Guide for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Monster Solid Bone

We’ve been furiously plowing through Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and trying to run through every single Elder Dragon that’s looked at us the wrong way. Spoilers: a whole ton of them are going to do that and we’re just too stubborn to back down even though we really should. However, foolhardy flights of Vaal Hazak-related aside, we’ve had gearing up on our mind and we reckon all aspiring end-game hunters should too. Check out our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Monster Solid Bone guide on how to get this material and why it’s useful.

Those who aren’t super well-acquainted with why on earth we’d need a Monster Solidbone should note that it’s currently one of the most in-demand materials because it’s used in almost all the Alpha and Beta armors for Iceborne at the moment. You’re going to need multiples for each piece of armor, and more for the weapon recipes that require this, so you’re in for a decent amount of material farming.

Here are the monsters that will drop a Monster Solidbone:

  • Shrieking Legiana
  • Fulgur Anjanath
  • Azure Ratholos
  • Acidic Glavenus

We’ve got a guide on defeating the Acidic Glavenus if you’re finding that chonky boy a little more deadly than dumpy, so he could be a good starting point to get your grind on when it comes to ensuring that you’re well-stocked up on Monster Solidbones.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Monster Solid Bone Weapon List

Here are the weapons that use Monster Solidbone in their crafting process:

  • Donnerzahn
  • Dragonseal Aldsword I
  • Dragonseal Aldsword I
  • Dragonseal Sword I
  • Dragonseal Sword II
  • Enduring Sacrifice
  • Enduring Surrender
  • Fulguring Tornado I
  • Grand Khopesh I
  • Grand Khopesh II
  • Grand Khopesh III
  • Hulking Choppers II
  • Hulking Choppers III
  • Laguna Blossom II
  • Laguna Golem II
  • Mammoth Direbones II
  • Mammoth Greataxe II
  • Ogre’s Jaw II
  • Ogre’s Jaw III
  • Pyre Cleaver II
  • Radobaan Grindblade II
  • Rose Highness
  • Shattering Flames II
  • Thanatos Mauls
  • Wyvern Blade “Blossom+”

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Monster Solid Bone Armor List

Here are the armor sets that use Monster Solidbone in their crafting process:

  • Acidic Glavenus Alpha+
  • Acidic Glavenus Beta+
  • Diablos Nero Alpha+
  • Diablos Nero Beta+
  • Dober Mail Alpha+
  • Dober Mail Beta+
  • Fulgur Alpha+
  • Fulgar Beta+
  • Pride Mail Alpha+
  • Pride Mail Beta+

Now that you’ve got our guide on how to nab these Monster Hunter World Iceborne Monster Solidbones and what to do with them, you should be sorted when it comes to your armor and weapon needs while you make your way down your Elder Dragon kill list.