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RS players you may know that vic trader is return again to exchanges bonus can find him and buy plenty of goods and items by credits from him , before he leaves. you can such as the TzHaar whip, some weapons and experince items. and if you need rs gold, RS3gold can be your trust site to buy rs gold with up to 9% discount til Feb 15.

Where can you trade with Vic the trader?

As the owner of Vic’s Store, RuneScape Vic the trader has returned to the game and stays until February 11, 2019. During this period, he can be found south of the Burthorpe lodestone across the road from the bank, trading credits for bonus experience.

Chance to get Tzhaar Whip RuneScape & more

Besides bonus experience, you can also enjoy various goods and items from Vic’s Store, including experience items, skilling outfits and rare Treasure Hunter items. These goods can be bought with the credits.
Here are some of them that you can buy with credits:
TzHaar whip – Tzhaar Whip RuneScape has 7 tiers with Attack level requirements. It allows the use of a whip weapon prior to attaining 70 Attack for an abyssal whip.
Exquisite weapons – Exquisite weapons are obtainable for 100 credits each. There are 15 weapon types, with corresponding off-hands and one shield.
Starfire armour – It costs 200 credits each.
Sunfury armour – It costs 200 credits each.


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