News.Update:Automated Plank Make and In Game Clock

OSRS update the week include Automated Plank Make and an in-game clock, and other quality of life changes.The changes below are from the most recent poll aimed at improving existing content. You could read more information below to learn the details.

An in-game clock changes

The in-game clock that was released in this update has been removed in order to fix a bug regarding pre-fixing a 0 in front of a time less than 10 minutes past the hour. This will be re-released in the next game update on 16th of May 2019.

Quality of Life Changes

1.Automated Plank Make

Plank-make is now automated when cast. Each automatic cast will occur approximately 2 ticks slower than a manual cast.


Perdu will now take payments directly from your bank if you try to buy your items back and have no coins in your inventory.

3.Mage Training Arena Coins

When logging out or leaving the Alchemy room in the Mage Training Arena, if you leave with coins in your inventory, those coins will be automatically deposited into the coin collector and you will be awarded the usual amount of points, magic xp and coins.

4.Barrows Chest Ammo

If you have runes in a Rune pouch or Bolt racks in your ammo slot, any runes or Bolt racks looted from Barrows chests will be added there automatically.

5.Aluft Gianne Jr

Gianne jnr. now has right-click options to acquire easy or hard gnome cooking tasks.
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