Guide for Destiny 2 Box of Raisins Eris Morn Quest

Unfortunately, y’all aren’t going to be as lucky in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - one of the hallmarks of the Festival of the Lost is having a candy exchange thanks to the indomitable Eris Morn. This year, well, the title of this guide goes without saying. We’ll help you complete the quest chain kicked off by the Destiny 2 Box of Raisins and tell you what rewards you’ll get.

The yearly candy caper that Guardians undertake for Eris Morn returns yet again. This year, you kick it off by speaking to her, and she’s going to hand you, well, the Destiny 2 Box of Raisins. Yes, we know, trash pumpkin fillers, but at least we don’t have to eat them. From here, you’ll kick off a string of quests which we’ll outline the names of below. Each quest will reward you with a different kind of candy which just has to be taken to the next quest-giver on our list. Easy as pie! Take the Box of Raisins to Spider and then kick off the journey below:

  • Even Handed - Spider wants you to kill 12 of each type of enemy around the Tangled Shore (Fallen, Scorn, Hive, and Cabal) and will give you Winged Chew.
  • Armed to the Teeth - Ana wants you to kill enemies on Mars using Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons (10 kills apiece) and will give you Unchocolate.
  • Precisely - Asher wants you to kill 10 Vex and 10 Taken on Io using precision kills and will give you a Piece of Celery.
  • In Your Element - Brother Vance wants you to kill enemies on Mercury using Arc, Solar, and Void damage (10 kills apiece) and will give you some Splice Drops.
  • Touched by the Light - Failsafe wants you to defeat 5 of each type of enemy on Nessus using your abilities (Fallen, Vex, and Cabal) and will give you Salted Sweets.
  • Foregone Conclusions - Devrim Kay wants you to use your finishers to defeat 5 of each type of enemy on the EDZ (Fallen, Cabal, and Taken) and will give you a Sour Engram.
  • The Best of My Abilities - Petra Venj wants you to kill enemies using 5 Melee abilities, 5 Grenade abilities, and 10 Super abilities and will give you a Sugary Engram.
  • Not in Our House - Sloane wants you to kill enemies in the Festering Halls, the Solarium, and the Arboretum on Titan and will give you Void Fizz.
  • The Dance of My People - Eris wants you to do your race-specific dance for her (City for Humans, Graceful for Awoken, and Popping for Exos) and she will give you a Toothbrush and a shader.

The Dance of My People is the last quest in the Destiny 2 Box of Raisins chain, since it all starts and ends with Eris Morn. While you can use the toothbrush and then dump it, the text for the item suggests that it’ll be useful later so we would recommend holding on to it just in case! Maybe it has something to do with the secret Festival of the Lost Triumph?

Either way, now that you’ve got our Destiny 2 Box of Raisins guide to hand, you’re going to find it a whole lot easier to look after the galaxy’s hivemind sweet tooth.

RS3: Postie Pete Returns With Parcels from the Hedge!

Halloween is approaching. RS3 prepared lots of events and many amazing treats for all players. Are you curious about these Halloween events? will reveal the full contents for you. Besides, we offer you cheap rs3 gold for power enhancement and new challenges! As mentioned above, there will be many events and challenges in this Halloween. Are you ready for the spooky and surprises?

Parcels from the Hedge

Postie Pete is returning for an extra spooky, extra-skeletal round of Parcels from the Hedge. Just as before, he’ll be delivering parcels and fanmail straight to your backpack for 30 days after you log in from October 28th to November 22nd. Open the parcels to receive a gift from your favourite characters all over Gielinor. You might also find parcels while you’re busy training your skills.The bigger the parcel, the better the gift! Here are some of the extra-special treats you could find:

- Parcel Loot Beam

- Sack of Huge Parcels

- Sack of Lost Property

- Huge Delivery Parcel

- Large Delivery Parcel

- Medium Delivery Parcel

- Small Delivery Parcel

For every parcel or piece of fan mail you open you’ll receive a Postage Stamp, which you can exchange for goodies in Postie Pete’s Post Office. This time, the following items to his collection are added:

- Ring of the Blighted (Shadow)

- Ring of the Wretched (Shadow)

- Ring of the Infested (Shadow)

- Ring of the Tainted (Shadow)

- Ring of the Corrupted (Shadow)

- Ring of the Defiled (Shadow)

As always, you’ll be able to claim Lost Property from Postie Pete after receiving 5, 10, 15 and 20 daily parcels. Lost Property contains a variety of items, including deathtouched darts, Invention components, and the coveted Postie title.

