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The final clue of Crack the Clue 2 can be solved by combining the elements from the four previous clues.

1.First,make sure you have nothing equipped on, and nothing more than a plain pizza, a wooden shield and cheese in your inventory.

2.Find Sir Tiffy Cashien sitting in the Falador Park,Cook in the Jolly Boar Inn, located north-east of Varrock.

3.Head to the western Falador bank for Westernmost banker, who will speak to you in a mysterious tongue.

4.Find Captain Dalbur in Al Kharid, he’ll tell you the method to find the treasure.

5.Follow his direction, you’ll find yourself between some trees south of Varrock, east of the stone circle.

6.You need to perform the Bow, Yes and Clap emotes in succession when you are next to some NPCs.

Hope these guides can do some help for you.

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