Wow Classic: Wintersaber Trainers – How to Get Your Frostsaber Mount

Wintersaber Trainers (Alliance) faction is located in Winterspring with NPC Rivern Frostwind.Exalted reputation allows you to buy epic mount Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber.

How to gain reputation?

There’s only one way to become exalted with Wintercaber Trainers- complete three repeatable quests.
You have to grind 42.000 reputation points at all. All quests are started by Rivern Frostwind:

Gaining first 1500 reputation points (neutral) by doing Frostsaber Provisions.

You have to collect 5 Shardtooth Meat and 5 Chillwind Meat. Each will reward you 50 reputation. The drop rate is really low.

Tip: If you have skinning, you can make about hundred gold within this part.

When you gain 1500 points, the second quest becomes available.

For Winterfall Intrusion you have to kill 5 Winterfall Shaman and 5 Winterfall Ursa. This also rewards you 50 reputation.

Tip: you can group up with somebody to speed up.

Once you are honored, you are eligible for Rampaging Giants.

The objective is to kill 4 Frostmaul Giant and 4 Frostmaul Preserver. The giants are elite and located in the South part of the map.

Tip: You can also group up with somebody at this part to speed up. Moreover, 100% mount helps you to move up and down faster.

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