See the Latest Design of OSRS Crystal Armour Set by Mod Gee

The latest design of OSRS Crystal Armour, a brand-new crystal armour set, has been displayed by Mod Gee on Twitter. You could also learn some basics runescape gold of this new armour before its release with the Song of the Elves quest.
New Design of OSRS Crystal Armour

Recently the design of OSRS Crystal Armour has raised quite a heated discussion among Old School RS players. Now Mod Gee, the junior character artist for the game, has shown us the latest design picture of the Crystal Armour on Twitter.
The design has been adjusted for several times based on players’ feedback and advice. Some days ago the team initiated a vote on the straw-poll, allowing players to vote for the one they want from several designs. Mod Gee also said thanks for players’ patience and feedback, especially those who voted on the straw-poll and commented.
Learn basics of OSRS Crystal Armour

OSRS Crystal Armour is a ranged crystal armour set which is planned to release with OSRS Song of the Elves quest. The set consists of OSRS crystal coif, crystal chaps and crystal body.
The Crystal Armour has a set effect, which offers a 15% damage boost and a 30% accuracy boost to the crystal bow OSRS when all the pieces of the set are worn. If you only wear the individual pieces of the set, there will be 3% damage boost and 6% accuracy boost from this effect for each item worn.
You could read our OSRS Crystal Armour preview if you want to learn the armour stats and requirements to create.

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