Stamina Potion in OSRS – How to Make and Use It

Much like in real life, running in Old School Runescape allows players to get from one place to another faster. Also as in real life, running depletes stamina. Some skills and quests require a lot of running, and the recovery time can sometimes negate the energy used in running around the game world. Luckily in OSRS there is a magic potion a player can take to regain stamina quickly.RS3gold

A Stamina Potion will not only restore stamina, but it will slow down stamina depletion as well. This useful potion can help players to keep running further without tiring in the game.

Making a Stamina Potion

Creating Stamina potions requires a Herblore skill of 77. The player first needs a super energy potion. This potion can be made by combining avantoe and mort myre fungi. Once the player has the super energy potion, they can combine it with amylase crystals, which can be purchased from Grace in the Rouge’s Den. One pack of amylase crystals contains 100 crystals, which can, in turn, make 25 doses of stamina potion.

One crystal is required per dose. This also yields 25.5 Herblore per potion created. A three-dose potion will yield 76.5 experience, while a four-dose potion will give the player 102 experience points. This allows players a way for them to upgrade their Herblore skills fairly quickly.

Players can also gain stamina potions from Dr. Jekyll if you give him Torstol. He is a random event character, so take advantage of his appearance if you have the correct herbs. If a player is playing ironman and they do not have 77 Herblore, this can be a great strategy if trying to build the revitalization pool.

If a player has an 86 Herblore, they can create a 2-dose stamina mix. By mixing caviar with a 2-dose stamina potion, the players can create a 2-dose stamina mix. This potion is good for Barbarian players can restore 6 HP with each sip.

Making these potions can also be a good way to gain gold as well. Stamina potions are a lucrative potion for players to sell to gain more gold.

Effects of the Stamina Potion

Each dose of Stamina potion restores 20% of the players running energy. It also reduces the energy depletion by 70% by running. The effects of Stamina Potion lasts for only 2 minutes and the potions cannot be stacked. As a result, once the 2 minutes end, the player will need to take another potion to continue the effects of the potion.

The Stamina potion is great for activities that require a lot of running. For instance, Runecraft requires traveling to many areas to obtain the items that they need. Stamina potions allow players to recover quicker and avoid depletion quicker with the potions. Using the potions can recover energy loss from non-stop running by taking additional doses after the time limit ends for the previous dose. The low weight of the potion also allows for less energy loss as well.

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