Enjoy RS Herby Werby, Build RS Base Camp & Totems on Anachronia Island

Long-expected the Land Out of Time is released this month with various new contents. Here we will talk about the RS gold Base Camp, Herby Werby and Totems that you can enjoy on the Anachronia island.

RS Base Camp on the Land Out of Time

With the Land Out of Time update, you will have a chance to establish, maintain and upgrade a RuneScape Base Camp in much the same way as you would a port or farm. There you could assign workers to build and upgrade 7 different buildings, including a Town Hall and Slayer Lodge, and each of these buildings can be progressed through 3 tiers. It will produce perks which can make your adventure on RuneScape Anachronia island a little easier. For example, you can deal more damage across the whole island after upgrading the Slayer Lodge.

RuneScape Herby Werby for Herblore XP

RuneScape Herby Werby is a new activity which offers Herblore XP. It is a weekly Distraction and Diversion, and the main objective is to aid some Anachronia’s native species in destroying the poisoned flora. Herby Werby can be completed once a week, offering assorted rewards such as a herb bag with grimy herbs.

RuneScape Totems for timesaving benefits

The fragments you obtained on the island can be used to build RuneScape Totems, which are tribal statues offering timesaving-themed benefits and effects. You can build totally 8 Totems, and have up to 3 active at any one time. A little Divination XP will also offered for your efforts.

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