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In the RuneScape Guthixian Cache, a Distraction and Diversion with no skill requirement, you can enjoy collecting memories of Guthix, then converting them with the points you earn, and win rewards like Diviner’s outfit. Check the tips on how to win Diviner’s outfit with Up to 7% off rsgold in Guthixian Cache.

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Brief introduction to Guthixian Cache

Though the Guthixian Cache has no requirements on skills, as your Divination level passes a certain threshold, the points you can get will increase. In the game, you need to hop into an energy rift to collect memories of Guthix at most of the wisp colonies for 10 minutes per hour.
From the game, you can get Divination experience, three temporary passive benefits, and a Diviner’s outfit.

Tips on Guthixian Cache

1.Surge ability can be used to move faster between the unstable rift and memory deposits.
2.If you have access to Invention skill, body or leg armour piece with Mobile is recommended.
3.The combined use of Surge and Bladed Dive is recommended when you go to and from the memory and rift.
4.Staying in a stream of other players can help you avoid being the target of active automatons.
5.Subduing the automatons, rather than converting memories, is of priority when there is no other players, or are too many active automatons.
6.In human form, the double points ability is recommended to be used by carrying a memory to the rift, activating the ability immediately before depositing, then running back.
7.In Cres’ form, the double points ability is recommended to be used when an Enraged automaton is to be reactivated and there’s no other players nearby.

With the tips we offer to you for RuneScape Guthixian Cache, we hope you can collect as many memories of Guthix as you can, and win Divination experience, Diviner’s Outfit and more. Come and give it a try with the cheap RuneScape gold from us.If you have any questions feel free to PM me in game cheap OSRS gold or ask them below :P lease feel free to add any tips below and I’ll add them hereHello, everyone! About a year ago, I made a huge list of Android games that I personally remend.

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