Join in RS Independence Day Celebration to Get Sams Hat & More

The Independence Day gets celebrated in America today. To honour this event, Sam comes back with his toy shop in RS Independence Day Celebration, and offers event items including rs gold Sams hat, Liber tea and others.

RS Independence Day Celebration from July 3

As America’s Independence Day comes on July 4th, RuneScape Independence Day Celebration returns in game to honour the special day, running from July 3rd to July 5th.

When the Independence Day Celebration begins, players could meet RuneScape Sam west of the Cooks’ guild in Varrock. He reveals that by popping balloons, he received his hat, and proposes that if players popped the balloons, they might get one Sams hat too. There are some other cool rewards that can be obtained by popping the balloons during this event.


Purchase event items from RuneScape Sam

During RuneScape Independence Day Celebration, Sam ran a shop with a selection of stock from Diango’s Toy Stall, but with the addition of a unique item called Liber tea, which couldn’t be obtained anywhere else. You could purchase various items from him, and here is the list of items that you can enjoy during the Independence Day Celebration:

Toy horsey (brown)

Toy horsey (black)

Toy horsey (white)

Toy horsey (grey)

Spinning plate

Toy kite

Celebration cake

Celebration candles



Bubble maker


Souvenir mug

Liber tea

Enjoy RuneScape Independence Day Celebration with its event items!

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