Official Q&A with OSRS 3rd Party Client Statement Postponed on Sept 25

Recently the issue about OSBuddy OSRS has caused a heated discussion among rs 2007 gold Old School RS players.

Q&A with OSRS 3rd party client statement

According to the Old School official Tweet, OSRS Q&A on September 25th has been postponed. The develop team planned to have a statement to address OSRS 3rd party client; however, it hasn’t yet been finalised. They want to host the Q&A when they are able to better address this issue. It has also been revealed that the Q&A will take place later this week when the team has something more to share.

Recent issue of OSRS OSBuddy plugins

Recently it has been confirmed that OSBuddy is going to add more OP plugins to the client soon. Some players are concerned that OSBuddy OSRS will get all third-party clients banned. As no final conclusion has yet been reached on this issue, we need to wait for the Old School RuneScape official statement on OSBuddy or other OSRS 3rd party clients, which may be made later this week.

Detailed Info of Monster Hunter World Iceborne Pendants

If you’re not quite sure what pendants are in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, then you’re probably not alone. Even veteran Hunters are stumped by them, essentially because they weren’t a thing in the previous Monster Hunter games. If you’ve seen people with cosmetics sprucing up their weapon grips, then congratulations, you’ve seen a pendant. Now, what do they actually do? Our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Pendants guide should clear up some of your questions.

As we’ve briefly covered above, Pendants in Monster Hunter World Iceborne are essentially only really there for cosmetic reasons. Yes, the fact that they look cool swishing in the wind as you gallivant around the Guiding Lands doesn’t have any tangible effect on your hunting abilities, unfortunately. While having fresh kicks might actually make a difference towards your defensive statistics, these Pendants don’t fall under the same category.

If you’re wanting to get your hand on some of these because playing Fashion Hunter is one of your hobbies (as it should be), then you’ll be glad to know that they’re not incredibly difficult to get a hold of. You can either complete optional missions or reach milestones in the game, or craft them. You can visit the Smithy to do the latter, and navigate to the Pendants sub-menu under the Forge Equipment section to see what you can put together from the scraps of your kills.

We have a full list of the Monster Hunter World Iceborne pendants that we’re aware of and if they require crafting, what materials are needed:

  • Bronze Hunter Symbol – Reward for hunting your first Master Rank T1 Tempered monster
  • Bronze Guild Medal – Join and complete 10 quests posted by hunters of a lower rank (High Rank/Low Rank for Master Rank hunters, Low Rank for High Rank hunters)
  • Bronze Sigil Scarf (Red) – Complete Iceborne’s story
  • Bronze Sigil Scarf (Yellow) – Conqueror’s Seal x1, Lightning Sac x2, 300 research points
  • Bronze Sigil Scarf (Blue) – Conqueror’s Seal x1, Flood Sac x2, 300 research points
  • Bronze Sigil Scarf (Pink) – Conqueror’s Seal x1, Conflagrant Sac x2, 300 research points
  • Bronze Sigil Scarf (Green) – Conqueror’s Seal x1, Topor Sac x1, Ultraplegia Sac x1, 300 research points
  • Bronze Sigil Scarf (Gray) – Conqueror’s Seal x1, Cryo Sac x2, 300 research points
  • Bronze Sigil Scarf (Brown) – Conqueror’s Seal x1, Deadly Poison Sac x2, 300 research points
  • Gold Hunter Symbol – Reward for hunting your first Master Rank T3 Tempered monster
  • Guiding Emerald Crystal – Guiding Lands (Forest): Guiding Forest Crystal x1, Prosperous Crystal x3, Forest Crystal x5, Decayed Crystal x5, 500 research points
  • Guiding Verdant Crystal – Guiding Lands (Forest): Guiding Forest Dragonbone x1, Slumbering Greatbone x3, Woodland Greatbone x5, Mossy Greatbone x5, 500 research points
  • Guiding Sun Crystal – Guiding Lands (Wildspire): Guiding Wasteland Crystal x1, Serene Crystal x3, Wasteland Crystal x5, Cracked Crystal x5, 500 research points
  • Guiding Dusk Crystal – Guiding Lands (Wildspire): Guiding Wasteland Dragonbone x1, Tempered Crafbone x3, Wasteland Cragbone x5, Weathered Cragbone x5, 500 Re
  • Guiding Morganite Crystal – Guiding Lands (Coral): Guiding Coral Crystal x1, Deepsea Crystal x3, Coral Crystal x5, Pale Crystal x5, 500 research points
  • Guiding Celestite Crystal – Guiding Lands (Coral): Guiding Coral Dragonbone x1 Vibrant Crimsonbone x3 Coral Crimsonbone x5 Vivid Crimsonbone x5
  • Guiding Citrine Crystal – Guiding Lands (Rotten): Guiding Effluvial Crystal x1, Twilight Crystal x3, Effluvial Crystal x5, Distorted Crystal x4, 500 research points
  • Guiding Diamond Crystal – Guiding Lands (Rotten): Guiding Rotted Dragonbone x1, Afflicted Frenzybone x3, Effluvial Frenzybone x5, Malformed Frenzybone x5, 500 research points
  • Silver Sigil Scarf (White) – Defeat Ruiner Nergigante
  • Silver Guild Medal – Join and complete 30 quests posted by hunters of a lower rank (High Rank/Low Rank for Master Rank hunters, Low Rank for High Rank hunters)
  • Silver Hunter Symbol – Reward for hunting your first Master Rank T2 Tempered monster
  • Gold Guild Medal – Join and complete 60 quests posted by hunters of a lower rank (High Rank/Low Rank for Master Rank hunters, Low Rank for High Rank hunters)

