OSRS Bounty Hunter Rewards Poll Delay

Many of you have been expecting a Bounty Hunter rework rewards poll to go live today. Following the large amount of feedback we received after posting the poll blog (and its updated version with a changelist), we’ve decided to take more time designing these rewards rs3 gold before proceeding with a poll. Apologies to any players who are disappointed – we hope the extra work that goes into the rewards will make up for it! Below are some specific things we would like to reconsider:

The Ancient Warriors’ (PvP) Weapons

We wanted to poll these with a design matching the original versions from RuneScape 2. This has the benefit of familiarity and more predictable consequences. However, feedback has raised a few issues that lead us to question if the original design is right for Old School. How should players be rewarded for PK’ing a player who has a PvP weapon? Converting to coins when dropped on death means players would not be rewarded with an amount equal to the value of the weapon. It also requires the curse system (or similar) to deter PvP weapon users from cashing-out when the weapon is almost fully degraded.

Dagon’hai Robes

There’s been lots of discussion about which niche these should fill. After concerns about the set outranking Ahrim’s, we raised the requirements to match. We received feedback afterwards that some players would prefer the set to have reduced stats and sit in the 30-50 Defence range. We’ll monitor this feedback over the weekend to see which change would be preferred. We’d also like to reconsider the proposed rarity (1/512 is likely too rare).

Corrupt Dragon Weapons

As the updated version of the poll blog stated, these require more thought. Please continue to tell us your thoughts on the Corrupted Dragon Weapons, so that we can poll a better-rounded version of them in the future.