OSRS New Limited-Time Game Mode – Leagues

The latest Old School RS blog reveals a brand new game mode – OSRS Leagues. In Leagues there will be runescape 2007 gold five distinct choices, hundreds of tasks, and one ultimate goal. Read the information below to learn the details.

General information on OSRS Leagues

According to the latest official news post, there will be a brand new game mode named Old School RuneScape Leagues. Each OSRS Leagues is time-limited, and it has its own ruleset to test your skill, determination and Old School knowledge. You need to level up, complete tasks, and earn points to customise your experience.

OSRS Leagues Task System & Relic System

There will be hundreds of new challenges in Old School RuneScape Leagues. You need to complete tasks to gather OSRS League Points for relics. The more points you gather, the quicker you can prevail.

You are able to choose between multiple buffs, such as resources harvested are doubled or resources harvested are automatically banked. The relic cannot be chanced once it is chosen, so you need to choose wisely and trust completely.

Rewards obtained from Leagues OSRS

Brand new rewards will be awarded for both Leagues and the main game. The league-to-league rewards will be unlocked automatically based on which reward tier you achieve, and they will persist only in league worlds. You can purchase the cosmetic rewards that carry over to the main game from an in-game shop; these rewards will cost OSRS League Points that you’ve earned.
Details of OSRS Leagues rewards will be introduced in a poll blog in the future.

FIFA 20 Stadiums Guide: All Confirmed Additions

Update (Wednesday, 18 September): EA has now confirmed the complete FIFA 20 stadiums list, and Bramall Lane, Groupama Stadium, and ProZero Arena all make the cut – but there’s no place for Estadio da Luz or Turk Telekom Stadium. However, we’ve left them in the piece below in the hope of them appearing in FIFA 21. Scroll to the bottom for a full list of stadiums in this year’s game.

Original story (22 June): With FIFA 20 confirmed at E3 2019, community attentions switched to the FIFA 20 stadiums list. GamesRadar will be keeping tabs on all FIFA 20 stadiums as they’re confirmed, and in the process update this feature regularly. As a starting point we’ve provided a selection of potential new grounds below, with Sheffield United and Lyon certainties to be added even if EA hasn’t outright stated as much.

Ataturk Olimpiyat Stadi (confirmed)

Turkey’s national stadium doesn’t house a domestic club, but Basaksehir, Galatasaray, Sivasspor and Besiktas have all played home fixtures here at various points. It holds a special place in Liverpool fans’ hearts after hosting the most spectacular comeback in Champions League final history. You know: 3-3, Jerzy Dudek penalty hero, miracle of Istanbul… yeah, that one.

Red Bull Arena New Jersey (confirmed)

Two Red Bull Arenas make the FIFA 20 stadiums list: the New Jersey home of the New York Red Bulls, and the Leipzig base of – you’ve guessed it – RB Leipzig. This one opened in March 2010 and, with a capacity of 25,000, is the States’ third-biggest soccer-specific arena after Exploria Stadium (Orlando) and Providence Park (Portland).

Bramall Lane (confirmed)

This one’s easy. Since FIFA 15, EA’s official tie-in with the Premier League has seen every promoted club have their stadium added to the series. We therefore know with absolute certainty that Sheffield United’s famous home patch, built in 1855, is in. Why no similar fanfare about Norwich City or Aston Villa, you might well ask? Because both Carrow Road and Villa Park are still in the game from those clubs’ last top-flight spells.

Groupama Stadium (confirmed)

Lyon’s move away from Stade Gerland in 2016 saw the treasured old ground removed from subsequent FIFA games – and until this year EA had never seen fit to include its replacement. Yet Groupama Stadium was the host location for the 2019 Women’s World Cup final, and as a result EA added it to FIFA 19 as free DLC. Re-skinned for Lyon, it now takes its rightful place in FIFA 20.