Now that you’ve got our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Pendants guide to refer to, it should be smooth-sailing when the time comes to customize your trusty Great Sword and to make it stand out from all the rest.

Runescape:Weapon Diversity Beta

RS Weapon Diversity Beta has been announced this month, allowing you to try out different changes and their new effects. You could learn the details below and join in the Weapon Diversity Beta from June 4th.

How to Join the RS Weapon Diversity Beta

The beta will go live on June 4th, and run for a whole month.
Offical news post will be updated with a link you can click when the beta is live , and you can click it to start testing once its live sign in with your RuneScape account.

Try out in Runescape Weapon Diversity Beta

During the Weapon Diversity Beta, you will be able to try 16 different weapon changes and their new effects:

Dagger — Dagger will have a chance to also attack the target but its “auto” damage. This applies to both main-hand and off-hand if there are daggers, meaning that it is possible to hit and then hit with both daggers at the same time.
Spear — All bleed effects now last 50% longer, this applies to Slaughter, Blood Tendrils, and Dismember.
Scimitar—-While wielding a scimitar in the mainhand slot, there will be 5% of damage given applied as a DoT, lasting for 7.2 seconds. The DoT is increased to 10% while dual-wielding scimitars.
2h Sword — The 2H sword’s new weapon effect will be to heal for a percentage of all critical hits, making it perfect for drawn out battles. 5% of your critical hit will be applied immediately as an instant heal to the player.
Mace — 200% of the entire equipped prayer bonus is added to strength bonus while wielding a mace. This effect will stack to 300% while dual-wielding maces.
Maul — +5 tiers of damage but -5 tiers of accuracy.

Shortbow – Shortbow RuneScape actually deals 6% more damage, but there is -1% damage for each tile distance between the player and his target.
Shieldbow – Defence abilities cost 20% less adrenaline to use.
1h Crossbow – 2% chance whilst using a basic ability to use the same basic ability at the same time
2h Crossbow – A 5% accuracy buff is offered without a timer after standing still for at least 3s.
Throwing knives – Minus 5 levels in weapon damage and accuracy but the global cooldown is now only 1.2 seconds rather than 1.8.
Throwing axes – With throwing axes, players can gain 4% adrenaline with the main-hand weapon and 2% with the offhand weapon.

3. Magic
Air spells – With an air spell selected, every hit will increase the armour by 1%, this can stack up to 10% and lasts for 10 seconds.
Fire spells – While using any fire spell, there is a small chance to activate an extra Combust ability.
Water spells – A small globule of water will be left behind when dealing the killing blow with a water spell.
Earth spells – Players can deal 20% more damage whilst their target is stunned or bound.

