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On Feb. 28, 2019, there has been thousands of reports complaining about problems in login and other functions in the game. Later, the team has disclosed the cause of runescape 07 gold the inconvenience – they shut the servers down due to a bug in the OSRS Twisted bow, and has made a rollback on server status to balance the damage caused thereby.

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During this week’s update at Feb. 28, 11:30 GMT, a bug has entered the game, adding a Twisted bow spawn near the Farming Guild. Later the bug was abused by some players, and hence a number of Twisted bows entered the game unfairly. The team has hotfixed this bug, and shut down the servers to examined the whole system. They also has assembled with other teams to discuss the solution to rebalance the damages caused during this time. As the final conclusion, they decided to have the server status rolled back to what it was before the update.

Actions taken after the OSRS Rollback

To erase the damage caused by the bug in Twisted bow, the team has made the following decision. First, there will be actions taken against the accounts of all players who have abused the bug to buy bonds and redeem them for membership. Second, the players whose account has been banned during the accident will see their offences reduced to temporary ban. For Hardcore ironman players die after the update, their account will be re-categorised as regular ironmen henceforth, therefore their HCIM status can only be tracked and updated on the regular ironman hiscores page.

The influence of this OSRS servers down and rollback from the Twisted bow bug has made quite a quantity of players suffer. We hope such accident will never come over again. If you do need leveling support or cheap OSRS gold on sale, you can always enjoy them safe from us.

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