RuneScape – Gielinor’s Renowned Triathlon

Community Action Minigame/Training method.This action was absurd analogously to Stealing Creations. Participants bend in the accord area and if the action begins, they are assigned to teams at random.

Everything actuality is accountable to change.

Participants/teams partake in a triathlon, the faster they accomplish it through the race, the added account the receive. Credibility are awarded based on area the participants/teams abode in the activity. Ex. 1st gets 100 points, 2nd gets 80, 3rd gets 50, 4th gets 25.

During the activity, able-bodied marks may spawn on the ground. If the actor picks up a mark their awarded added account and the mark goes into their inventory, for aggregation associates anniversary affiliate receives a mark. These marks may be abounding up and acclimated afterwards the action at a accolade shop.

The participants get akin scaled exp for assertive accomplishments aural the action and the credibility at the end aswell accord akin scaled exp at the end, added credibility beggarly added exp.

No run action bushing items or abilities can be uses aural the activity.It is absurd to abort an obstacle aural the activity.

Run action depletes at a changeless amount behindhand of action akin (if that is even a affair in game), about weight abridgement items still action it’s benefits, aural the activity.

The accolade boutique can action items for training agility. Examples are: Alive area – 250 marks anniversary Athlete’s Set area – 350 marks anniversary Silverhawk Downs(100) – 200 marks Silverhawk Feathers(25) – 200 marks Hefin Advance Multiplier – 25 marks Action Harness – 25 marks Weighted Pouch – 1000 marks (must own abounding Athlete’s Set) Runner Pet – 2500 marks Biker Pet – 2500 marks Swimmer Pet – 2500 marks

-New items-

Athlete’s Set- A set of weight abbreviation skilling armor. -18kg for abounding set. 5 pieces. 5 area benefit – gives the exp addition of the alive set, so continued as the alive set is owned, stored abroad or retrievable from Diango count. 5 area benefit

- The wearer’s run action replenishes 35% faster if continuing still, 15% faster if walking. If cutting the abounding set you may actuate the chest area to furnish 50 run action anon three times a day.

Agility Harness- An equipable, stackable account that goes into your ammo slot. If the wearer fails an obstacle that would move their area (ie. declining a braiding beat and falling into a pit) one calculation is captivated and you are placed at the accomplishment area as if you succeeded the obstacle, no exp is offered and it still counts as declining the obstacle.

Weighted Pouch- Is an account acclimated on the Athlete’s Chest piece. This changes it to the Weighted Athlete’s Chest and it increases the 5 area set benefit from 35% to 50% and 15% to 30% aswell allows you to actuate it a absolute of 5 times per day.

Runner Pet- A goblin in goblin mail abominably corrective to attending like a runners jersey.

Biker Pet- A goblin in Gud Raider Chainbody benumbed a rusted, and beatup bike.

Swimmer Pet- A goblin in little chicken arm floaters with a red, dejected and chicken bathe ring about it’s waist.

All items are non-tradable with the barring of the Silverhawk Feathers.

-Comp- The Gold Medalist – Complete the action in aboriginal abode 25 times. Able-bodied Mindset – Purchase the abounding Athlete’s set from the accolade store.

-Trimmed Comp- The Gold Specialist – Complete the action in aboriginal abode 100 times. Elite Athlete- Purchase all of the altered items from the accolade shop-RS3gold.

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