PreZero Arena (confirmed)

Last summer, a German twitter poster leaked what was purported to be the official stadium list for FIFA 19. That list turned out to be shockingly accurate – for the most part. But one ground listed which didn’t make the final game was Hoffenheim’s 30,000 home stadium in Baden-Württemberg. Could PreZero Arena make the FIFA 20 stadiums list instead? Confirmation of a 13-club Bundesliga scan provides a resounding ‘yes’.

Schwarzwald-Stadion (wanted)

According to German football mag Heimspeil – via fifaultimateteam.it - EA’s face-scanning squadron were in Freiburg earlier this year to scan the club’s players, such as Nils Petersen, Vincenzo Grifo, and Jerome Gondorf. And if you’re going all that way to get a few headshots, you might as well capture the stadium while in town, right? Apparently not – Schwarzwald-Stadion misses out this year. Boooo.

Estadio da Luz (wanted)

Earlier this year, with little fanfare, the EA Sports logo appeared at the foot of Benfica’s homepage. It’s been there ever since. Then in June the club dropped a short video which again hinted at an official partnership. If that’s the case – rather than a wayward community manager trying to bag himself a free copy of next year’s game – then Estadio da Luz looks set for FIFA 20. It holds 65,000 and, having been there myself for Euro 2004 (don’t mention Zidane!) is one of the most beautiful stadiums on the planet.

Kaliningrad Stadium (wanted)

Last year EA Canada did a pitch-perfect job of scanning all 12 official stadia for its 2018 FIFA World Cup DLC – only to lose the official Russian Premier League license to PES. Goodbye forever, beautiful Russian stadia. Expect perhaps not. Four of the grounds included belong to clubs who play outside of the Russian top division, meaning EA could do club-specific deals and reinsert them – and their pretty surroundings – to the game. Those locales are Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Mordovia Arena, Volgograd Arena, and Kaliningrad Stadium.

Turk Telekom Stadium (wanted)

The FIFA community loves a poll. So do I. And while my most wanted stadium in FIFA 20 would be one of the Scottish big two (Celtic Park or Ibrox), that’s not its fanbase’s first choice. Nor is it stadium of a sleeping English giant, such as Elland Road, Hillsborough or the City Ground. Nope: the honour goes to Türk Telekom Stadium, home of Galatasaray. Appropriately so, too. With a capacity of 52,000 it’s known as one of the noisiest, most intimidating grounds in football, and would be a fine addition to the FIFA 20 stadiums list.

World Of Warcraft Classic: Free Character Move Is Coming To Overcrowded Realms

It is obvious to be seen by all of the overwhelming popularity of World of Warcraft Classic when it was released a few days ago, hundreds of cheapest wow classic gold thousands of players flocked into WOW Classic at the same time, which is an unexpected success, but it also brought a heavy burden to overcrowded servers. Quite a few players complained that they had been queues for more than ten hours on hot servers, including Herod, Whitemane, Faerilina and more. The developer Blizzard had imagined the situation before, and opened the character name reservation a few days earlier, it did not solve the problem well. On release date, Blizzard had to add more new servers to ensure that every player could enter successfully the game on that day.

In order to help well to adjust players counts on certain WOW Classic servers, Blizzard staff posted a post on the official site, announcing to open “Free Character Move” service for players in the coming days, but the players who must meet the following requirements:

The players must be from one of the most highly-populated realms, they will see the option to initialize a free character move on either the character select screen or the queue screen of the realm. They cannot be one of them who is a guild leader, has active auction listings or bids, or has mail.

Later, more details about the realm move and character restrictions would be posted by Blizzard.

What did WOW Classic bring to us? It is hard to figure it out clearly, the group of players 15 years ago said bye to the past and could not wait to jump into the recreation. And the nostalgic mood made them want to go back to the past days when fighting with old friends.

In order to make the players do better, Blizzard tried its best to make the details more perfect, and with the development of modern technology, more details are optimized in WOW Classic, which reduces much pressure of players. It is also one of the reasons that many players are willing to jump into the game.

A few days ago, the first young player to hit the 60-level limited had produced, and if you want to improve your ranking in the game like him, buy some WOW Classic Gold to give you huge help.

