environments play a bigger role, as does your floating sidekick Jack so read our Gears 5 tips to help you get up to speed with Gears 5 as fast as possible.

Have an arsenal for every range

This is Gears of War 101 advice, but we know this is the first Gears for many of you. Aside from a grenade slot, you have three weapon slots: one for light one-handed weapons and two for heavier weapons that require your non-trigger hand for support. Naturally, you can’t predict what combination of enemies will come at you next, which is why it helps to have a mix of long ranged weapons will high accuracy and less accurate weapons that pack a punch in close quarters. Be sure to experiment. For example, if you love pulling off juicy headshots with the Longshot but this sniper rifle isn’t around, you might be surprised how the Boltok almost has the same level of accuracy, minus the scope. And while your squad is generally helpful, they won’t always stop enemies from getting close. The Gnasher and Overkill were made for these situations.

Melee saves ammo

Part of surviving any Gears of War is being efficient with your ammo, which is where melee comes in. Melee kills with the Lancer are great for show, but your knife will often do the trick when your just want to clear out those pesky Juvies. Those unfortunate ex-humans are fragile enough that a single knife swipe will take them out.

Know which enemies require finesse and which require brute force

It can’t be a Gears sequel without a handful of new enemies. It’s especially dicey now that the Swarm have figured out how to possess the man-made robot soldiers known as DeeBees. We found the Stump especially troublesome due to its long-range accuracy and how often it moves, making its weak organic areas hard to target. As such, we had no issue using all our grenades and other potent weapons to get rid of them, turning an otherwise brutal firefight into a routine shootout. Conversely, you’ll find some enemies move slowly enough to be perfect targets for your Longshot headshots while others, particularly bosses, simply have bright weak points you should focus on.

Use your environment to your advantage

The open world sections of Gears 5 are an exercise in coping with extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re dealing with the harsh cold of Act II or the sand storms of Act III, there are hazards to look out for. That does mean you can use these dangers to your advantage. With a well-timed shot, you can send a hardened sand column crashing down on your enemies. The frozen water in Act II is especially useful. A single ammo round into the ice can take down a foe that would normally require multiple magazines to kill. And be mindful that due to the freezing temperatures, holes in the ice freeze up in a few seconds. Beyond the natural environment, there are many man-made traps you can use, like explosive pipes and containers, to steam generators.

Upgrade Jack to complement your strengths and cover your weaknesses

Jack can be a game changer depending on how you choose your upgrades based on your play style, so it pays to study what all those enhancements are. If you’re addicted to executions or headshots, there are upgrades that reduces Jack’s cooldown based on these kinds of kills. If you’re the kind of risk taker who doesn’t rely on cover as much as you should, Jack literally has you covered, within reason, thanks to his Stim armor boost and the Barrier energy shield abilities.

Two things that are great about Jack’s upgrade options: you can spend components on the more potent boosts ahead of the weaker ones, provided you have enough components to spend. And if you don’t like how you’ve customized Jack, you can always re-spec him.

Use Jack constantly

Don’t wait until things get really hairy and the edges of your screen get red before you start to use Jack. He can be a big help when you’re cornered but he’s twice as beneficial when you use him proactively. Turning on the protective Barrier or Stim at the start of a firefight (or worse yet, an ambush) will allow you a moment to take in the situation and prioritize your targets. As with any Gears of War, your enemies can be tactful and patient with their use of cover. Jack’s zapping and stun abilities can pull them out of cover to help move the fight along. And with a keen ear, you can hear when Jack’s ability cooldown period ends, so you don’t have to constantly glance at the upper left corner of the screen. By using him as much as you can, you can turn a challenging gun battle into cakewalk.

If Jack has to work on a door, be ready for a fight

If you’ve played enough action-adventure games where you have to wait for a door to open, an elevator to arrive, or a file to download, you know the drill. Jack will need a minute to open a few tightly-sealed doors which is the cue for all manner of Locust and Swarm to storm your location. Treat it like a bite-sized, single round Horde mode. Buckle down, know your surroundings, and figure out where the extra guns and ammo are. And with any luck, you’ll also have a couple turrets nearby.

