Buy New Battle-Car Nimbus Fast with Rocket League Elevation Crates

Rocket League, the videogame that combines football with vehicles developed by Psyonix, will receive the Elevation Crate on October 8, a new crate that have 18 Customization Items will start appearing as a drop after the completion of Online Matches.

Rocket League Elevation Crate Items

On October 8, Monday a new crate of booty arrives at the Rocket League, the Elevation Crate, which among other items will have the new Nimbus car, which you can see in the images.
At the moment are confirmed by Psyonix the new battle car ‘Nimbus’ and the explosion of goal ‘Solar Flare’. Up to 18 new items, including wheels, trails and boosts (some of them can also be seen in the image below).

Psyonix has also confirmed in Reddit that the new car ‘Nimbus’ will have a hybrid hitbox and features a futuristic-look, such as X-Devil, Endo or the Skyline.
How To Get The Rocket League Elevation Crate and Items?

The Elevation Crate can be obtained in-game for free as a drop, you only need to complete online games! Then you can use Rocket League keys to open the crate for the new Nimbus and other new Customization Items.
All the items of the new Rocket League Elevation Crate are subject to the same probability of drop as the rest of crates since September 2016.

But remember that playing games to collect crates are grinding, and drawing your favorite items out from crates are gambling, anyway we wish you good luck!