Anyway, WOW Classic is underway, the players have also gained much fun through it, the adventure is still running, having fun enjoying it.

RS3 New Patch Notes Available, Learn More Details on RS3gold!

This week is the patch week for RS3. Based on the information RS3gold.com knows, they have made lots of new changes in game this time. As a professional RS item shop, we will definitely share the highlights with you. In addition, we also have full stock cheap rs3 gold for sale with 100% secure and reliable services.

Here are the highlights of new patch you definitely want to know.

- Big Game Hunter multispawn encounters will no longer spawn if the previous kill on that

- dinosaur was not successful.

- Mahjarrat Aura can now be reset using tier 3 and tier 4 Aura refresh.

- The Dwarven Instinct aura can now spawn chests when hunting butterflies barehanded.

Except these amazing new features, they also bring us the update of LootScape. This month, each and every RuneScape stream watched will give you a random drop from one of the following:


- 1 – 2 hunter marks

- 250 resources in a random Base Camp resource

- Guaranteed drop from Basic Drop Table (see below)

- View counter goes up on Orb

- 1 Raffle Ticket to use at Balthazar’s

Chance based:

- A random skilling outfit piece (if unowned)

- Either Nature’s Balance or Loots Cape (if unowned)

Basic Drop Table: Prismatic small fallen star, Prismatic medium fallen star, Prismatic small lamp, Prismatic medium lamp, Spirit Ruby, Spirit Diamond, Advanced Pulse Core, Spring, Silverhawk down, Medium DG Token Box, Small DG Token Box, Uncut Dragonstone, Large Cash Bag, Medium Cash Bag or Small Cash Bag.

Also, the RuneFest 2019 is just around the corner. Did you get your tickets now? If you didn’t, then it’s time to act! We will keep sharing you the latest news of Runescape. You are welcomed to stay tuned on RS3gold for more. We have rs gold for sale at any time. If you ever need to buy RS3 Gold, feel free to contact us at anytime!

RS One Small Favour Quick Guide: Items Recommended & Rewards List

Runescape One Small Favour is an experienced quest with long length, which is only available for members. You should complete a favour that is less simple to finish this rs 3 gold quest. To help you accomplish it easily, we provide a quick guide about necessary items in game for you. After that, you can also obtain some rewards.

Items for Runescape One Small Favour quest recommended

During finishing the Runescape quest, you need to have following items in different parts of quest:
1. Amulet of glory, explorer’s ring 3 or 4 and 60 coins are necessary for the part of Around the world.
2. 3 Steel bars are needed in Misthalin; and Amulet of glory, explorer’s ring 3 or 4, varrock teleport and skull sceptre are recommended.
3. 1 vial of water, clean harralander and clean marrentill are needed in Asgarnia; and House teleport if your house is in Taverley and ring of duelling are recommended.
4. Around 2000 coins or 2 cut opals, jades and red topazes in case you crush the ones you get are needed in Kandarin.
5. Armour and weapon, bronze bar, iron bar, steel bar, pot and 5 pigeon cages are needed in the part of and then back again.

Rewards obtained from One Small Favour quest

Once you complete One Small Favour quest, you will be able to get various rewards, including:
- 2 quest points
- 2 antique lamps giving 10,000 experience to any skill of your choice. Skill must be at least level 30.
- Steel key ring (automatically added to the tool belt)
- Ability to make Guthix rest potions
- Access to the gnome glider route to the Feldip Hills
- Adamantite stone spirit, an uncut ruby and an uncut diamond dropped by Slagilith
- 1,000 Smithing experience from repairing the weather vane components
- 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice
What’s more, the music In the Manor, Grumpy, Chompy Hunt and Soundscape can be unlocked.

Hope you can complete the experienced Runescape One Small Favour quest easily by using these items.

Pokemon GO Players Can Enjoy Content Based on Unova Region Now

Pokemon GO has been at the forefront of Trainers being able to experience the world of the popular entertainment franchise anywhere they go. There has been a wide array of Pokemon added to the mobile game throughout its life. Monday, September 16th saw the newest wave of Pokemon from the Unova Region added to the title in a fascinating update.

