The Details of RS Clan Quality of Life Update

The prophesied Quality of Life changes have finally arrived! As of this week clans will be more fun than ever before, so there’s no better time to jump into clan life, players can make friends, and slaughter your enemies. You could buy cheap runescape gold to read more information below to learn the details.

Clan QoL Improvements :

1.A special broadcast will fire to your clan every three months during your first year, and then again on your ‘clanniversary’ every year after that.
2.‘Discord’ and ‘Invention’ have been added to the list of clan keywords.
3.‘RuneScape 2007’ has been renamed to ‘Old School RuneScape’ in clan keywords.
4.When viewing a clan’s Noticeboard, the title will now be the name of the clan.
5.Entries in the ‘place’ dropdown menu now default to ‘abandoned mine’ so that the Clan Noticeboard can be alphabetised.
6.The Clan Info interface has been refreshed and a clan’s creation date
7.The Vexillum option has been removed from the Noticeboard edit interface.
8.Clan event reminder notifications have been updated to include more information about upcoming events, and an event notification message will fire when an event has been running for 30 minutes.
9.You are now able to view the job title of a clan member by hovering over their rank icon in Clan Chat:
10.The Clan Log will be updated to show the last week’s visitor and capped count – for the latter to work, your clan citadel must have been rebuilt since this update.
11.Clans can set a total level requirement for joining their clan. If a player is invited who doesn’t match the clan’s requirement, they will not be able to join. If an owner invites a player, it will bypass this check.

Clan chat Improvements:

1.You can now view the information of the clan you’re guesting in by clicking the I button. You can also view that clan’s Noticeboard and see what events they have coming up.
2.When guesting in Clan Chat you will receive notifications to let you know when their events are starting.
3.Clan staff can set up a ‘Guest Clan PIN’ that will stop uninvited guests from entering the clan. If the PIN is changed, any guests reconnecting to the clan chat will be kicked out and will have to enter the right PIN to re-join.
4.Clans will be able to set a total level requirement for guests to join their clan chat in Clan Settings. This is to stop new accounts being made to flame clan chats.