Double Daily Keys

From October 28th to November 3rd, you’ll be receiving double daily Keys! This Halloween treat stacks with any other bonus Keys you might be getting, including those from membership and Premier Club.

Pink skirts Events

Of course, adventures continue in Gielinor even when we’re too busy (PKing) creating the adventures of tomorrow. Our PMods are here to welcome you in a range of PvM Boss Masses, Events and Q&As each week.There will be so much fun in these events, hope you will like them. In addition, full stock rs gold for sale cheap at We guarantee you top services and best price. Whenever you need to buy RS3 Gold, remember that is your first choice!

News.WOW New Recruit A Friend Is Now Live!

Ready to make memories with your friends and share fantastic adventures with them across Azeroth and beyond? The new Recruit A Friend program is the perfect way to show them the ropes.


The new-and-improved Recruit A Friend (RAF) program retains fan-favorite features, and it introduces a bounty of new rewards—because Azeroth is best experienced with friends at your side. Just like the previous program, you can teleport to each other with Friend-to-Friend Summoning (which works on a 30 minute cooldown) and receive 50% bonus experience


The new Recruit A Friend program allows you to be linked with up to 10 friends, and earns game time and other unique rewards—like mounts, pets, and more—the longer they play. Players new to WoW and veteran players who have not purchased game time on their account in the past two years can be enlisted in this program. Each time one of your recruits adds game time to their account, you’ll earn progress toward a new reward. The more friends you invite, the faster you’ll earn the rewards, as one friend adding multiple months of game time earns the same rewards as multiple friends adding one month of game time each. See all the rewards you can get below!*

Rikki—This curious monkey is ready to see the world at your side.
Explorer’s Dunetrekker—Traverse deserts, jungles, tundra, and beyond on this two-seater mount.
Renowned Explorer Title—Distinguish yourself with a unique title.
Enchant: Stinging Sands—Enhance the appearance of your weapons with swirling sands.
Renowned Explorer’s Tabard—Don this rugged tabard to show off your adventurous streak.
Explorer’s Jungle Hopper—Soar through Azeroth’s skies on this mount for two.
Renowned Explorer’s Rucksack—Always be prepared for adventure with this bustling backpack.
Renowned Explorer’s Attire—Look the part of a grizzled outdoorsperson with this rugged appearance.


Every 3 months after your 12-month reward, you’ll get a game time reward.(Recruiters must have active game time to earn and claim rewards.)


Time flies when you’re having fun, and it goes even faster when you and your recruits play together. Conquer Azeroth alongside your friends and you’ll both receive a 50% bonus to experience for faster leveling when partied together. You can also summon each other once every 30 minutes. Furthermore, our new Party Sync feature makes it easier than ever to level with friends. When activated, everyone in the party becomes aligned to the same quest state and phase. You’ll also have access to a “replay quest” feature that allows players who’ve already completed certain quests to replay them with their friends for rewards that are appropriate to their current level, regardless of the quest’s original level. Quests can be replayed for rewards once per day.

If you’d prefer to play with your friend using a current character rather than starting a new one, you now can. By using Party Sync, you can choose to have your level adjusted so you can quest and experience outdoor content with your friends as they level up. And, If you want to queue for instanced content (such as Battlegrounds and dungeons) in their level range, you can choose to join them by having your level scaled down.


To help you help your friends, we’ve created a brand-new RAF panel in-game to help you know when to expect your next reward and given your access to Party Sync. The RAF panel also lists special activities available to players who participate in the program. Complete these in-game challenges with your recruits to earn even more rewards.


The new Recruit A Friend lets you generate a custom link in-game that you can send to your friends. This link will help you and your recruit connect in-game, and you’ll be able to see if they’ve purchased game time, which will lead to rewards for you! For each month your recruits have active game time, you’ll earn a new reward, such as unique pets, mounts, game time, and more. These rewards unlock each month and scale with the amount of time your recruits have subscribed for. And, of course, with Party Sync, you’ll be able to journey with your friends on any of your characters.


When you’re ready to bring your friends to Azeroth, simply log in to WoW and generate an invite link through the Recruit A Friend interface, then send that link to your friends. Up to four friends can use it to link their accounts to yours. To recruit more friends, you’ll need to generate a new link, which you can do once every 30 days.