The Unova Region Pokemon added in this latest update for GO include Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Pidove, Blitzle, and many others. Trainers will be able to expand their team of creatures for Pokemon Go with plenty of new animals from the Unova Region heading forward.

There is also plenty of new Pokemon hatching from eggs thanks to this new update for Pokemon Go. You can find all of these available egg Pokemon below:

  • “2 km Eggs: Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Pidove
  • 5 km Eggs: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Blitzle, Drilbur, Foongus
  • 10 km Eggs: Ferroseed, Klink, Litwick, Golett, Deino”

Lillipup, Patrat, and Klink will now be available for players to battle in raids. Klink is currently only available for players to encounter in raids with no availability in the wild.

This new Unova Region update for Pokemon GO also introduced a variety of region exclusive Pokemon for players to catch. You can find all of the new area exclusive creatures below:

  • “Asia-Pacific: Pansage, the Grass Monkey Pokémon
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: Pansear, the High Temp Pokémon
  • The Americas and Greenland: Panpour, the Spray Pokémon
  • Western hemisphere: Heatmor, the Anteater Pokémon
  • Eastern hemisphere: Durant, the Iron Ant Pokémon”

Trainers experiencing all of the new content from the Unova Region now have the opportunity to catch a shiny version of both Patrat and Lillipup. A new evolutionary item called the Unova Stone has also been added into the world of Pokemon Go for players to utilize in their adventures.

Tailoring — Another Profession In WoW (World of Warcraft) Classic | Check And Get To Know This Profession Better

Thank goodness, after years of waiting, World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic now has officially released, and those wonderful times has returned to us again. And now it’s time to equip your buy wow classic gold knitting needles to become the greast Tailor ever in Azeroth. As a very popular profession that specializing in creating light armor, and also bags, this is truly a popular choice among Priests, Mages, and of course, Warlocks.

The materials that Tailoring use can be found easily while questing, because cloth materials can drop from all humanoid opponents. Very similar to Leatherworking, where materials come from skinning slain beasts, Tailoring will have materials provided by doing nothing more than leveling a character. But the real issue is, the amount needed to level from 1-300 is pretty high, and therefore players will need to decide between grinding areas to the the cloth they need, or just waiting until they are in a much higher level and can acquire WoW Classic items more quickly by large scale Area of Effect (AoE) farming. The second method will be listed later, and so far, the most efficient way to level up is Tailoring.

And Now Here Are Some Tips About Tailoring In WoW Classic Game: Check And Get To Know This Profession Better:

Step 1: Professions That Go Well With Tailoring In World Of Warcraft Classic Game:

Not a lot of WoW Classic players know that Enchanting is often one of the best choices for several reasons. Firstly, though materials for Tailoring are found pretty easily while questing, the same is not so true for Enchanting. Players must disenchant an items of Green or better quality to receive materials, this can be obtained while players leveling up Tailoring. Although you might be tempted to level Tailoring to sell items on the Auction House, the real situation is that almost nothing you make while leveling will be profitable, cause everyone is also leveling at the same time, and there are no rich alternatives to send WoW Classic gold over for frivolous purchase.

In the late step of this WoW Classic game, a master enchanter is always able to profit, but the road to that point is so long and expensive. If you are instead looking to make gold while leveling, then that is not a bad idea considering the expensive cost of a mount at both level 40 and level 60, after that consider taking any other gathering professions to sell materials on the Auction House. Herbalism, Mining, and even Skinning are all good choices if you prefer to make your money on your own.

Step 2: The Slow Leveling Process In World Of Warcraft Classic Game:

Nowadays, leveling up can feel like a breeze, especially with those recipes that provide numerous points of progression towards becoming a master. However, this is a relatively new feature in game, and will not be available in the WoW Classic version. Instead, we have Green, Grey, Orange and Yellow colors in the Tailoring profession window. Usually, Yellow and Orange are the best bet, cause each craft can raise your level by one point, but Green color may require multiple crafts and is inefficient for leveling.

