Guide for OSRS Mystical Sleuthing Minigame Related to Warding

After the new Warding kill is added in game, the Old School team plans to add a new minigame such as OSRS gold Mystical Sleuthing at a later date, using your knowledge of Warding and Runecrafting to help citizens of Gielinor handle magical problems and threats.

Warding related minigame requirements

The proposed Warding related minigame like Mystical Sleuthing is a hybrid skilling method for Warding and Runecrafting. Before joining in the minigame, you need complete Rune Mysteries and the introduction Warding quest (coming with the core skill). Besides, you also need prepare a channeling lamp, vis, and any Runecrafting Talisman/Tiara (useable for your Runecrafting level).

Start the minigame by getting a mission from wizards

The new minigame can be started after getting a mission from a variety of wizards, which will give location details of a place and requires you to investigate any sinister magical marks. During investigation, you will make the proper ward to tackle the treat. And this ward will turn the treat into a hard-rocky magical residue, allowing you to siphon into runes through your talisman. Then, you will repeat the process: getting a mission – investigating the threat – stopping the threat -cleaning it up.

XP rate from the Mystical Sleuthing minigame

Doing the minigame will give you warding XP no more than one third of what you get by training the skill normally, while the Runecrafting XP will be minimal, no more than 5k per hour.

Additionally, there may be a new rewards shop for the planned minigame.

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Things You Need to Know to Get the Destiny 2 Tarrabah Exotic Submachine Gun

Destiny 2 has a wide range of exotic weapons players can collect and use in their battles against the forces of The Darkness. One of these powerful exotic weapons in Destiny 2 is the Tarrahbah submachine gun. Unfortunately, there is only one way that players can obtain the Tarrabah weapon. However, we have everything you need to know about obtaining the Destiny 2 Tarrabah exotic submachine gun covered for you.

The method for obtaining the Tarrabah weapon in Destiny 2 is not too complex, as it can only be acquired from a random drop. Fortunately, the Destiny 2 community knows exactly where this specific drop location for the Tarrabah is. This particular location is the chest that can be looted following the Gahlran fight in the Crown of Sorrow raid.

This means that your best bet to getting the exotic submachine gun to drop from this chest is to run the Crown of Sorrow Raid with all three of your characters. It is important to note, however, that each character will need to be a different kind of Guardian to have loot drop each time you attempt obtaining the exotic weapon.

If you are lucky enough to have this particular exotic weapon drop, you will gain access to its Ravenous Beast and Bottomless Appetite perks. The ravenous Beast perk causes the weapon to store power from the player dishing out or receiving damage. When the Tarrabah weapon is full of power you will have the ability to unleash it all on your enemies. This is then where the Bottomless Appetite perk comes in, as it causes the length of Ravenous Beast to extend when a player deals continuous damage against enemies.

Adding the Tarrabah exotic submachine gun to your inventory will take some luck and grinding, but you will be rewarded with a very unique weapon that will help you become an even stronger Guardian in the world of Destiny 2.

Guide to Finish WOW Operation Mechagon’s Hard Mode for Aerial Unit R-21/X

Since the WOW Operation: Mechagon has been released with wow classic gold the start of Season 3, today we will share some tips to complete its Hard Mode – Keep DPS-ing and Nobody Explodes. Then we can win the rewards Aerial Unit R-21/X mount & level 430 Azerite Helm.

Guide for Operation: Mechagon Hard Mode

In the beginning, you need to defeat the first 3 bosses to activate the Hard Mode. And you have to deal with the regular mechanics of the bosses while dealing with Walkie Shockie X1s. And a Druid with Entangling Roots and Mass Entanglement are recommended.
After defeating 3 bosses, go to the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit and activate the Hard Mode. Then you will see a Tank Buster MK2 rather than a MK1, which hits harder but shares similar mechanics to the MK1. you can walk through the Shock Link to only take 1 tick of damage fast but with even more limited space.
Finally, you need head to K.U.-J.0. as normal, the Hard Mode of which can be activated by clicking on Robo-Waste near where you walk in on the left side.

What rewards can you get upon completion of the Hard Mode?

