Changes Updated with Swtor 5.10.4 for F2P and Preferred Players

In order to adapt to ‘Onslaught’ Expansion, our team is hard at work revising some systems. Meanwhile, along with Swtor Game Update 5.10.4 in July, some notable swtor credits  changes for Free-to-Play and Preferred players will be increased, including credit cap, extra Quickbar, medical Probe and Quick Travel.

Which players are new changes aimed at?

In Star Wars: The Old Republic there are three different ways players, and two of them are Free-to-Play and Preferred players.
Free-to-Play players are who have not spent any money and have access to the original storyline of the game.
Preferred players are who either used to be Subscribers or have spent money on the Cartel Market.
This July there will be some changes to be updated mainly aiming at Free-to-Play and Preferred players when Update 5.10.4 comes.

Some of the quality of life changes coming for these players

Increased credit cap: times are changing, initial credit amounts are no longer enough for players. So we will raise the credit cap of both Free-to-Play and Preferred members to 1,000,000 credits!
Extra Quickbar: Quickbar is restricted between different account types, so we will add an extra Quickbar for both Preferred and Free-to-Play accounts. With this change, players will obtain more gaming experience.
Medical Probe and Quick Travel: Medical Probes allow a character to revive where they died instead of recovering at a Medical Station, and Quick Travel allows characters to immediately travel to a discovered point on their current planet. Now every player will use these two features where applicable!

Let’s wait for those changes with cheap Swtor Credits offered by us.