Get Ready for RS Flames of Rei Ti TH Promo with Rei Ti Ronin Armour

It has been revealed there will be a brand new Treasure Hunter promotion named Flames of Rei Ti this month. From this rs gold TH promo players will have a chance to gain the new Rei Ti Ronin armour set.

New TH promotion – RS Flames of Rei Ti

A new Treasure Hunter promotion RuneScape Flames of Rei Ti will be added to Treasure Hunter in July 2019. During this TH promotion, you will have a chance to obtain a new armour set named RuneScape Rei Ti Ronin set, which once adorned the 5 warriors from the Wushanko Isles in a fearsome fighting force.
When the Flames of Rei Ti Treasure Hunter promotion starts, you are able to choose the part of the Rei Ti Ronin armour you want, such as the gloves or the headpiece. If you select the button corresponding to that Rei Ti Ronin armour piece, the chances of it rolling will be increased. In addition, there is an extra button for players who only want XP items.

How to get RuneScape Treasure Hunter keys?

You will need more Treasure Hunter keys for the new RuneScape Rei Ti Ronin set. Here are some ways that you can obtain treasure hunter keys:
1. Daily keys
1 treasure hunter key is offered to free players, while 2 keys to members and 3 to silver or gold Premier Club members.
2. Quests
You can gain additional Treasure Hunter keys after completing quests.
3. Monster drops
Nearly every monster may drop a key token.
4. Treasure Hunter keys can also be bought in groups of 15, 35, 75, 200, or 450, up to 20,000 each day.

Are you ready for RuneScape Flames of Rei Ti with Rei Ti Ronin set?

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