Test Alterac Valley on WoW Classic Beta till June 17

From June 14, the WoW Classic beta testers are allowed to experience Alterac Valley and create level 58 characters in a special Field of Strife realm wow classic gold . Please remember this AV test and the realm will be closed till June 17, when other beta realms will return.

What is Alterac Valley?

Located at the center of Alterac Mountains, Alterac Valley battleground traces the conflicts between the Frostwolf Clan (settled in the valley as their ancient home long ago) and the Stormpike Guard (a league of dwarves searching the area for ancient dwarven and titan relics).
In addition, since it is a PvPvE Battleground, you can enjoy many PvE elements when being a PvP zone. It’s the main aim for the battleground to fight the way through your enemy faction’s forces and eventually reach their Keep. And when a faction defeats the enemy’s general, they win.

Enjoy Alterac Valley on Classic Beta from Today

You can test Alterac Valley on World of Warcraft Classic beta with a new Classic beta realm opened specifically from June 14. When logging into the Field of Strife realm, you can join and make a level 58 character. At the same time, all other realms will be closed when the test is underway.

Never forget this test will only last till June 17 at about 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern. Finally, let’s expect together with WoW Classic gold for sale on our site.

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