Use the skiff’s weapon storage

When Gears 5 opens up in Act II, you’ll be introduced to the skiff, the vehicle that will get you around the open world swiftly. Aside from being deceptively durable enough to hold four people, it is also roomy enough to carry key story items and any weapons you come across. While all mission areas are littered with enough weapons and ammo to keep you going, the skiff’s two weapon slots offer the option to have your favorite firearms handy. You can even store heavier weapons like the tri-shot chaingun, assuming you’re willing to spend the time hauling it to the skiff.

If you’re a collector, look with a practical eye

From classic Gears of War collectables to Jack’s component upgrades, there are a ton of pick-ups spread throughout Gears 5. The folks at The Coalition weren’t especially cheeky with the placement of these items, but you do have to be thorough. Almost all the collectables are found in areas that are in line with the game’s environmental storytelling. For instance, you are more likely to find components near wreckage than you will in an empty snowfield. Lastly, look behind you every time you pass a doorway; The Coalition did have a habit of placing components near those passages.

Put off completing main objectives in Acts 2 and 3

Open worlds in Gears 5 are a first for the series but its objective flow should be familiar to any fan of this kind of level design. Naturally, you start off with a main objective and completing it will get you closer to the next chapter. But with an open world comes a lot of optional missions. So take your time and explore the land in your skiff. Pay close attention to man made areas, particularly the small spots like lone structures and wreckage. You’re sure to find something useful, or at the very least, collectable.

WoW Classic Island Expeditions – Farm pets, mounts and Azerite easier than ever

World of warcraft island expeditions

Island Expeditions are the new addition to the game that came with the Battle for Azeroth expansion. They are 3-man instanced scenarios where players travel to an uncharted Island to find Azerite veins. Island Expeditions were created as the primary way to gather Azerite. After the arrival, players will be able to collect it from the new location by defeating monsters, mining veins, and completing objectives. In this guide, we will explain to you in detail how the new system works and what you can achieve cheap wow classic gold on your Island Expedition journeys.

Starting off

During your first time with Island Expeditions, you will be required to complete a short tutorial which will show you the basics of how this system works. If you have this tutorial completed previously on another character, you won’t have to do it again as it is account-wide. The main quest line starts becoming available after setting up two footholds. The quests you have to complete start with The Azerite Advantage for both Alliance and Horde.

After you have completed your introduction quests and short tutorial, you will be able to start with regular expeditions. They can be completed for as many times as you like, and you are not restricted to any amount of rewards besides only one weekly quest reward per 7 days. To begin, head to the expedition map, which is located in Port of Zandalar for the Horde players and Borealis Harbor for Alliance. After clicking on a map, a window will pop up where you will be able to choose the difficulty of your journey. Once you have made a choice, press the “Find Crew” button to be assigned to a team. As mentioned before, these are the three-man scenarios, so you will need to cooperate with two other players.

In the selection window, you can also find additional information about your journey to the Isle. Weekly Quest progression will show you how much of your weekly quest have you already done and how much more you will have to do. If you can’t manage to get enough Azerite in one week, then your progress will be carried to the next week’s quest. Island sketches will briefly introduce you to three places that you can travel to during a given week. You will also be informed about their names. Primary Enemy Type will be drawn next to the map. For example, a Kobold drawn next to the island means that this place is inherited mostly by enemies from a Kobold race. Base rewards are listed at the bottom of the window. You will be able to see which prizes you can earn through Island Expeditions repeatedly.


There are four levels of difficulty available for players on the Island Expedition selection screen.

Normal – Available after completion of introductory quests. 6000 Azerite to collect.

Heroic – Requires hitting a level cap from all players and a specific item level. 9000 Azerite to collect and 50% increase in all Azerite gains.

Mythic – Only for premade groups with high item level. 12000 Azerite to collect, and all gains increased by 100%.

PvP (Player versus Player) – Fight against three players from opposing faction. Enabled PvP talents. Race to the 18000 Azerite with 200% Azerite gains bonus.

On all difficulties besides PvP, players will be challenged to collect Azerite on Island inhabited by AI-controlled monsters and AI-controlled players. This system, where enemy faction heroes, which look like real players, are controlled by computer, is called “Advanced AI.” It is worth noting that more serious difficulties at Island Expeditions come with a better chance to receive mounts, toys, and pets.

