News.New RS Hunter Method &High Level Yellow salamander Introduced in July

The latest official news post has revealed that a brand-new Hunter method will be introduced to buy runescape gold the game in July ,it will completely change the way you hunt.Additionally, there will be a new high level salamander, barehanded butterfly hunting improvements and other changes.

The Reason for the New RS Hunter Method Changes

Before the arrival of the Crystallise spell alongside the quest The Light Within in 2015, Hunter was in a good place and was reasonably well balanced. Top end XP per hour rates at unboosted level 99 were about 250k.

However, Crystallise changed everything. XP per hour rates rocketed to around 900k when boosted. Ultimately, So need to make some changes to make the game balanced.

The Changes of New RS Hunter Method

1.Introduce PvM style drops.
2.Make the Elite Hunter Outfit available to earn in-game.
3.More concessions to AFK players and a new tier of salamander that is exclusively for Hunting.

New RuneScape salamander & butterfly changes

A new high level yellow salamander is being introduced. It uses the regular net-trapping method but with a change – the salamander will be released from the player giving you XP without an item. Due to this, the new salamander cannot be caught in your inventory, and therefore cannot be wielded as a weapon. These changes provide a more uninterrupted skilling experience.

Barehanded butterfly hunting is being altered to become more AFK-friendly and offer better XP, making it the main AFK hunting method. When you successfully barehand catch a butterfly, you will still immediately release it, but the NPC is no longer removed from the map. Instead, the player will automatically attempt to catch the same butterfly multiple times, allowing you to stay in one place for a little while before the butterfly flees and another needs to be found.

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