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Enjoy Neverwinter Undermountain more after maintenance

The arrival time of the two Neverwinter server maintenance can be said as perfect. Since the Undermountain expansion will be released soon, which will bring?a lot of changes in in-game mechanics and stats(like opposing rolls, addition of Hit Points). Lately, the team has also announced a series of likely updates to the boon. All the new things, as well as game adjustment then will need a more stable environment. Therefore, we can see the two mainteneance as?foundation to the updates, an assureance to a better in-game experience in Undermountain.

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Updates in Boons coming with Undermountain?

As a big feature of the Neverwinter fabric, boons will be updated to ensure it continues to provide worthwhile options for players in challenges in every new module. In the updates, all pages showing boon choices will be united into one to rule them all, which makes comparing your boons easier. After the updates, you will have 5 boon tiers helping you group your boons. Each tier has a minimum requirement for point investment before they can be used. With each new tier there will be more options available allowing you to invest points into the boons in most beneficial way. Additionally, there will also be a tire for Master Boons that give more than passive bonuses.

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