OSRS Bounty Crate Now Available for Ironmen with Some Limitations on Supplies

It has been confirmed in the recent official news post that OSRS Bounty Hunter crate now can be purchased by Ironmen. However, there are some limitations on rs 2007 gold crate supplies based on players’ skills and others.

OSRS Bounty crate available for Ironmen

With the update on November 21st, Ironmen can now buy OSRS Bounty Hunter crate from the Bounty Hunter shop. However, the version Ironmen can purchase contains limited supplies based on the items one can obtain for himself after skilling up or completing requisite quests.
If an Ironman get the Bounty crate that rolls anglerfish but only has the Fishing and Cooking levels to catch and cook a swordfish, the crate will grant swordfish instead. It means that the Bounty Hunter crate will give a fish that the player could have obtained for himself, and the same applies to potions. For example, if the crate rolls a Super Restore potion, but the player’s Herblore level was too low, the crate will give a lower-level potion instead.

Mysterious emblem OSRS not contained

In addition to the limitation mentioned above, the Bounty Hunter crate for Ironmen will not contain Mysterious Emblems. The Mysterious Emblem would create easy access to large amounts of gold.
The crates will still contain Death runes and Blood runes, which can always be obtained from OSRS Bounty Hunter shop.

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