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How To Level Fast in World of Warcraft Classic

Hi, dear WoW players. Do you want to race to level 60 fast in World of Warcraft Classic?This World of Warcraft Classic leveling guide won’t detail every single one of the hundreds of quests you’ll need to buy wow classic gold and complete to hit the Level 60 cap, but it will offer some choice advice to help you climb that mountain. please keep your eyes on wowclassicgp – a professional WoW Classic gold Store.

Always log out at inns or cities

Inns and Cities are points of relaxation. Safe spaces away from ravenous wolves and mouthy Murlocs. These won’t be too much use to anyone doing a marathon run to the end, but for anyone taking it easy and looking to get the most experience points for their time, logging out at an inn or city will allow you to accumulate “Rested exp” while you’re away. Rested EXP doubles monster kill EXP totaling the amount accumulated over time, meaning you’ll get a nice little bonus upon your return.

Kill everything you see

In World of Warcraft Classic, it’s almost a necessity to bridge the level gap between two zones. You can get a headstart on this by supplementing quests with monster kills. Just aim to kill every monster you come across as you travel from one quest to another. It might not look like much when it comes in, but that little extra EXP will really build up over time.

Budget your gold

One of the biggest hurdles of early World of Warcraft was making money. You really don’t need to spend your cash on every single new rank of spell or ability you come across. These can get very expensive, and offsetting the purchase of a mount for the sake of potential 1% damage boost somewhere in your rotation is bound to end up costing you more time than a mount would have saved. Just look up optimal rotations are work out whether that beefed up Thunder Clap will really make much difference.

Grab First Aid ASAP

Bandages are cheap and effective healing items that can greatly reduce downtime between fights. They’re not as effective as sitting down for a quick meal, but they’re comparatively cheaper. They’re fast, too, so you can limit the time between pulls or even wrap up an injury after stunning an opponent. It’s a must-have tool for classes like Warrior with limited self-sustain. First Aid trainers are found in every major city and it doesn’t count toward your two profession limit.

Train crafting and/or gathering professions while leveling

Crafting and gathering professions aren’t only good for making stacks of cash later on, but they can help you craft weapons and armor to help you during leveling. Most animals you kill can be skinned for leather and hides, and mining and herb nodes will often populate your minimap as you quest. Just right click on these things as you go about your daily grind and you’ll end up with piles of useful materials to sell or turn into items for yourself, friends, or anyone on the server looking to buy.
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RS Slayer Collection Log: How to Obtain Titles & Other Details

RS Slayer Collection Log has been released in game with the update on September 23th. With rs gold the Slayer Collection Log, players are able to keep track of the drops they get from Slayer monsters.

How to obtain RS Slayer Collection Log?

The Slayer collection log is a book which can keep track of assorted drops received from RuneScape Slayer monsters. You can obtain RuneScape Slayer Collection Log from any Slayer Master’s shop, or obtain it by right-clicking the slayer counter and choosing the retrieve option.

Titles of RuneScape Slayer Collection Log

The Slayer Collection Log is split between 12 areas. Here is each special title you can earn when you complete an area’s collection:
Asgarnia & Misthalin: , Protector of the Peace
Daemonheim: the Bloodrager
Kharidian Desert: the Devourer
Feldip Hills: the Ascended
Fremennik Province: , the End of All Things
Kandarin: the Well ‘Ardy
Karamja: of the Jungle
Keldagrim: the Stout Slayer
Lost Lands: the Harbinger of Death
Morytania: the Scourge of the Undead
Other Worlds: , Gielinor’s Champion
Wilderness: , Forinthry’s Fury
Notice: Completing the whole log will grant the title “the Ultimate Slayer”.

How to Complete FIFA 20 Squad Building Challenge Cheaply

The second Squad Building Challenge in the Hybrid Leagues section is the FIFA 20 Seven-League Boots SBC, which requires players from exactly seven leagues. It’s not massively difficult to complete but to ensure you’re not overspending your hard fought FIFA 20 earnings, we’ve got one of the cheapest solutions possible here. Read on for our complete FIFA 20 Seven-League Boots SBC solution, including a full player list and how much each one cost.

As mentioned above, you need players from exactly seven different leagues in order to complete the FIFA 20 Seven-League Boots SBC, but you can only have a maximum of three from the same league. You also need a minimum rating of 78 overall, which narrows the search down to gold players, and the 85 chemistry requirement makes it more difficult than it may seem at first.

