Learn Requests & Reputation of RS Farming Guild

RS Farming Guild aims to complete requests to help novice farmers get on their feet with regular deliveries of supplies. When you complete each of the three types of request, you can buy runescape gold get certain amount of Reputation that has a total of eight tiers, and the rewards of each tier are different.

Farming requests with rewards for RS Farming Guild

Farming Guild is transformed by Manor Farm, which dedicates to helping novice farmers get regular deliveries of supplies from their most productive guild member by completing their requests. There are three kinds of request for you during the whole week:
- Easy requests that refresh every day.
- Medium requests that refresh every three days.
- Hard requests that refresh every week.
You will earn certain amount of Reputation every time you complete every request. 2,750 Reputation will be obtainable after completing Daily Requests. When you complete Three-Day Requests and Weekly Requests, you will get 5,500 Reputation and 13,750 Reputation respectively.

Tiers of Reputation with different rewards 

Reputation can be obtained via a patch, harvest produce from an animal or complete a Farming Request. When you improve the tier of your Reputation, you will be able to unlock new rewards. Here is a list of all tiers of Reputation as well as rewards of each tier:
Beginner Farmer
Apprentice Farmer: You can reach tier with 4,000 Reputation, and the 4th Spirit tree will be unlocked with 114 Farming.
Practiced Farmer: This tier requires 10,000 Reputation to reach. Then the hard Farming Requests are available and Limpwurt Root yield is doubled.
Competent Farmer: Requiring 25,000 Reputation to reach. Once you achieve, you can get remote Farm Machine at the Farming Guild and Shiny animals can be sold for 10% more beans.
Expert Farmer: Requiring 75,000 Reputation to reach. At this tier, there will be less chance of animals getting ill, and small animal buyers will buy twice as many animals.
Master Farmer: Requiring 225,000 Reputation to reach. You can unlock Bloodwood tree at the Farming Guild, and medium animal buyers will buy twice as many animals.
Senior Master Farmer: Requiring 1,100,000 Reputation to reach. At this tier, the chance of a shiny animal being born will be increased by 5%, and large animal buyers will buy twice as many animals.
Grandmaster Farmer: Requiring 2,500,000 Reputation to reach. All animals will be sold for 10% more beans at this tier.

What tier of your Reputation has reached? Join in RS Farming Guild to increase your Reputation now.

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