Patch Notes with Updates in RS3 Monster Examine & Other Changes on Jun. 3

This week’s Patch Notes RuneScape has dealt with contents like The Temple at Senntisten quest, Monster Examine RS3 gold , etc.. Learn the details and see if they make your gaming time more enjoyable.

Highlights of Patch Notes RS3 update

1.Stockpiled message won’t be shown if your chest hits the item limit when 2 items are filled in.
2.You are no longer allowed to attune to the Avatar Control Stone in another clans citadel.
3.The Assassin in The Temple at Senntisten quest is now relocated next to the correct winch.
4.When cast, Monster Examine now gives XP and play an animation.
5.Buff bar now displays values of zero per cent.
6.Items that can be stored in the quest storage chest now shown in bank cleanup filter.
7.Increased chance to obtain slayer skill pet from beating scarabs in Menaphos.
8.The message asking you whether to double the drop in Elite Dungeon is no longer filtered.
9.Protean logs now can be used on the odd old mans fire to aid polishing bones.
10.Make option on a vial of Coconut milk will now default to make weapon poison.
11.You are now able to buy the Barbarian assault reward “Gamble points” 10 and 5 times for both high and low items.

Other fixed contents & changes in Patch Notes

1.Having an extra bucket of stagnant water now allow allow the you to deposit the fever spider body in the hopper.
2.The members only tag now removed from sinew in the Cooking skillguide.
3.Corrected quickchat message for Sack of effigies and Backstab cape.

Will the changes in The Temple at Senntisten quest, Monster Examine RS3 and other contents brought by the Patch Notes RuneScape on Jun. 3 influence your game experience?

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