My solution has the most expensive player(s) at 750 coins apiece, with most costing around 500-550. Most players are Brazilian, so there’s likely to be a few you can substitute if any of these have shot up in price since completing it. Here’s my complete FIFA 20 Seven-League Boots SBC solution:

GK: Rafael [ITA 1/Brazil] – 550 coins

CB: R. Toloi [ITA 1/Brazil] – 500 coins

CB: E. Botteghin [NED 1/Brazil] – 450 coins

CB: V. Hilton [FRA 1/Brazil] – 500 coins

RM: W. Eduardo [POR 1/Angola] – 650 coins

CM: R. Carioca [MEX 1/Brazil] – 750 coins

CM: Petros [SAU 1/Brazil] – 550 coins

LM: Kenedy [SPA 1/Brazil] – 600 coins

RW: F. Orellana [SPA 1/Chile] – 750 coins

ST: Charles [SPA 1/Brazil] – 600 coins

LW: Caio [POR 1/Brazil] – 600 coins

Total: 6,500 coins

Note: The FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates wildly, the prices may have increased since.

Preview Upcoming WoW 15th Anniversary Events on wowclassicgp!

All WoW fans must know that this November is the 15th Anniversary of World of Warcraft. In order to celebrate this special anniversary, WoW prepared lots of events for all warriors. You can learn the details on today. And if you want to get prepared for these events in advance, you are always welcomed to buy cheapest wow classic gold from our site with reliable services! Now, let’s check these exciting events together.

Anniversary Gift

Players who log in during the event period will receive an Anniversary Gift in the mail, which includes a Lil’ Nefarian battle pet, a Celebration Package that increases experience and reputation gains throughout the event, a reusable firework that can be used for the duration of the event, an item that teleports you to the Caverns of Time (usable only during the event), and other in-game goodies.

New Raids: Memories of Azeroth

Chromie has separated the strands of time, allowing you to go back and relive epic raid encounters from Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm. Each of these limited-time raids will feature three iconic bosses, and they’ll be available as their own wings through the Raid Finder. To enter the raid, you need a minimum item level of 380. Players who complete all three wings will receive the achievement Memories of Fel, Frost and Fire which grants the Obsidian Worldbreaker, a Black Dragonflight mount inspired by Deathwing.

Return to Alterac Valley of Olde

Run down your enemies, raze their fortifications, and exchange the tokens you loot from their corpses to summon mighty reinforcements in Korrak’s Revenge, a throwback Battleground inspired by the earliest days of Alterac Valley. Players who participate in Korrak’s Revenge and complete the Alterac Valley of Olde achievement can earn two new mounts: the Stormpike Battle Ram (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Snarler (Horde).

Except these events, many new stories and adventures are now available across Azeroth.

- The War Campaign Concludes: Tensions continue to rise between Saurfang, Anduin, and the Banshee Queen Sylvanas. Discover the fate of the Horde and Alliance in the final chapter of the War Campaign.

- Magni Bronzebeard: With N’Zoth’s imminent emergence, you must seek help from an unlikely ally: the Black Prince, Wrathion. Level 120 players should seek out Magni in the Chamber of Heart to continue the story and discover the Black Dragonflight’s whereabouts.

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The Most Simple Herblore Guide OSRS 1-99

Herblore is a members-only skill which is basically about cleaning herbs and making potions out of them. Brings out a clear picture of osrs gold an old woman with a scarf on her head, picking up herbs on murky pathways in the mountains, doesn’t it?-RS3gold

Well, let me tell you something. Training Herblore is much more fun than that. It’s a pretty afkable skill and there is a limited amount of things you can do to train, so it’s relatively easy and chill. This 1-99 Herblore guide OSRS is going to be pretty short because training Herblore is fairly simple.
herblore guide osrsHerblore guide Osrs

The first thing you need to do in order to be able to train Herblore at all, is to complete the Druidic Ritual quest. It’s fairly short and simple – basically you have to help the Druids north of Taverley to make a potion so they can reclaim the stone circle south of Varrock. Upon completion, you get rewarded with 250 Herblore XP and your Herblore level moves to 3.