1-99 OSRS Fishing Guide(Free to Play and Pay to Play Methods)

Fishing in Old School Runescape is the fast-track to 99 skill if there ever was one. While the road to your skill cape isn’t perhaps glamorous, it is indeed one of the easiest skills to train and its fun for making conversation with other players. But what’s the best way to go? Lobs and swords, or trout and salmon? RS3gold.com breaks down all the best tips and tricks to 99 fishing with our OSRS Fishing Guide for 1-99(for both Free to Play players and Pay to Play players in Old School Runescape).

Now, from levels 1 – 20, the Free to Play methods and the Pay to Play methods are the same. Level 1 – 20: Shrimp/Anchovy. So, at level 1 – 20, Shrimps or Anchovies are what I would recommend. You can fish these at Catherby, Draynor, or Lumbridge, and it won’t take you long at all to get from level 1 – 20. Pay to Play players can actually do the Sea Slug Quest, which is a prerequisite for Proselyte, which is a must for main accounts. That will get you from level 1 – 24 Fishing in about 20 minutes.

Level 20 – 40: Trout/Salmon

From levels 20 – 40, Trout or Salmon is what I would recommend for all Free to Play and Pay to Play players. You will be getting about 30 000 XP per hour doing this, and it requires a Fly Fishing Rod, and Feathers. You can fish these at Barbarian Village or Lumbridge if you are Free to Play, and Seers Village is where I would recommend fishing if you are Pay to Play. Now, Trout and Salmon are actually the fastest possible XP rate you can get in the Free to Play portion of the game. But, it is really, really bad money. So, if you want fast XP, you should be fishing Trout or Salmon all the way to level 99 if you are a Free to Play player. But, if you are a Pay to Play player, this is definitely not the fastest method.

Level 40+: Lobsters

At level 40, players can start fishing Lobsters in both Pay to play and Free to Play. They are found at Catherby if you are a member, or Karamja if you are a Free to Play player. At Port Sarim, there is a Deposit Box which Free to Play players should deposit their fish when they are fishing on Karamja. Note that it does give you a slower XP per hour rate – about 20 000 XP per hour at lower levels, and then moving up to 25 000 XP per hour at higher levels. With this method, you will be getting about 65 000 coins per hour, which is a pretty good money making method for Free to Play players.

Level 50+: Swordfish

But, that really is not a lot compared to Swordfish, which you unlock at level 50. It is the best money for Free to Play players in Fishing, and will get you up to and around 30 000 XP per hour at higher levels. It is recommended to drop the Tuna if you are in Free to Play, since banking takes so long, and you only really want to focus on the Swordfish as the main source of money. They are fished at the same spot on Karamja at Musa Point, and the Port Sarim Deposit Box is the best for Free to Play players. Pay to Play players can go fish these at Catherby and run simply to the bank for much faster XP and GP rates. Doing this, you will get around 70 000 – 100 000 coins per hour, and it is probably the best money making method for Free to Play players.

Pay to Play Methods

Level 48 – 99: Barbarian Fishing

Now, moving on to the Pay to Play portion of this guide… Level 48 unlocks Barbarian Fishing, and you require Otto’s Barbarian Training to be able to do this. With Barbarian Training, you need to get up to the part where he tells you to go into the Ancient Cavern, and then you will be able to fish the Barbarian Fishing method. Barbarian Fishing also needs level 15 Strength and Agility, and is the fastest Fishing XP in the game, giving you up to and over 50 000 XP per hour. But, 0 profit, as there is no banks nearby, and it is completely pointless to bank these fish, since you can’t really do anything with them. The Shift-click makes this method so much quicker than it used to be, and I highly recommend this for anyone that is only going for 99 Fishing, and not for profit.

Profitable Methods

Level 62 – 99: Monkfish

Now, moving onto the Profitable methods in the game, at level 62 Fishing, and the completion of the Swan’s Song Quest, you can start fishing Monkfish for about 40 000 XP per hour. Now, these are super AFK, so, it makes it a really, really good method if you are busy in real life doing homework, or other things like that. Getting from level 62 – 99 makes you 32 000 000, and will get you about 100 000 GP per hour. If you want to make even more money with this method, you can cook the Monkfish for an extra 80 000 coins per hour approximately.

The Fishing Guild (Level 70 Fishing)

Now, once you hit level 70, you unlock the Fishing Guild, which is where I recommend fishing if you are not doing Barbarian Fishing, since it is really, really close to a bank.