*In-game rewards are available to use in World of Warcraft, but not in World of Warcraft Classic. Free game time earned through Recruit A Friend provides access to both World of Warcraft and WoW Classic.

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Detailed Info on RS Account Security with Authenticator Delay & Backup Codes

According to the official Runescape post, we have learned that Runescape account security will be strengthened via adding Backup Codes in 2020, which are proposed to avoid runescape gold for sale various issues due to Authenticator delay. With Backup Codes releasing, your Runescpe account will be safer than before.

Authenticator delay with a number of issues

Owing to all your common request of requiring additional security for the Authenticator, the changes of Authenticator has been delayed to you. But this delay can help you protect your Authenticator from being removed by someone with access to your email address. Meanwhile, a number of issues will also be coming:
1. You need to respond to any alerts during the delay period.
2. Any designed email alert depends on an email being sent to your compromised email account. It’s obvious that this alert can be deleted by whomever has control of your email account.
3. If your email alert is deleted and you don’t log in during the delay period, you will risk missing the alert.
4. There is the added complication of the email that will be sent to your junk or spam folder potentially.
5. If a hijacker gets into your account and sets their own Authenticator Delay, you will be kept out of the game for even longer.

New way to improve Authenticator security: Backup Codes

To avoid the issues mentioned above, The Player Support team proposes to take a different approach to improve Authenticator security: Backup Codes that will be added in 2020. You will receive a Backup Code during Authenticator setup and you must keep it in mind or a safe place since it will be used to remove your Authenticator if you no longer log in it. And although someone have access to your email addrress, your Runescape account will still be safe with this Backup Code. Please note that your Backup Code will only be used on Jagex website to remove your Authenticator.
In addition, if you lose your Authenticator and Backup Code, please ask Player Support for help. But you will not be able to access your account until 72 hours or more for the strict processing.

Let’s look forward to the Authenticator improvements and Backup Codes together.

Guide for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Endowment Pack

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is officially available for players across the world to experience. There are plenty of things for players to experience in the adrenaline-fueled world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. One thing that players can partake in is helping to raise money for a worthwhile cause by obtaining some unique cosmetic items. These items are the contents of the Call of Duty Endowment Pack for Modern Warfare, which contain a set of exclusive cosmetic items that profits will go towards helping veterans get high-quality jobs.

The Call of Duty Endowment is a non-profit organization that works to help veterans obtain high-quality careers following their service. Players can help in raising funds for this cause by purchasing the Defender cosmetic item pack for $9.99. This pack grants players an exclusive watch, weapon variant, weapon charm, weapon camo, sticker, two sprays, three emblems, and a calling card for use in their battles. One hundred percent of the sales from the Modern Warfare Endowment pack will go towards helping veterans be placed in the jobs they deserve.

How can you beat grabbing a plethora of unique cosmetic items for your Modern Warfare playing sessions and helping those who have sacrificed so much to protect us?

More information on the work that the Call of Duty Endowment does in the United States and the United Kingdom can be found on the organization’s official website.

Will you be purchasing the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endowment Pack?

RuneScape – Does Book of Death accept any acceptable uses

Yes, I’m acquainted you can insta annihilate top HP enemies, but analyze what you pay per activation adjoin runescape 3 gold what you get.Each activation costs 0.2% charge, which equates to 125 accuse per Death Note. A Death Note costs 40 Soul Reaper points, in comparision to a 300 point Hydrix, account approx 22M.

This makes a Soul Reaper point account approx 73K, and Death Note activations bulk almost 40/125 or 0.32 Soul Reaper points, or 23K GP (when compared to spending them on a Hydrix).

That means, if you insta-kill a monster with the Book of Death and you accretion beneath than 23K GP from the drop, you lose profit. As the Book of Death alone insta-kills non-bosses, you don’t usually get aloft 23K per drop, even from Raptor’s claiming monsters.

On top of that, the Book of Death degrades even if you dont get the insta-kill effect, so unless you accumulate accepting insta-kills every time you bandy to its actual acceptable you’ll get beneath than 500 activations on a abounding charge.

There’s aswell competition, abridged items like unactive Illuminated God Books don’t abase and accept bigger stats than the Book of Death. While animate they’re far bigger and cheaper adjoin administration due to the Book of Death’s attenuate adventitious of 5K damage.

