OSRS Construction Guide: Levels from 1 to 99

There are certain skills in Old School Runescape which are very important for the High-level players. Some of them are combat-related, others are not related. Construction is one of the important non-combat skills for any High-level player in the game. Building your own house is going to make life easier when it comes to teleporting runescape gold or training certain skills such as Prayer.

In this guide, we are going to show you how to train your Construction skill from level 1 to 99 in a short time. This OSRS Construction guide will be covering everything related to the skill.

Training this skill requires you to buy a house from an Estate Agent for 1K coins. Once you have a house, you will be able to start training your Construction skill by building furniture all over the house.

Upon reaching Level 20 Construction, you will be able to hire a Servant from the servant house which is located in East Ardougne. There are 5 types of Servants you can hire, each one has a required construction level to be unlocked.These Servants are used to bring you Planks from your own bank, which speeds up the training process. The better the Servant, the more planks can be brought from the bank. Also, the trip time will be shorter, but the cost per item will be higher.

The available Servants can be unlocked at a Construction level of 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50. I would suggest you to start using Servants from level 40 Construction because any Servant below Level 40 is not that good in terms of capacity and the trip also takes a long time.

The hired Servant will appear inside your house only if you have two bedrooms with beds inside each one of them. You won’t be able to hire another Servant until you fire your current Servant.

You will be able to ask the Servant to bring you planks from the bank for 8 times only. After that, you will need to re-pay the Servant to start responding to your orders. The money can only be paid through your inventory or via the servant’s moneybag which can be built inside your house at level 58 Construction.
Building Rooms

Building furniture inside your house requires you to be in the Building Mode. There are many types of rooms can be built inside your house, each has different types of furniture. Each room has a required construction level to be built and the same applies to any furniture. And of course, the higher the requirement, the higher the XP you gain.

Right-click on any door inside your house and select “Build Door hotspot” to be able to choose from a list of rooms which can be built depending on your Construction level.
Level 74 to 99 Construction (Alternative)

From level 74 to 99, you will need to build Oak Dungeon Doors in the Dungeon room. Each Oak Dungeon Door requires 10 Oak Planks. Building one Oak Dungeon Door gives you 600 XP and 198,970 Oak Planks are needed to reach level 99. You can keep building Teak Garden Benches instead, but it’s all depending on your budget.

Overall, reaching high levels of Construction will allow you to use many useful things inside your house. The Ornate Pool is one of them which can be built at level 90 Construction and it rests all your stats, hitpoints and almost everything. There is also the fairy ring which allows you to teleport directly from your house through the fairy teleport system and can be built at level 85 Construction. The Nexus Portal is another thing allows you to teleport almost everywhere and you need level 92 Construction to build it.

After all, choosing a way to train your Construction is totally depending on how much are you willing to spend. Keep in mind that XP per hour ratios can’t be accurately calculated since it will be different for each one depending on lags and how fast you can get used to the process.

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