Learn Changes to OSRS Granite Maul, Bulwark & Others in PvP

According to the latest official blog, some adjustments will be made to PvP, including changes to Granite maul OSRS gold, Dinh’s Bulwark and others. Read the information below to learn the details.

Changes to OSRS Granite maul special attack

Granite maul OSRS is a weapon offering huge KO potential with its special attack, which requires only 50 Strength and Attack to use. To re-balance the Granite maul, the cost of its special attack will be increased from 50% to 60%.
There will be an upgrade item that can be attached to the Gmaul OSRS to reduce the special attack energy cost back to 50%, and the upgrade item will be available for 1,250,000 Bounty Hunter points. If the Bounty Hunter Shop changes are made with the Bounty Hunter rework, this Granite maul upgrade item will be one of the loot in OSRS Bounty Hunter Crate.

Changes to Dinh’s Bulwark OSRS Magic defence

Dinh’s Bulwark OSRS is a two-handed shield used for tanking. Instead of reducing all of Dinh’s Bulwark’s stats by 10 points in the previous plan, the develop team decides to reduce its Magic defence bonus from +18 to 0. This is a relatively minor change in terms of how often spells are likely to hit.

Changes to OSRS Snare in non-members worlds

OSRS Snare will be available to non-members. Entangle will not be made available to non-members at the same time, as there are concerns it would be overpowered in non-members worlds. It may be available in the future if it would not be overpowered.

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