High Time to Experience Crack the Clue 2 with Free runescape gold 2007 Mar.20

The OSRS game is filled of the enjoyment of mystery this March. With the progress of the OSRS Crack the Clue 2, do you feel like being a riddle cracker? Follow the guide to help you win cheap runescape 2007 gold the brand-new cosmetic gear, ornate armor in the clue-seeker event.

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Introduction to Crack the Clue 2

As a sequel of the original Crack the Clue, the OSRS Crack the Clue 2 has been released after the OSRS 6th birthday stream on Feb. 22, 2018, and will remain in the game. Similar to the last clue-seeker event, during the event, the team unveils hints to help crack the given clue on the official forum. With every cracked clue, the players will be able to unlock a brand new set of cosmetic gear, and achieve ornate armours.

Guide to the Crack the Clue 2

Week 1: The given map indicates a location by the sea southeast of Rimmington, northwest of the chapel. Follow the map’s lead and grab a spade and a pie dish to obtain the hidden items.
Week 2: The destination of the map shows the entrance to the air altar south of Falador. You need a spade and a raw herring to obtain the items thither.
Week 3: The map will lead you to the east of the Black Knights’ Fortress. To obtain the items, you need to perform the Shrug and Cheer emotes in succession.

The completion the all clues will create an especially challenging mystery, which you can check our later text to see the solution.

The rewards of the Crack the Clue 2

Solving the clue released in week 1 grants you a pair of ornate gloves and ornate boots, while cracking the second week’s clue brings a pair of ornate legs. And at solving the clue released in the third week, you can win an ornate top. In addition, completion of all clues grants the final piece of equipment to complete the set.

Join in the OSRS Crack the Clue 2 to solve the mysteries. And win the cosmetic gear, ornate armor with your wisdom. If you need cheap RuneScape 2007 gold or the latest news about the OSRS game, you can always come to us.

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