Learn Details of RS Upgraded Armour Spikes & Spiked Armour for Bonus

The upgraded armour spikes with 10% chance to deal 10x damage are introduced to RS with the update this week. Additionally, now you could attach awesome-looking spikes to your armour for runescape gold.

Craft the upgraded armour spikes for bonus

According to the recent official news post, upgraded armour spikes RuneScape are available in game with bonus effect. With upgraded armour spikes, there is a 10% chance to deal 10x the damage of regular RuneScape armour spikes. They can be crafted with 1000 original spikes and a concentrated alloy bar. Notice: a shield will deal double damage if you wield it with armour spikes.
Moreover, you need to meet following conditions to activate the effect of RuneScape armour spikes:
-Carry your armour spikes in the inventory or equip them in the ammo slot.
-Only equip melee weapons.
-Wear melee torso and leg armour.
-You are attacked by an enemy.
-The enemy is adjacent to you with no game squares in between. The combat style is irrelevant.

Get RuneScape spiked armour from Elof

With the update this week, you are able to attach spikes to armour after talking to Elof RuneScape in the artisans’ workshop. It costs 1 glorious bar per item to get the spike on. Please notice that RuneScape spiked armour is just cosmetic, and the spiked armour is not necessary if you want to make use of the Armour Spikes.

What do you think about the upgraded armour spikes RuneScape and spiked armour?