Learn RS Player Owned Farm Nerf Details with Proposed Changes

According to the latest official news post, the RS develop team has made some plans to nerf the player owned farm. Here you could buy rs gold learn their plans with detailed changes to player owned farms.

XP earned from player owned farm reduced

Based on the complaint that there’s too much XP for too little activity, the develop team plans to reduce the amount of XP earned through RuneScape player owned farm.
Step 1 – Reduce the harvest XP by 50%
Step 2 – Animal XP is now based on their health and happiness
Step 3 – Harvest XP can now be boosted by items and bonus XP

Breeding outside pens & collector’s capacity reduced

Based on the complaint that there are too many animals in the game, the team plans to reduce the amount of animals in RuneScape player owned farms and drop their overall value.
Step 1 – Reduce breeding outside of the pens
Step 2 – Reduce the amount of animals the collector farmhand can hold

Rate at which RuneScape POF animals feed increased

With the proposed changes to how XP is harvested, feeding animals will become more important than ever before. The rate at which animals feed will be increased, which will make each animal eats 1 food every hour. It means an animal’s health and happiness will improve at twice the rate.

Benefits of shiny enhancing traits increased

With the breeding rate reduced, it will become harder to obtain shiny animals and complete the breeding log. Therefore, the following changes are proposed to make:
Step 1 – Increase the benefits of shiny enhancing traits
Step 2 – Increase the hereditary nature of traits
Step 3 – Increase the value of shiny animals

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