Learn OSRS Crystal Armour Details with Effect & Requirements

A new armour set, OSRS Crystal Armour is coming to the game later with the release of Song of the Elves. The armour requires crystal armour seeds and crystal shards to create, which are both new items gained in Prifddinas.

General information on OSRS Crystal Armour

OSRS Crystal Armour is a new ranged crystal armour which will be released with Song of the Elves update. According to the latest official news post, crystal armour is made as a ranged set with stats similar to black dragonhide. Ranged crystal armour will degrade into an uncharged version.
The whole armour set consists of the crystal coif, crystal chaps and crystal body with a set effect. When all three pieces are worn, players can receive a 15% damage boost and a 30% accuracy boost to the Crystal bow. This effect will apply partially when wearing individual pieces of the set, which means a 3% damage boost and a 6% accuracy boost will be given for each item worn.

How to create OSRS Crystal Armour?

The new ranged crystal armour set Crystal Armour is created by combining crystal armour seeds and crystal shards. Tradeable crystal armour seeds can be gained after completing the Gauntlet. As the armour can only be made in Prifddinas, the completion of Song of the Elves is required to equip this armour set.
Here are requirements to create Crystal Armour:
Crystal coif: 1 crystal armour seeds, 50 crystal shards, 70 Smithing level, 70 Crafting level
Crystal chaps: 2 crystal armour seeds, 100 crystal shards, 72 Smithing level, 72 Crafting level
Crystal body: 3 crystal armour seeds, 150 crystal shards, 74 Smithing level, 74 Crafting level

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