How To Play Path of Exile On PS4?

Step 1. When running the Path of Exile for the first time on PS4, you will have to create a character by choosing one of the game’s classes. Note that each has its own characteristics and abilities of its own, so read the descriptions carefully;

Step 2. At the beginning of the campaign you will appear on a kind of beach, where you will have the chance to know the basic commands of the game. Use the left analog stick to walk and press X to use the blows with your weapon;

Step 3. When defeating some enemies they will drop items, and this is one of the main mechanics of the game. With these weapons, equipment and armor you will equip your characters and make them more powerful with the advancement of the game;

Step 4. Press the touchpad of the PS4 control to open the management screen of your character and edit your weapons and equipment. In addition to swapping and dropping items, it is also possible to streamline some of them using plugins, which add new skills and improve their status;

Step 5. As with RPGs in general, Path of Exile has a progression system for your character, which gains attribute points for each new level gained. With these points you can unlock one of the hundreds of tree abilities that can create very versatile and interesting paths for each new warrior you create in the game.

Step 6. Press the directional key down to enable the map of the region and follow the points of interest to find missions, entrances to new areas and other important places. Keep an eye on the writings below the mini map (upper right corner) to check the coordinates of your next active tasks.

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