Each run, when completing the Operation: Mechagon’s Hard Mode you can earn the achievement Keep DPS-ing and Nobody Explodes, and even the Hertz Locker and Rank 4 Vision of Perfection (if the entire run is completed with no death). Meanwhile, the item level 430 Azerite Helm and Aerial Unit R-21/X mount will be awarded to a certain member of the party.

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Find Dragon Bones DLC Game Pack From ESO Crown Store This Month

Feast your eyes on the latest looks, pets, mounts, and more coming to the ESO Crown Store in February! Here you can see the new Dragon Bones DLC game pack on 12th this month!


Shrike’s Nocturnal Frock – Do you like to keep to the shadows, yet long for a striking look of your own? This will give you something to crow about! Any admirer of the Prince of Night and Darkness will appreciate this eye-catching costume. The Shrike’s Nocturnal Frock costume will be available for a limited time on all platforms from February 1 to February 5.
Daedric Death Mask – Daedra Worshiper, do you dare wear a mask that strikes fear into the souls of ordinary mortals? Then the Daedric Death Mask is for you! For as is graven upon its metal horn bands in the dread script of Oblivion: FEAR ABIDES. The Daedric Death Mask will be available for a limited time on all platforms from February 1 to February 5.
Dragon Bones DLC Game Pack – Cultists conspire to unleash a plague, while necromancers attempt to reawaken a Bone Dragon. Put an end to these threats in the all-new Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak Dungeons. Earn epic new gear and collectibles, unlocking new unique item sets, Monster Masks, Achievements and more, items exclusive to this DLC Game Pack! The Dragon Bones DLC game pack will be available on PC/Mac on February 12 and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 27.
Dragon Bones Collector’s Bundle – In addition to the Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak Dungeons, this bundle includes the exclusive Fang Lair Courser mount, the Small Bone Dragon Construct pet, and a stack of Experience Scrolls. (Wait till you see little Rattlewing, the Dragon!) The Dragon Bones Collector’s Bundle will be available on PC/Mac on February 12 and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 27.

Information about OSRS Warding Latest Changes & OSRS Warding Beta Plan

The latest Old School official news post has talked about some new changes made to OSRS gold Warding, the brand-new skill mage armour production skill. Read the information below to learn some significant changes and the OSRS Warding beta plan.

Highlights of OSRS Warding changes

OSRS Warding is a new skill which teaches players the art of making magical equipment, items, and tools from wizards in Gielinor. According to the latest Warding blog, some significant changes have been made to this new skill:
1. BattleWards are removed.
2. Venomous Armour, Kinhunter Armour and Cosmos Armour are removed.
3. Steatite and Wardstones are removed.
4. Vis variants are reduced from 12 to 5.
5. Channeling lamp variants are reduced from 3 to 1.
6. Imbues will be added to Warding as an additional method of obtaining it.
7. New reward suggestions are added.
8. Ward Shops are added.
9. Oversaturated Farming methods for resource gathering are added to Hunter.
10. Charts on skill training loops are added.
11. XP Rates are added.
12. Combination Runes are removed.

OSRS Warding beta committed for all

To ensure players are able to play OSRS Warding content and give the feedback in real time, the develop team is committing to at least one beta(s) which will be accessible to all players. The team will also look to address all rewards and content during OSRS Warding beta testing.
In addition, the development of the Warding skill will be collaborative between the development team and community. The beta will enable players to work with the develop team on details, in order to make the Warding skill that players want.

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Destiny 2 Location and Inventory for Xur for July.12 to July.15

There are many notable characters in the Destiny 2 universe that have become faces of the popular looter-shooter franchise. One of these Destiny 2 characters is the merchant Xur who brings an inventory filled with exotic items at a new location every week. This is no different for Friday, July 12th, as Xur has returned with a new inventory at a hidden location for this weekend.

Destiny 2 Guardians who are interested in seeing what Xur has in his inventory for this week will need to make their way to the location of Titan. Players will then find the merchant situated inside of a building located on the eastern side of The Rig area of Titan. With his location being revealed today, you will likely be able to follow many other Destiny 2 Guardians who are also looking for the Agent of the Nine.