Step 3: Can I Power Level My Tailoring In World Of Warcraft Classic Game:

To put it in a nutshell, you will not be able to power level in the same way we often to today. This goes back to the reason from before, first of all, that no one will have the gold resources at first to buy all the required materials, and what’s worse, those materials are also likely to be scarce on the Auction House, demanding a premium for their purchase.

As time goes by, months down the road, this will be a different story assuming that the player base is still strong. However, if we notice a massive drop off shortly after release, then this will remain as true as it does near launch, and much of the material gathering will be done by you.

Step 4: Where To Farm Cloth In World Of Warcraft Classic Game:

In WoW Classic game, you should know that there is no level scaling of regions like what we have now. Considering this, you need to target specific areas to find each type of cloth. Although cloth can drop from any humanoid opponent, the following areas offer some of the most concentrated areas of opponents. Just as we stated above, a great way to level farm is to out level an area by about tenlevels or so, and then with a character that can AoE farm, begin kiting the dense areas of opponents.

For instance, farms that contain dense groups of Defias affiliated humanoids are perfect to tag as a frost mage quickly, and then defeat them all at once by using spells like Blizzard and Cone of Cold. By using this way, you can farm cloth to level much faster more efficiently, and this is also why it is much simpler to level your character and not try to keep the profession scaled at the same pace.

With that in mind, and now here are some of the more densely populated areas in World of Warcraft Classic game: (Places Listed In Leveling Order)

①Linen Cloth Required Level: Level ranges 1-15.
Places to Find: Players can find it in Ragefire Chasm (K), Stonecairn Lake at Elwynn Forest (EK), Trogg Mine east of Ironforge(EK), The Oracle Glade at Teldrassil(K).
Extra information: None.

②Wool Cloth Required Level: Level ranges 15-30.
Places to Find: Players can find it in Redridge Mountains (EK), Stonetalon Mountains(K), and Ashenvale(K).
Extra information: None.

③Silk Cloth Required Level: Level ranges 35-40.
Places to Find: Players can find it in Scarlet Monastery (EK), and Razorfen Kraul (K).
Extra information: We have to say Scarlet Monastery is an amazing place to go once you have reached a much higher level cause the dungeon is filled with humanoids that will follow you all the way through, therefore they can be tagged in masse and AoE farmed easily. It is also suitable for Razorfen Kraul place.

④Mageweave Cloth Required Level: Level ranges 45-50.
Places to Find: Players can find it in Zul’Farrak (K), and Tanaris (K) very easily.
Extra information: None.

⑤Runecloth Required Level: Level ranges 50-60.
Places to Find: Players can find it in Scholomance (EK), Stratholme (EK), Blackrock Depths (EK), Lower Blackrock Spire (EK) Dire Maul (K), Western Plaguelands (EK), Eastern Plaguelands (EK), and Felwood (K).
Extra information: Finally, the Runecloth will become some of the cheapest on the Auction House cause more and more characters reach the level cap and then have no use for it. Accroding to this statement , farming it it probematic because one can not AoE farm other level 60 opponents as easily as those right above places.

⑥Felcloth Required Level: Level ranges 55-60.
Places to Find: Players can find it in Dire Maul (K), Felwood (K), Azshara (K), and Blasted Lands (EK).
Extra information: Felcloth is necessary for endgame Tailoring crafts.

⑦Mooncloth Required Level: Not Specifically Told.
Places to Find: Not Specifically Told.
Extra information: This kind of cloth does not drop from opponents. In fact, it is crafted at a Moonwell by using two pieces of Felcloth. Also, it comes with a surprising four day cooldown, therefore, it can take quite some time to create anything with it. For example, a Flarecore Robe will require ten pieces of Mooncloth, and so 40 days of cooldown for crafting.