You don’t need any specific gear or equipment to train Herblore OSRS. See, it’s far more simple than most of the skills on OSRS, isn’t it?

Now let’s start with a number of quests than will give you Herblore OSRS fast xp.

Quest XP Rewards

We already talked about Druidic Ritual, which you need to complete in order to unlock the Herblore skill in the first place. Let’s see what else you can do to get some fast Herblore OSRS xp! (the quests are listed in order of amount of xp they grant you)
osrs herblore

• Jungle Potion is a short quest that takes place in Karamja – you have to gather a bunch of herbs for Trufitus Shakaya so he can perform a ritual to talk to the island’s gods. Grants 775 xp.

• Recruitment Drive grants you 1 000 xp but you need to change your character into female if it’s male and this costs 3000 coins.

• Heroes’ Quest is a bit more difficult and longer and you can complete it when you’re over level 25. There are also requirements about different skill levels – you need 53 Cooking, 53 Fishing and 50 Mining. It grants you 1 325 Herblore xp.

• Zogre Flesh Eaters requires level 8 for completion and grants you 2 000 xp.

• The Dig Site can be completed at level 10 Herblore and grants you 2 000 xp.

• Shades of Mort’ton can be tackled down at level 15 and gives 2 000 xp as well.

• Fairytale 2 – Cure a Queen is kind of short and can be completed at level 57 Herblore. It grants 3 500 xp.

• Grim Tales can be completed at level 52 and gives you the solid 5 000 xp.

• My Arm’s Big Adventure grants you 10 000 xp and at the early level of 31!

• Eadgar’s Ruserequires level 31 Herblore as well and grants you the highest amount of xp – 11 000!

In total, this makes 38 850 Herblore xp from quests. The first five quests with the exclusion of Heroes’ Quest have little to none requirements so it’s highly recommended to complete them. They grant you a total amount of 8 025 Herblore xp.

Herblore Guide OSRS

There are basically two methods of gaining Herblore xp: through making potionsand by cleaning herbs.

In order to make a potion, you need to gather the required ingredients – that’s usually herbs of some kind plus a secondary ingredient, and use them on vial of water or blood. Since adding a second ingredient to the potion is a 2-tick action, the max amount of pots you can make in an hour is 3000. When you take banking into account, this rate drops down to around 2500 but that’s only if you’re really fast at it.

Making potionsis a faster and more afkable method of training Herblore than cleaning grimy herbs, also far less tedious. The most efficient way to train Herblore by making potions is by buying your base and secondary ingredients from the Grand Exchange in order to mix them. However, that’s quite expensive and requires a lot of resources. Of course, you can always buy cheap OSRS gold here so you can spend less on training Herblore.
herblore guide osrs

The fastest way to get to level 99 of Herblore is by making potions that offer the highest xp/h. They are, of course, more expensive. So if you can’t spend much money on training Herblore, it’s best to go for the slower options which are cheaper.

Another way to save money on the way to Herblore 99 is by using an amulet of chemistry. It can be used when you’re training Herblore with potions that are worth more than the cost of one amulet per five doses. You need to put in the effort of equipping a new amulet when the last one is used up and breaks. This will slightly decrease the xp rates but it might save you a lot of money.

Here’s a list of viable pots you can make at any level with information on the ingredients you need and the xp they grant you.

• Level 3: Attack potion – the base is made of Guam potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Eye of newt. Grants 25 xp each and the xp rate/h is 62 500.

• Level 5: Antipoison – the base is made of Marrentill potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Unicorn horn dust. Grants 37.5 xp each and the xp rate/h is 93 750.

• Level 12: Strength potion – the base is made of Tarromin potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Limpwurt root. Grants 50 xp each and the xp rate/h is 125 000.

• Level 15: Serum 207 – the base is made of Tarromin potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Ashes. Grants 50 xp each and the xp rate/h is 116 500.

• Level 22: Restore potion – the base is made of Harralander potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Red spiders’ eggs. Grants 62.5 xp each and the xp rate/h is 156 250.

• Level 26: Energy potion – the base is made of Harralander potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Chocolate dust. Grants 67.5 xp each and the xp rate/h is 168 750.

• Level 34: Agility potion – the base is made of Toadflax potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Toad’s legs. Grants 80 xp each and the xp rate/h is 200 000.

