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In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, the team has been beavering away giving RuneScape a health checkup this week. Miles have been run on the treadmill and iron has been pumped on the bench. We’re feeling fit and lean, So Rush to buy RS3gold 9% off cheap rs gold & know Improved Lootsharing and Stone Spirits. and we’ve got loads of improvements and tweaks to talk about:

Loot Sharing

We are starting the week with a wonderful feature that’ll make managing boss masses with other players much easier!

Players who wish to share loot with others no longer need to add the other player to their friends list. You will still have to be in the same friends chat however.

Stone Spirits

We’re aware of the discussion surrounding the devaluation of rune-ore Stone Spirits since the release of the Mining & Smithing Rework, as well as the conversations about boss drop tables. As a result we’re making the following changes:

Queen Black Dragon Changed to
Runite Stone Spirits Orichalcite Stone Spirits and Drakolith Stone Spirits
Adamant/Coal Stone Spirits Luminite Stone Spirits and Runite Stone Spirits
God Wars Dungeon 2 Changed to
Runite Stone Spirits Necrite Stone Spirits and Phasmatite Stone Spirits
Coal Stone Spirits Luminite Stone Spirits
Solak Changed to
Runite Stone Spirits Banite Stone Spirits and Light Animica Stone Spirits
NEX Changed to
Coal Stone Spirits Luminite Stone Spirits


We’re confident these changes will improve things. Nonetheless, we will continue to monitor the situation as closely and make further adjustments as required.


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