OSRS New Aviansie Drops: Ecumenical Key Added in God Wars Dungeon

According to the latest Old School news post, Aviansies now can drop OSRS gold ecumenical key in the Wilderness God Wars dungeon. Some other changes are also made to the drops of Aviansies OSRS.

Get OSRS ecumenical key from Aviansies

With the update on August 8th, the ecumenical key may drop from Aviansies OSRS in the Wilderness God Wars dungeon. The drop rate of OSRS ecumenical key is 1/60 regardless of how many players already have. The timer to stop players getting multiple ecumenical keys in 2 minuts of each other has been removed. The total number of keys players may own at a time is not changed.
The ecumenical key was left out because of a unique noted Adamantite bars drop. The Adamantite bar OSRS drops from Aviansies in the God Wars Dungeon now are noted for players that have completed the hard Fremennik Diary.

General information on Aviansies OSRS

Aviansies are avian monsters located in the southern main chamber of the God Wars Dungeon. They can be found fighting for their god Armadyl, engaging in combat against the followers of Zamorak.
Aviansies OSRS are airborne, so they are completely immune to melee attacks (except for Salamanders); they can only be damaged with Ranged or Magic. Players cannot use a melee weapon to damage an Aviansie, and they will become aggressive if players try to do that.

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