• Level 36: Combat potion – the base is made of Harralander (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Goat horn dust. Grants 84 xp each and the xp rate/h is 210 000.

• Level 38: Prayer potion – the base is made of Ranarr potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Snape grass. Grants 87.5 xp each and the xp rate/h is 218 750.

• Level 45: Super attack – the base is made of Irit potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Eye of newt. Grants 100 xp each and the xp rate/h is 250 000.

• Level 48: Superantipoison – the base is made of Irit potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Unicorn horn dust. Grants 106.3 xp each and the xp rate/h is 265 750.

• Level 52: Super energy – the base is made of Avantoe potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Mort myre fungus. Grants 117.5 xp each and the xp rate/h is 293 750.

• Level 55: Super strength – the base is made of Kwuarm potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Limpwurt root. Grants 125 xp each and the xp rate/h is 312 500.

• Level 63: Super restore – the base is made of Snapdragon potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Red spiders’ eggs. Grants 142.5 xp each and the xp rate/h is 356 000.

• Level 66: Super defence – the base is made of Cadantine potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is White berries. Grants 150 xp each and the xp rate/h is 375 000.

• Level 69: Antifire potion – the base is made of Lantadyme potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Dragon scale dust. Grants 157.5 xp each and the xp rate/h is 393 750.

• Level 72: Ranging potion – the base is made of Dward weed potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Wine of zamorak. Grants 162.5 xp each and the xp rate/h is 406 250.

• Level 76: Magic potion – the base is made of Lantadyme potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Potato cactus. Grants 172.5 xp each and the xp rate/h is 431 250.

• Level 77: Stamina potion – the base is made of Super energy potion and the secondary ingredient is Amylase crystal x 4. Grants 102 xp each and the xp rate/h is 255 000.

• Level 80: Bastion potion – the base is made of Cadantine blood potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Wine of zamorak. Grants 155 xp each and the xp rate/h is 387 500.

• Level 80: Battlemage potion – the base is made of Cadantine blood potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Potato cactus. Grants 155 xp each and the xp rate/h is 387 500.

• Level 81: Saradomin brew – the base is made of Toadflax potion (unf) and the secondary ingredient is Crushed nest. Grants 180 xp each and the xp rate/h is 450 000.

• Level 84: Extended antifire – the base is made of Antifire potion (4) and the secondary ingredient is Lava scale shard x 4. Grants 110 xp each and the xp rate/h is 275 000.

• Level 87: Anti-venom – the base is made of Antidote++ (4) and the secondary ingredient is Zulrah’s scales x 20. Grants 120 xp each and the xp rate/h is 300 000.

• Level 90: Super combat potion – the base is made of Super attack (4), Super strength (4) and Super Defence (4) potions and the secondary ingredient is Torstol. Grants 150 xp each and the xp rate/h is 324 900.

• Level 92: Super antifire potion – the base is made of Antifire potion (4) and the secondary ingredient is Crushed superior dragon bones. Grants 130 xp each and the xp rate/h is 325 000.

• Level 94: Anti-venom+ – the base is made of Anti-venom (4) and the secondary ingredient is Torstol. Grants 125 xp each and the xp rate/h is 152 500.

• Level 98: Extended super antifire – the base is made of Super antifire potion (4) and the secondary ingredient is Lava scale shards x 4. Grants 160 xp each and the xp rate/h is 400 000.

Herb cleaningis your second option from the Herblore guide OSRS in order to get to that 99. If you’re looking for a profit and don’t want to spend more money than you can gain, herb cleaning is the right choice for you. It’s slow, it’s tedious, it’s click-intense but it often results in a profit. If you’re willing to put in more time in Herblore OSRS training, go for it, though it’s usually more time-efficient to gain money in another way and train Herblore faster.

Here’s a list of all the herbs you can clean by level, the XP you get from each of them and the overall xp rates per hour in case you’re cleaning 5 000 herbs, plus the profit you get in an hour – the number may vary, depending on how much herbs you’re cleaning and their cost.
herblore guide osrs

• Level 3: Guam – for cleaning a guam herb, you get 2.5 xp/each and 12 500 xp/h. Profit is 40 000 gp.

