Official Q&A with OSRS 3rd Party Client Statement Postponed on Sept 25

Recently the issue about OSBuddy OSRS has caused a heated discussion among rs 2007 gold Old School RS players.

Q&A with OSRS 3rd party client statement

According to the Old School official Tweet, OSRS Q&A on September 25th has been postponed. The develop team planned to have a statement to address OSRS 3rd party client; however, it hasn’t yet been finalised. They want to host the Q&A when they are able to better address this issue. It has also been revealed that the Q&A will take place later this week when the team has something more to share.

Recent issue of OSRS OSBuddy plugins

Recently it has been confirmed that OSBuddy is going to add more OP plugins to the client soon. Some players are concerned that OSBuddy OSRS will get all third-party clients banned. As no final conclusion has yet been reached on this issue, we need to wait for the Old School RuneScape official statement on OSBuddy or other OSRS 3rd party clients, which may be made later this week.

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