Level 76 – 99: Sharks

At level 76 – 99, you can fish Sharks for very, very slow XP an hour. But, you will make a ton of profit to level 99. You will get about 20 000 XP per hour, and will make 90 000 000 – 100 000 000 getting from level 76 to 99. The 100 000 000 profit is from when you cook the Sharks.

But, you will be getting 90 000 000 profit if you sell them raw. I recommend alternating between Barbarian Fishing for some fast XP, and then going to Sharks when you want to make some GP.

Level 82+: Anglerfish

At level 82 Fishing, you unlock Anglerfish, which requires 100% Piscarillius Favour on the new Zeah part of the Runescape Map. Now, these are even better money than Sharks, and will get you about 200 000 GP per hour, but only 20 000 XP per hour, which is the same as Sharks. But, the 100% Piscarillius Favour is really, really tedious to get.

Level 85+: Dark Crabs

Now, at level 85 Fishing, you unlock probably the best GP, and a bit of better XP per hour in comparison to Sharks and Anglerfish, and that is Dark Crabs. These are located in the Wilderness. This is really risky, since it is usually a PK hot-spot. You would be making about 300 000 coins per hour, and about 30 000 – 40 000 XP per hour, which is insanely good considering the profits. Players can note their fish at the guy just outside of the Wilderness Resource Area. But, this greatly increases your risk, since if you get killed, you drop all of your noted fish instead of being able to take them to the bank. The closest bank is the Mage Bank, and that will only take you about a couple of minutes, and it is what I would recommend if you want to make profit. The Wilderness Elite Diaries gives you free entry to the Resource Dungeon, while the ones below that – like the Hard and Medium Diaries – just take a bit of money off the price to get into the Resource Dungeon. But, it is only about 900 coins, and one Dark Crab is around 1400. So, doing the math, it does not really matter how much you pay to get into there. You are going to be making a ton of money no matter what.

Anyways guys, hope you enjoyed this full 1 – 99 Fishing Guide. If you did enjoy it, be sure to give it a thumbs up, and subscribe if you want to see more Old School content. If you have any suggestions, please tell us. As always, you can buy cheap rs gold from us.

OSRS Primordial Boots Guide: General Info & How to Make

OSRS primordial boots are boots offering high strength bonus and defensive bonus. Here is a primordial boots runescape 2007 gold guide to help you learn how to obtain and use the boots.

General information on primordial boots OSRS

Primordial boots are boots that require level 75 Defence and Strength to equip. Compared with other boots, primordial boots OSRS offer the highest strength bonus of any in-game pair of boots.

How can you obtain primordial boots OSRS?

Requiring level 60 in Runecraft and Magic, primordial boots can be created by using a primordial crystal with OSRS dragon boots.
Primordial crystal: an add-on dropped by Cerberus in the lair deep beneath the Taverley Dungeon.
Dragon boots: boots made of Orikalkum metal. As OSRS dragon boots have strength bonus with relatively low cost, they are commonly used to train Slayer. They are one of the boots with the strongest defense, and are only surpassed by primordial boots, bandos boots and upgrade guardian boots.
Using the dragon boots to create primordial boots will make them have increased stats and remain tradeable. The process cannot be reversed. Making primordial boots will grant the player 200 experience in both skills.

Hope our primordial boots OSRS guide can help you know more about the boots.

Detailed Information on Pokemon GO Lugia and Ho-Oh Event

There is always a plethora of new activities for Pokemon GO players to partake in when they are playing the fan-favorite game. One of the next upcoming activities that players will be able to experience will be the Lugia and Ho-Oh event in December of 2019. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Lugia and Ho-Oh event covered for you.

This event will see the legendary creatures of Lugia and Ho-Oh appear in a special raid weekend. Trainers will be able to battle and catch the Psychic and Flying type Lugia and the Fire and Flying type Ho-Oh during the highly anticipated event in Raid Battles.

This particular activity will begin on Friday, December 20th at 1 PM PST/ 3 PM CST/ 4 PM EST and will ultimately conclude at 1 PM PST/ 3 PM CST/ 4 PM EST on Monday, December 23rd.

There is no doubt that plenty of players will be doing their best to defeat and catch these two powerful creatures this weekend and make their collection of characters even better than it was before. However, you will want to make sure to bring some friends along and have your best team members ready if you wish to have a fighting chance against these two legendary creatures.

Will you be taking part in the Pokemon GO Lugia and Ho-Oh event?