The inventory for Xur this week consists of the following items and prices:

  • Wings of Scared Dawn Warlock Chest Item – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Helm of Saint-14 Titan Helmet – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Gemini Jester Hunter Boots – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Hard Light Weapon – 29 Legendary Shards
  • Isochronal Engram – 97 Legendary Shards
  • Invitation Quest Item – 9 Legendary Shards

While Xur offers a complete exotic inventory for players to purchase from, it is often infamous for containing less than worthwhile items or consistently brings duplicate items for players. However, the allure of Xur’s exotics often draws new and veteran players alike to find his location and see exactly what he has to offer on a weekly basis.

Will you be picking up any of the items from the inventory of Xur at his Destiny 2 location this week? Does the Agent of the Nine’s stock for July 12th through the 15th not impress you?

WOW Classic – What do you anticipate is an ideal server population

There’s a lot of fuss about layering, but what the altercation wow classic gold ultimately boils down to is what humans accede an ideal citizenry for a WOW server.

I’ve aggregate that Blizzard will be capping servers about 3000 players.

To me personally, layering is a case of “throwing the babyish out with the bathwater” – Blizzard is about able to adapt the absolute experience, just to abstain college populations than that. It fabricated faculty in 2005, if people’s PC’s couldn’t handle abounding players on screen. But these canicule if accouterments allows for it – I anticipate it’s complete lunacy. A few canicule of carelessness shouldn’t ascertain the absolute game, and accepting humans bastardize in and out of existence, is in fact killing my advertising for this game.

If Blizzard would extend the analogue of a “healthy population” above 3000 players, it’d aswell boldness the affair with “tourists” potentially bottomward off: let’s say they’d cap the citizenry about 7000 instead – that’d beggarly a server could lose bisected their players and still be in fact anatomic and agreeable (by today’s standard).

But I’m a Nostalrius affectionate of guy. I in fact admired that server. It was jam arranged with humans 24/7, and that’s aswell the appeal. I don’t apperceive how abounding actuality in fact played in Vanilla, but aback afresh the abstraction of seeing humans in Darnassus or Thunder Bluff was a novelty, abounding zones were in fact empty, and award lower alcove groups was difficult even on awful busy realms. That was black and a above affair captivation Vanilla aback IMO.

Nostalrius afflicted all that, by artlessly abacus added players. Every breadth was active and chaotic, any time of the day – just the way I’d brainstorm an MMORPG apple should be like.

Granted, I can see why 10-15k players ability be a little boundless to some too.

Having a greater faculty of if humans accede a server over-populated, I anticipate would go a continued way in answer why layering is such a hot affair and antecedent of disagreement.

So I anticipation it’d be absorbing to apprehend what added players feel is an ideal population? Is 3000 players a acceptable absolute for you? Too high, or low? And do you anticipate it’s added important to accept breath allowance and be able to do your thing, even if it agency accepting abandoned towns and bargain action — or are you added like myself?

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What’s Your Most Difficult Dungeon Content in Elder Scrolls Online

One of the most difficult dungeon content in my opinion. In our group we had a cp 720 tank with vet scalecaller experience and rest of us were cp ~450. Several times I was told its only doable if Im cp capped with a certain amount of dps. I can only do 20k dps on a dummy but I wanted to give it a go since Ive been preparing for very long for this.
First Boss – Ogres

I wanted to give up straight away. We wiped like 3 times without any progress. We all knew the tactics, It was just difficult. Okey after 20min we managed to kill them. We were really really happy and we realized this dungeon cant be done without voice com so we all started paying attention to voice chat.

Second Boss – Pokeballs

We knew, we need to kill the balls as soon as they spawn, Its just not as easy as it sounds. There was always someone who got caught and turned into stone. After like 30min suffering and wiping, I tested what happens if I kite the ball. So I was checking when the ball targets me and I pulled the ball from the group while doing a little damage. Ofc we wiped again but this time we actually done some progress so we did this again and we done it.

