Pool Stat-Draining Strategy for OSRS Corporeal Beast

The most common method of burning down Corp quickly is to abuse the POH Restoration Pool for virtually unlimited special attacks. This will allow you to use runescape 07 gold stackable stat-draining special attacks so that he is debilitated and easy to fight solo.


Simply attack Corp, teleport to your house, use the pool and return with a Games Necklace charge. Having a rune pouch or teleport tablets is advisable to save inventory space while doing so.


At the very least, you should come in and do two rounds of special attacks with the dragon Warhammer. A successful hit reduces the enemy’s defense by 30%, which is invaluable for a high-defense boss like Corp.


Stacking Arclight special attacks is also viable and cheaper, although it would be a lot more tedious. Players have reported that doing 20 rounds of special attacks. This will drain his combat stats down to 0 eventually, making this fight extremely easy.


The Bandos Godsword is another popular item to throw into the mix. The special attack will drain the boss’s stats (including defense) based on the amount you hit. Since the items have high strength, it is possible to debilitate Corp in just a couple hits.


If you are in a pinch, the Dorgeshuun crossbow is the lowest requirement item to lower an enemy’s defense. Similarly to the Bandos Godsword, the amount you hit will lower its a defense by the same number. The drawback is that it takes up 75% of the attack bar, so you will have to teleport to your house more often.


You may mix up special attacks with multiple weapons to drain both defensive and offensive stats. For a hardcore ironman, the Arclight may be the way to go since it lowers the overall chance of dying. For regular players, at least just the Dragon Warhammer should do.


Once you have him drained, you can either stay and tank for the rest of the fight or repeatedly teleport to your house and come back to unleash special attacks. If you are using the crystal halberd, this would be a good idea to utilize its powerful special attack that deals multiple hits to large targets like the Corporeal Beast.