Step 5: Tailoring Takes Forever, But Is Worth It In World Of Warcraft Classic Game:

Even though it may feel pretty slow, Tailoring can be quite powerful for cloth users in the endgame. The rarest patterns that can be found from the most difficult content available are well worth the effort. Considering that, players wonder if WoW Classic will lead to the first expansion with the Burning Crusade eventually. If so, Tailoring was an outstanding profession choice there as well, with the endgame patterns being very useful in the very early stage of raiding.

Classic WoW Best Professions for Farming Gold, Leveling Up, PvP and PvE

Professions were expensive and time-consuming in the original vanilla wow, however that didn’t stop players choosing them, and they will be popular once again in vanilla wow. In Classic WoW, Players should take some time to carefully select the professions that best match their classes.

There are in total 12 Professions in vanilla wow. A single character can only choose two Primary Professions at a time, and all 3 of the Secondary Professions, so there will be some difficult choices.

The Primary Professions include:

Gathering Professions: Herbalism, Mining and Skinning

These gathering professions are used to gather the materials that you will use them in recipes as ingredients to craft a variety of wow classic items, which can be sold on the auction house for classic wow gold.

Crafting Professions:

Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Leatherworking andTailoring

These crafting professions are used to make potions, equipment, enchant gear and classic wow items with additional stats, which can be used for your character or sold on the auction house for vanilla wow gold.

The secondary professions include Cooking, First Aid and Fishing

Best Professions for Farming Gold

At lower levels, Gathering Professions (such as Herbalism or Mining) maybe lucrative, but they are also very time-consuming and don’t provide experience, so if you want to level up fast to level 60, skip them.If your primary task is farming gold vanilla wow, you should collect everything you pass and sell them immediately. In the early days of the game, everyone is wow classic boost Profession, and player needs herbs and bars, so Materials are worth more. At the end, when more players are flooding the market, it is difficult to obtain wow classic gold, this is a solid strategy for affording all of your maximum level skills and your mounts at level 40 – 60, which in turn makes mining and Herbalism easier.

If you’re looking for the best ways to make gold, here we recommend the top combos as below.

Skinning + Herbalism

Skinning + Mining

Enchanting + Tailoring

Having two gathering professions is an easy way to sell your findings on the Auction House and make a quick profit.Enchanting provides enchants, while Tailoring has the important bags that allow players to carry more loot at a given time. Enchanting’s mainly functions are using the Disenchant on Uncommon, Rare and Epic quality items to produce their own trade materials, but it is difficult to level up.

Best Professions for Leveling Up: Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking

If you want to obtain the gear, you can through a tailor, blacksmith, or leatherworker to make, provide you with solid upgrades as you level up. Combined with the right gathering Professions – mining for blacksmithing and skinning for leatherworking, it will be a very efficient way to keep parts of your gears update, speeding up your leveling, and you can pursue max-level gameplay. Unfortunately, once you hit maximum level, the chances of upgrades from these Professions drastically drop off, especially when you’re doing large-group raid instances.

Utility items are not frequent used in Classic WoW than Live server, so these three armor crafting Professions can make something useful. Leatherworking can make armor kits, which add armor or stamina to a piece of gear.

Best Professions for PvP

The Best Profession for PVP is Engineering. It is practically a must-have for PVP Twink character. You can not only utilize many types of bombs, grenades and other gizmos to aid in PvP scenarios, but also craft strong gear and build various type of vanilla wow items that can be used in combat versus other players.

Alchemy is another good choice, since you can craft potions that greatly aid you in PvP combat and restore health or mana, and even increase your movement speed for a short time (Swiftness Potions). Not to mention you can use the Elixirs to grant a stat buff for the duration of time, this is also useful in raiding.

Best Professions for PvE

Here we recommend these Professions for dungeons and raids:



Blacksmithing / Enchanting / Leatherworking / Tailoring

Some valuable consumables (potions, elixirs, flasks and more) are in end-game content. The important thing is that the ability to transmute certain wow classic items can be extremely valuable, particularly Recipe: Transmute Arcanite.

Engineering can absolutely help a player boost his DPS, or even assist a tank using various explosives to make extra threat.Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring can all craft high end and Epic raid gear.