In the case you do not affliction about accumulation and just wish as fast kills as possible, the Book of Death cannot be relied aloft due to the 1/30 adventitious per hit, alone occurring on top LP enemies, and basal stats otherwise. If you wish kills as quick a accessible use a scrimshaw. A consistant 6% accident is a lot bigger than an insta-kill every 20-25 kills.

Unless I’m missing something, I’d like to advance a rework:

1. Aftershock like mechanic:

Rather than an 1/30 adventitious of an insta-kill, 5% of accident you accord and yield is “stored” as continued as the Book of Death is equipped. If you hit a monster thats aloft 80% LPs and accept added accident stored than their health, they are insta-killed and the stored accident resets. Adjoin bosses, you accord an added 5K accident everytime 5K accident is stored in the book.

This makes the book a admixture of a 5% accident admission and reflect, OSRS gold but the accident is dealt in clumps in the anatomy of insta-kills. It aswell keeps scrimshaws a bigger advantage in situations breadth one isn’t demography abundant accident so the 6% accident account is superior.

2. New aftereffect authoritative it a acceptable apache abridged item:

Give the Book of Death bigger stats, does not abase adjoin Apache and Reaper tasks, and instead increases weapon accident based on balance hitchance and apache level.

Example: For every 1% hitchance you accept aloft 100%, you accretion 10% of your Apache akin as weapon damage. With 120% hitchance and 80 Slayer, you’d accretion 20 * 8 or +160 weapon damage. To abstain acceptable too powerful, it should accept abbreviating allotment for accident acquired at awfully top hitchances.

It would become a acceptable abridged account for dispatch up slayer/reaper tasks breadth you accept far bigger accurateness than required. Albiet not end-game actual as if you don’t accept 100% accurateness a scrimshaw or god book is better.

The Best Shaman PvE Healer Build for WoW Classic

Restoration Shamans are arguably the most flexible support/healing spec in WoW Classic. Thanks to the fact that the Shaman class was developed as a hybrid (Tank, Caster DPS, and a Healer in one), they have access to a wide range of interesting Talents, abilities, and traits. For one, they can equip shields and cloth, leather, or mail armor, which makes them more flexible when gearing up. On top of that, they can use a Class-specific themed group of ground-based buffs called Totems.

With these, they can provide various damage-increasing buffs (Grace of Air Totem, Windfury Totem, and Strength of Earth Totem), help their group with top-level utility (Tremor Totem, Poison Cleansing Totem), or help with group’s sustain and longevity (Mana Tide Totem, Stoneskin Totem, Windwall Totem). If this wasn’t enough, they also have access to the only cost-effective “Group Healing” ability of Classic in the form of Chain Heal;

an ability that heals 3 friendly characters with every cast (if targeted at a group member, it will bounce between other group members only, which makes it somewhat predictable and provides reliable Raid-wide heals if Resto Shamans are spread evenly between Raid groups). All of this sounds already incredible and we didn’t even mention Shaman’s non-Totem utility abilities…

they have access to the best interrupt in the game in a form of the Earth Shock (it’s regarded as the best because it has the shortest cooldown of just 6 seconds), Purge that removes magic effects from the Target (this is great for both PvE and PvP as it can be used to dispell buffs and other powerful magic-based effects), and Frost Shock that can be used to permanently slow an enemy (Frost Shock’s slow effect is longer than its cooldown).

If there is one thing that slows Resto Shamans down, it is their low sustain. They can run out of mana very quickly if they don’t manage it properly (downranking spells, understanding how mana regeneration works, and stocking up on consumables is necessary when rolling a Resto Shaman).

Restoration Shamans are, by far, the most welcomed healers on the horde side and the fact that Totem buffs only affect the Shaman’s main group makes them even more popular in Raids (each group needs a Shaman because everyone wants those buffs and utility).

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Sad News: RS Mod Dolan’s Leaving from Jagex Announced on Oct 22

Here is the sad news that Runescape Mod Dolan will be leaving Jagex on Oct 25, the end of this week. It has been five years since Dolan entered in Jagex and there are lots of achievements and legends he makes for this game. You can learn more details about cheap rs gold Dolan’s farewell below.