• Level 5: Marrentill – for cleaning a marrentil herb, you get 3.8 xp/each and 19 000 xp/h. Profit is 50 000 gp.

• Level 11: Tarromin – for cleaning a tarromin herb, you get 5 xp/each and 25 000xp/h. Profit is 65 000 gp.

• Level 20: Harralander – for cleaning a harralander herb, you get 6.3 xp/each and 31 500 xp/h. Profit is 75 000 gp.

• Level 25: Ranarr – for cleaning a ranarr herb, you get 7.5 xp/each and 37 500 xp/h. Profit is 255 000 gp.

• Level 30: Toadflax – for cleaning a toadflax herb, you get 8 xp/each and 40 000 xp/h. Profit is 170 000 gp.

• Level 40: Irit leaf – for cleaning an irit leaf, you get 8.8 xp/each and 44 000 xp/h. Profit is 130 000 gp.

• Level 48: Avantoe – for cleaning an avantoe herb, you get 10 xp/each and 50 000 xp/h. Profit is 250 000 gp.

• Level 54: Kwuarm – for cleaning a kwuarm herb, you get 11.3 xp/each and 56 500 xp/h. Profit is 80 000 gp.

• Level 59: Snapdragon – for cleaning a snapdragon herb, you get 11.8 xp/each and 59 000 xp/h. Profit is 110 000 gp.

• Level 65: Cadantine – for cleaning a cadantine herb, you get 12.5 xp/each and 62 500 xp/h. Profit is 185 000 gp.

• Level 67: Lantadyme – for cleaning a lantadyme herb, you get 13.1 xp/each and 65 500 xp/h. Profit is 30 000 gp.

• Level 70: Dwarf weed – for cleaning a dwarf weed, you get 13.8 xp/each and 69 000 xp/h. Profit is -125 000 gp. (yes, that’s a negative)

• Level 75: Torstol – – for cleaning a torstol herb, you get 15 xp/each and 75 000 xp/h. Profit is 540 000 gp.
herblore guide herblore guide osrs

Compared to other skills, the training for Herblore is much easier and you don’t have to move around in order to get to Herblore level 99. Follow this quick and simple Herblore guide OSRS and you’ll ge there in no time!

OSRS New Limited-Time Game Mode – Leagues

The latest Old School RS blog reveals a brand new game mode – OSRS Leagues. In Leagues there will be runescape 2007 gold five distinct choices, hundreds of tasks, and one ultimate goal. Read the information below to learn the details.

General information on OSRS Leagues

According to the latest official news post, there will be a brand new game mode named Old School RuneScape Leagues. Each OSRS Leagues is time-limited, and it has its own ruleset to test your skill, determination and Old School knowledge. You need to level up, complete tasks, and earn points to customise your experience.

OSRS Leagues Task System & Relic System

There will be hundreds of new challenges in Old School RuneScape Leagues. You need to complete tasks to gather OSRS League Points for relics. The more points you gather, the quicker you can prevail.

You are able to choose between multiple buffs, such as resources harvested are doubled or resources harvested are automatically banked. The relic cannot be chanced once it is chosen, so you need to choose wisely and trust completely.

Rewards obtained from Leagues OSRS

Brand new rewards will be awarded for both Leagues and the main game. The league-to-league rewards will be unlocked automatically based on which reward tier you achieve, and they will persist only in league worlds. You can purchase the cosmetic rewards that carry over to the main game from an in-game shop; these rewards will cost OSRS League Points that you’ve earned.
Details of OSRS Leagues rewards will be introduced in a poll blog in the future.

FIFA 20 Stadiums Guide: All Confirmed Additions

Update (Wednesday, 18 September): EA has now confirmed the complete FIFA 20 stadiums list, and Bramall Lane, Groupama Stadium, and ProZero Arena all make the cut – but there’s no place for Estadio da Luz or Turk Telekom Stadium. However, we’ve left them in the piece below in the hope of them appearing in FIFA 21. Scroll to the bottom for a full list of stadiums in this year’s game.

Original story (22 June): With FIFA 20 confirmed at E3 2019, community attentions switched to the FIFA 20 stadiums list. GamesRadar will be keeping tabs on all FIFA 20 stadiums as they’re confirmed, and in the process update this feature regularly. As a starting point we’ve provided a selection of potential new grounds below, with Sheffield United and Lyon certainties to be added even if EA hasn’t outright stated as much.

