News. Get Rewards in RS Parcels from the Hedge with 50% off runescape gold Mar.11

Gielinor’s favourite bony parcelmeister Postie Pete has returned to Burthorpe! You will receive daily parcels and Postie Pete’s letters for 30 days,Now,Let’s see all details now.In this year’s Parcels from the Hedge, all RS members can join in the event by logging in the game daily in the 30 days since Mar.4.During the time,you will receive and buy rs gold Postie Pete’s letter and a daily parcel in inventory.

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You can also get fan mail when skilling or in combat.They grant postage stamps that can be used at Postie Pete’s Post Office to exchange for parcels, and an additional reward of coins, a small prismatic lamp and so on.In addation,Postie Pete’s Post Office can also be accessed through RuneScape postage stamps and Postie Pete’s letter.If you have received 5, 10, 15, and 20 daily parcels, you will be able to claim a package of lost property at Postie Pete’s Post Office.

The below are some rewards from 4 sizes of lost property in Parcels from the Hedge you can get:

Lost property (5 days – light) – 1 x fan mail, 1 x sealed clue scroll (easy), 2 x small protean pack, 1 x aura refresh.

Lost property (10 days – heavy) – 1 x small parcel, 1 x sealed clue scroll (medium), 2 x medium protean pack, 5 x D&D token (daily), 1 x aura refresh, 2 x life refresh, 1 x delivery package.

Lost property (15 days – bulky) – 1 x medium parcel, 1 x sealed clue scroll (hard), 1 x large protean pack, 2 x slayer VIP coupon, 1 x deathtouched dart, 1 x small bag of components, 2 x aura refresh, 2 x life refresh, 1 x sack of lost property.

Lost property (20 days – weighty) – 1 x large parcel, 1 x sealed clue scroll (elite), 2 x large protean pack, 3 x slayer VIP coupon, 3 x deathtouched dart, 1 x small bag of components, 1 x large bag of components, 2 x aura refresh, 3 x life refresh, 1 x parcel loot beam.

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