Mod Dolan’s farewell to Jagex announced on Oct 22

Yesterday Mod Dolan announced that he will leave Jagex on Oct 25 at the end of this week on his TW, because he wants to rediscover himself and try something new in the next five years. Following Mod Shauny’s farewell, he is another one to say goodbye to Jagex.
Mod Dolan is a Quality Analyst at Jagex and until now he has been working for five years. Within the past half a decade, he has made a lot of efforts, from RuneFest to Twitch streams, from tech support to see players in game. And the specific achievements are listed as following:
- Release QA, MTX QA, DarkScape QA, Tech/NXT QA and “New IP” QA.
- 1 in game easter egg
- 100+ player K/C
- Many new lifelong friends
Meantime, in his farewell letter, he states that he will still be around and you can contact with him if you want.

Send-off party at W66 Falador Square on Oct 29

According to Runescape official reddit, we have known that there will be a party started for Shauny on his last day after he announced his leaving from Jagex on Oct 29. But now it is available for every Jmod who is leaving. And we can see that Shauny and Dolan as well as other mods will attend the party at 20:00 game time at World 66 Falador Square. This will be a fun send-off.

In a word, best wishes to Mod Dolan in the future.

Info about Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2019

Just like clockwork, it’s that time of the year again in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. We’re talking Halloween! Whether it’s the Bloody Harvest in Borderlands 3 or some other spooktacular event, games are pulling out all the stops to give us a good scare. Enter the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2019 celebrations. Here’s what we know so far about this particular Halloween event and what we’re expecting.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the festivities from previous years, then you might be relieved to know that not much has changed. Here’s some basic information about the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost this year:

  • It’s going to run from October 29 to November 19
  • All players will be able to access the Festival of the Lost even if they don’t own Shadowkeep

With last year’s Halloween shenanigans, the game’s story heavily colored the general vibe of the Festival of the Lost so we can predict that the same thing will happen in 2019. Yes, we’ve made a million and one “Moon’s haunted” jokes ever since Destiny 2: Shadowkeep dropped, but continuing in that fine tradition wouldn’t be remiss at all considering everything.

We’ve seen some strange altars pop up recently that have been giving us lip – maybe those will finally be solved come Festival time? Whatever the overall direction, we can bet that there’s going to quests, bounties, and more from the Moon’s finest. It’s possible that we’ll also be able to get a second crack at the Haunted Forest, though this hasn’t yet been confirmed by Bungie. We don’t think we’ll have to wait much longer for an update on these things though, so we can likely expect more information from Bungie about how to kick off the spooky season.

OSRS: How to Talk in Clan Chat

OSRS Clan ChatClan chat is a communication tool in Old School Runescape. Using clan chat in OSRS players can chat with other players across multiple worlds in the game. Another feature allows players to use Friend Chat to talk with rs3 gold friends in the main game.

They are a fun way to talk to and meet other players on the OSRS server. They are also a great source for tips and tricks.

What follows are some tips on how to use clan chat in OSRS.
Finding a Clan Chat Channel

To find a clan chat channel in OSRS, find and click on the “join chat.” It should be noted the free-to-play players below 150 cannot access this feature.

Type and find the name of the player that is hosting the channel and the player will be able to chat with other members on that channel. Players can see what other players are using that chat channel and what worlds they are in. Players can communicate using public chat boxes.

Players can also see ranks of other players if they are on the host’s friends list. If the friends do not have a rank, they have a friends icon. A player does not have to be friends with the channel’s host to join a chat.
Sending Messages

Players can send messages using the prefix “/”. Players can write to their clan mates in the public chat feature.
Creating a Clan Chat Channel in OSRS

A player can create a chat using the “create chat” button. Chat owners can rank friends and moderate who can chat, enter, or remove people from the chat. The creator can also name the chat with a name up to 12 characters long.
Restricting Access to Clan Chat

Clan creators and moderators have the ability to restrict access to a clan chat. Moderators can choose to limit access to only their friends, recruit players, or allow anyone access to their chat. If players have certain players that they do not wish to join their clan chat, they can add that player to an Ignore User list. Moderators also have the option of disabling their chat or restricting “who can join” to “me”.

Moderators also have the ability to kick or ban a user from their chat. Any member with the rank of “corporal’ or higher may temporarily kick a player of lower rank out of the chat. That play must wait 60 minutes before they can re-enter the chat. All players may also choose to leave the chat simultaneously to empty and reset the chat.

Only 100 players may be in a chat at one time. A higher ranking member can bump a lower ranking member out of the chat, and they must wait for a spot to open to reenter. There is also a friends list cap of 400 people, and only 400 people may be banned at a single time.