Ataturk Olimpiyat Stadi (confirmed)

Turkey’s national stadium doesn’t house a domestic club, but Basaksehir, Galatasaray, Sivasspor and Besiktas have all played home fixtures here at various points. It holds a special place in Liverpool fans’ hearts after hosting the most spectacular comeback in Champions League final history. You know: 3-3, Jerzy Dudek penalty hero, miracle of Istanbul… yeah, that one.

Red Bull Arena New Jersey (confirmed)

Two Red Bull Arenas make the FIFA 20 stadiums list: the New Jersey home of the New York Red Bulls, and the Leipzig base of – you’ve guessed it – RB Leipzig. This one opened in March 2010 and, with a capacity of 25,000, is the States’ third-biggest soccer-specific arena after Exploria Stadium (Orlando) and Providence Park (Portland).

Bramall Lane (confirmed)

This one’s easy. Since FIFA 15, EA’s official tie-in with the Premier League has seen every promoted club have their stadium added to the series. We therefore know with absolute certainty that Sheffield United’s famous home patch, built in 1855, is in. Why no similar fanfare about Norwich City or Aston Villa, you might well ask? Because both Carrow Road and Villa Park are still in the game from those clubs’ last top-flight spells.

Groupama Stadium (confirmed)

Lyon’s move away from Stade Gerland in 2016 saw the treasured old ground removed from subsequent FIFA games – and until this year EA had never seen fit to include its replacement. Yet Groupama Stadium was the host location for the 2019 Women’s World Cup final, and as a result EA added it to FIFA 19 as free DLC. Re-skinned for Lyon, it now takes its rightful place in FIFA 20.

PreZero Arena (confirmed)

Last summer, a German twitter poster leaked what was purported to be the official stadium list for FIFA 19. That list turned out to be shockingly accurate – for the most part. But one ground listed which didn’t make the final game was Hoffenheim’s 30,000 home stadium in Baden-Württemberg. Could PreZero Arena make the FIFA 20 stadiums list instead? Confirmation of a 13-club Bundesliga scan provides a resounding ‘yes’.

Schwarzwald-Stadion (wanted)

According to German football mag Heimspeil – via - EA’s face-scanning squadron were in Freiburg earlier this year to scan the club’s players, such as Nils Petersen, Vincenzo Grifo, and Jerome Gondorf. And if you’re going all that way to get a few headshots, you might as well capture the stadium while in town, right? Apparently not – Schwarzwald-Stadion misses out this year. Boooo.

Estadio da Luz (wanted)

Earlier this year, with little fanfare, the EA Sports logo appeared at the foot of Benfica’s homepage. It’s been there ever since. Then in June the club dropped a short video which again hinted at an official partnership. If that’s the case – rather than a wayward community manager trying to bag himself a free copy of next year’s game – then Estadio da Luz looks set for FIFA 20. It holds 65,000 and, having been there myself for Euro 2004 (don’t mention Zidane!) is one of the most beautiful stadiums on the planet.

Kaliningrad Stadium (wanted)

Last year EA Canada did a pitch-perfect job of scanning all 12 official stadia for its 2018 FIFA World Cup DLC – only to lose the official Russian Premier League license to PES. Goodbye forever, beautiful Russian stadia. Expect perhaps not. Four of the grounds included belong to clubs who play outside of the Russian top division, meaning EA could do club-specific deals and reinsert them – and their pretty surroundings – to the game. Those locales are Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Mordovia Arena, Volgograd Arena, and Kaliningrad Stadium.

Turk Telekom Stadium (wanted)

The FIFA community loves a poll. So do I. And while my most wanted stadium in FIFA 20 would be one of the Scottish big two (Celtic Park or Ibrox), that’s not its fanbase’s first choice. Nor is it stadium of a sleeping English giant, such as Elland Road, Hillsborough or the City Ground. Nope: the honour goes to Türk Telekom Stadium, home of Galatasaray. Appropriately so, too. With a capacity of 52,000 it’s known as one of the noisiest, most intimidating grounds in football, and would be a fine addition to the FIFA 20 stadiums list.