Some Tips to Learn Guilded Eggstravaganza guides

Today,We will share RS Guilded Eggstravaganza guides for you,If you are curious about it,Please read carefully now.And don’t forge to buy runescape gold for sale here are 100% legit!Crafting Brotherhood – Add a boiler and a gem rock, but lock them abaft either Tasks or Quests.

Guilded Eggstravaganza is a Novice quest with no skill requirements,The below are useful tips and gudies for you:

1.Speak to the Easter Bunny at the Lumbridge Crater

2.Find and talk to the Cooks’ Guild Apprentice.To make a cake of pies,Make sure you have an uncooked berry pie, uncooked meat pie, an uncooked apple pie, a cake tin, an egg, and a pie shell.

3.Speak to the Cooks’ Guild Apprentice again. You need to have an egg, a pie shell, and a luxurious lemon to make a lemon pie, and the lemon can be acquired from the crate west of the apprentice. Cook the lemon pie on the Cooks’ Guild range and then talk to the apprentice again.

4.Talk to the Crafting Guild Apprentice north-west of the Easter Bunny.Obtain a pot of salt by filling an empty pot at the barrel of salt next to the Cooks’ Guild Apprentice.Return to talk to the apprentice.

5.Heat the gold and pot of salt two times at the nearby Furnace and retrieve the gilded imperial egg base. Give it to the apprentice.

6. Fill a bucket with vinegar from the Barrel of Vinegar next to the apprentice. Return to the apprentice.

7. Use a bag of flawless gems on the unadorned imperial egg. Then speak to the apprentice again.

8.Talk to the Fishing Guild Apprentice on the south of the Cooks’ Guild Apprentice.Talk to Ames the Courtier found northwest by the furnace.Travel to the General Store, talk to the shop keeper, then purchase a beautiful bucket of flowers with 10 coins.

9.Give the flowers to Ames the Courtier. Then return the repeal of royal decree to the Fishing Guild Apprentice.

10. Return to the Easter Bunny and talk to him. Quest complete!

The below are Rewards you can get:

By finishing the Guilded Eggstravaganza, you’ll be able to get 600 Crystallised chocolate fragments, one Mysterious Egg pet, 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice.Tai Bwo Wanna – Accomplish Trading Sticks able to be placed in the coins pouch, add a abundance that uses them… One that sells a book that teaches you how to derma monkeys (Requires Tai Bwo Trio Adventure Completion) so that Monkey Corpses serve a purpose aloft the quest… if annihilation Monkey Corpses in their accepted accompaniment are like a corruption because accepting Monkey Basal is now hardly added difficult

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