Third Boss – Ice Golem

It was quite easy we managed on the 1st try. We pulled the boss to the corner of the arena and that way the spawning adds could not damage us. It some cheesy strategy but hey…

Fourth Boss – Plague and alchemist guy

On normal version, out of all bosses, I hated this one the most. This time on Vet, actually this was one the best experience. Each of us in the group had something to do and we had to coordinate, Listen to the npc and listen which add hes calling out. We noticed its good to have good dps here, killing adds fast helps the whole group. The boss has tonns of HP and it took long to beat it. We had to port back to town to grab more repair kits, one of us even run out of soul gems. We did it and we were really excited to move on.

Last Boss – Zaan

There are so many mechanics thats going on at the same time, its ridiculous. We could not even reach the 1st ice statue phase for 30 min. Realizing we did wrong the flame waves. We tried to block it, however after a while we found out its better to take the flame waves from the group and dodge it further away. Those ice statues. Brutal!. You will take buttloads of aoe dmg while you have couple of seconds to kill 2 statues. Very difficult to coordinate because dd-s need to focus either statues. Many times we ended up killing the same and did not have enough time to finish off the 2nd. We had the damage we just had to focus!

Get Ready for RS Flames of Rei Ti TH Promo with Rei Ti Ronin Armour

It has been revealed there will be a brand new Treasure Hunter promotion named Flames of Rei Ti this month. From this rs gold TH promo players will have a chance to gain the new Rei Ti Ronin armour set.

New TH promotion – RS Flames of Rei Ti

A new Treasure Hunter promotion RuneScape Flames of Rei Ti will be added to Treasure Hunter in July 2019. During this TH promotion, you will have a chance to obtain a new armour set named RuneScape Rei Ti Ronin set, which once adorned the 5 warriors from the Wushanko Isles in a fearsome fighting force.
When the Flames of Rei Ti Treasure Hunter promotion starts, you are able to choose the part of the Rei Ti Ronin armour you want, such as the gloves or the headpiece. If you select the button corresponding to that Rei Ti Ronin armour piece, the chances of it rolling will be increased. In addition, there is an extra button for players who only want XP items.

How to get RuneScape Treasure Hunter keys?

You will need more Treasure Hunter keys for the new RuneScape Rei Ti Ronin set. Here are some ways that you can obtain treasure hunter keys:
1. Daily keys
1 treasure hunter key is offered to free players, while 2 keys to members and 3 to silver or gold Premier Club members.
2. Quests
You can gain additional Treasure Hunter keys after completing quests.
3. Monster drops
Nearly every monster may drop a key token.
4. Treasure Hunter keys can also be bought in groups of 15, 35, 75, 200, or 450, up to 20,000 each day.

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How To Unlock All 12 Characters for Players In Stranger Things 3: The Game

Stranger Things 3: The Game includes a total of 12 characters for players to unlock and knock about in Hawkins with. You’ll start with only two of them unlocked however, and getting the rest will need you to fulfil certain requirements. Most of these are pretty simple, and only need you to blast through the main missions, but a few will task you with some more challenging missions. In this guide we’ll explain how to unlock all playable characters in Stranger Things 3: The Game.

There are a total of 12 characters to be unlocked in Stranger Things 3: The Game. We’ve listed them all below in the order you’re likely to unlock them as you play through the game. For most, it’ll simply be a case of playing through the main quests until you get access, but a few like Will ask you to find collectables instead.


Unlock requirement


Available from the start.


Available from the start.


Complete the Radar Love mission.


Complete the Rat, Paper, Scissors mission.


Complete the Coffee Run mission.


Talk to Max in Mike’s Basement after you clear the farm.


Talk to Eleven in Hopper’s Cabin after unlocking Max.


Talk to Joyce at her Home after unlocking Eleven.


Talk with Hopper at his Cabin after unlocking Joyce.


Complete the Scoops Troop mission.


Complete the Scoops Troop mission.


Collect every D&D Character Sheet.


That’s the full roster of playable characters in Stranger Things 3: The Game. You’ll only stat with Lucas and Mike, but it won’t be long before Dustin joins you, and then Nancy and Jonathan too. The only one which poses a real challenge is Will, as to get him you’ll need to collect every D&D Character Sheet collectible.