OSRS Mountain Daughter Guide: Requirements & Tips

With OSRS Fremennik Exiles released, you need to complete one of the quests Mountain Daughter to prompt to finish rs07 gold Fremennik Exiles smoothly. Here is a guide about some useful tips that will help you complete Mountain Daughter quest more effectively.

Requirements of OSRS Mountain Daughter quest

When you start to complete this intermediate quest, you must have 20 Agility, a rope, pickaxe, axe, plank, spade, a staff or pole and a pair of gloves. In addition, we also suggest you take a look at following recommendations:
1. Carry Super energy potions or stamina potions as many as possible.
2. Bring a ring of dueling if you have completed The Grand Tree quest.
3. Carry the enchanted lyre or Fremennik sea boots to teleport to Rellekka.

Tips to complete OSRS Mountain Daughter 

Here are some notes you need to focus while doing OSRS Mountain Daughter quest:
1. When coming to the part of Crisis, you should remember that the Dramen staff can not be used as a pole vault any more because it’s changed from a staff to a blunt weapon. Besides, both tasks in Crisis can start at the same time, which can reduce going back to the Mountain Camp many times. So you need to plan it out accordingly.
2. While making peace, you should choose the option “Can’t I persuade you to go in there sonhow?”, because another option will lead Hamal the Chieftain to walk off and you will have to find him again.
3. There is the possibility to defeat the Kendal with a Dwarf Multicannon. Be careful that another boss will spawn after attacking one. The cannon will also hit him and you should make him aggressive and repeat the process many times.

Hope this guide can help you effectively in completing OSRS Mountain Daughter quest.