Best Profession for Each Class

Here is a picture shows the Best Profession for each Class, and it is based on how effective the profession will be specifically for your class type. It’s important that you pair the best gathering and crafting profession. If you plan to go Engineering, make sure you have mining, since it can provide you with the materials and you need them to craft the engineering recipes.

Best Professions for Raiding: Alchemy and Engineering

You can make potions that restore your group’s HP or mana, combine with Elixirs that provide stat buffs for a duration of time. Engineering has its value in the form of craftable items that can deal AOE Damage to mobs. When certain types of gear are needed, these professions: Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Leatherworking and Tailoring can be useful.wowclassicgp

Learn RS Player Owned Farm Nerf Details with Proposed Changes

According to the latest official news post, the RS develop team has made some plans to nerf the player owned farm. Here you could buy rs gold learn their plans with detailed changes to player owned farms.

XP earned from player owned farm reduced

Based on the complaint that there’s too much XP for too little activity, the develop team plans to reduce the amount of XP earned through RuneScape player owned farm.
Step 1 – Reduce the harvest XP by 50%
Step 2 – Animal XP is now based on their health and happiness
Step 3 – Harvest XP can now be boosted by items and bonus XP

Breeding outside pens & collector’s capacity reduced

Based on the complaint that there are too many animals in the game, the team plans to reduce the amount of animals in RuneScape player owned farms and drop their overall value.
Step 1 – Reduce breeding outside of the pens
Step 2 – Reduce the amount of animals the collector farmhand can hold

Rate at which RuneScape POF animals feed increased

With the proposed changes to how XP is harvested, feeding animals will become more important than ever before. The rate at which animals feed will be increased, which will make each animal eats 1 food every hour. It means an animal’s health and happiness will improve at twice the rate.

Benefits of shiny enhancing traits increased

With the breeding rate reduced, it will become harder to obtain shiny animals and complete the breeding log. Therefore, the following changes are proposed to make:
Step 1 – Increase the benefits of shiny enhancing traits
Step 2 – Increase the hereditary nature of traits
Step 3 – Increase the value of shiny animals

What do you think about RuneScape player owned farm nerf?

Destiny 2 Gravetide Summoner Guide – How to Finish Spider Bounty

Life goes on in Destiny 2, even with Shadowkeep’s release looming on the horizon. With weekly and daily bounties to worry about, Nightfall strikes to get loot from, and the rotating demands of The Crucible, there’s never a shortage of content to work through. Spider is still offering the usual bounties on the Tangled Shore, so let our Destiny 2 Gravetide Summoner guide help you complete this particular bounty.


Wanted: Gravetide Summoner, like the rest of Spider’s bounties, is a recurring one. In order to actually acquire this bounty, you’re going to want to take Ghost fragments to Spider to buy it. You’ll be able to net these from doing other bounties, public events, and killing high-value targets. The bounty requires you to hunt down the wanted Gravetide Summoner, and part of this will involve completing a Lost Sector.

If you’ve completed this bounty before, the location of the Sector can actually change from time to time, so don’t just assume that it was where you last saw it. Once you’ve snagged the bounty from Spider, you’re going to have to do an Adventure on Titan and as we said, complete a Lost Sector.

Once you work your way to the end of the Sector, you’ll encounter the Gravetide Summoner in question. However, you might find that you can’t actually do any damage to them, which is a bit of a bummer. The trick is actually to kill the ogre that’s lurking around nearby, though it’s not as simple as just emptying an entire clip into it.

We would recommend focusing on gunning down the thralls that start to flood into the room – these are special because of their distinct yellow health bars. When you kill one of these, you’ll be granted a buff called Ogre’s Fear that will increase the damage that you then deal in turn to the ogre. After you take down the ogre, you’ll be able to set your sights on the Gravetide Summoner for real and loot the Powerful gear that you’re entitled to once the bounty is complete.

Voila! With the help of our Destiny 2 Gravetide Summoner guide, finishing off this bounty for Spider should have been a piece of cake for you.