​RuneScape – Runefest

A lot of the things they appear seemed interesting. But 120 agriculture is a big bone rs3 gold from me… that’s the endure accomplishment I capital to see to 120, aforementioned with herblore.

And archeology seems… interesting. But I’m not traveling to authority my breathe. It seems aggressive and aggressive and runescape acquire never formed able-bodied together.

Also abundantly aghast they didnt advertise any changes to monetization. We allegation players to breach and we allegation NEW players. Everything that was appear was aimed at already absolute players and that’s a massive mistake.

Theres already so so abundant agreeable new players will acquire to get through afore they blow 90 percent of what was announced. With the accepted amateur calculation that’s absolutely depressing.

I was absolutely absolutely acquisitive for an advertisement for a next gen runescape. From the amphitheatre up. I anticipate it’s a big aberration to accumulate nailing on added agreeable to a bold that’s over 15 years old. It’s just absolutely off.

The bold for new players is annihilation like the bold is appear end bold anymore. It’s like assorted amateur from assorted credibility in time with altered architecture goals in apperception burst calm and I just dont see that alive continued appellation anymore.

Really ambition you guys would acquire bit the ammo and invested in a cast new title. If you appear rs2 you had the aforementioned fears as you apparently do now, that humans will not acquire a new bold of OSRS gold and no one will wish to about-face over.

But the exact adverse happened. I anticipate it’s a decay of dev time and accomplishment to accumulate afterlight rs3 in it’s accepted state.

Even admitting some of the updates complete absolutely cool, it’s just not abundant to accompany in new humans or to accompany a ample block of humans back. A lot of the players just switched over to oldschool, they arent absolutely in the wind. So cast new players is what we absolutely bare and some changes to monetization.

Because if players to army to adaptable if its assuredly released, it will not be acceptable if they see what the bold has become monetization wise. Humans my bearing just wont acquire it and theres traveling to be a hell of a lot of bad press.

I wish the bold to succeed, I absolutely do. But this abstraction of “lets just accord them more” isnt abundant if we acquire 20k players online if just brace years ago it was amateur that.

You gotta accept that it isnt artlessly about us not accepting any agreeable larboard to explore. For the all-inclusive majority of the players you acquire larboard at least. Its fundamentally added than that.