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The following changes have been made to improve the experience of facing the Ice Demon room within the Chambers of Xeric:Trees found within the Ice Demon room in Chambers of Xeric are now less likely to fallPlayers will now receive 50% off 2007 runescape gold & more wood than before when successfully chopping trees within the room based on Woodcutting level

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As trees in CoX can now give more wood than before, the Woodcutting XP gained per item of kindling has been reduced slightlyThe Ice Demon’s defences are now lower than before and its magic defence behaviour has also been changed, making it weaker to spells overall including it’s additional weakness to fire spells

Pures: The forum thread for posting your details regarding unwanted XP gained after last week’s update has been closed. We are still investigating ways to fix the issue for affected accounts – we will give updates on the situation as it develops.

Clan Wars and Pest control no longer reset the player’s autocast spell when they leaveItems which are “Never protected” on death, such as Bounty Hunter Emblems, will now also be lost on death when notedPlayers may now toggle fake XP drops in the “Configure XP Drops” interfaceIt is now possible to break rings of forging to reset their charges back to 140 without having to use the ring up fully for it to break. It now works the same way as rings of recoil and the Slayer bracelets work

Konar will no longer assign Black, Red, Blue or Green dragons within the Kourend Catacombs if the player has under 100 combatKonar will no longer assign Fire giants in the Waterfall Dungeon to players who haven’t yet completed the Waterfall QuestA bit of wall sticking out of one of the Skeletal Mystic’s rooms in the Chambers of Xeric has been removed

Tweaks to the Vanguard’s reset mechanic have been made to ensure they are reset correctlyAn issue where mobile users who had connection issues while logging in and were not recognised to have a username has been addressedFully Grown Oak trees grown in the farming guild now have their foliageDamage is no longer taken from bloated swamp toads placed by other playersA stray block tile at Brutal Black Dragons was removed

Clarity was added to the Desert Diary task for Dust DevilsA typo in Konar’s hints was fixedA typo in the Falador party room was fixedThe AOE sound from the Electric Hydra pet was removedThe weight of the Wreath has been reduced from 5KG… it’s just a few leaves

A message relating to Gricoller’s Watering Can was fixedThe message for being protected from a Drake’s breath by an antifire potion was added to the game filterThe Rune pouch is now also given first when withdrawing from gravestones, similar to armour. This does not affect UIM