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This week the Kebos Lowlands have finally come to Zeah: head to the far west of Kourend to try your hand at Aerial Fishing, receive a task set by the new Slayer Master, Konar quo Maten, and gain entry to the Farming Guild. Here are the details information and you can also find enough cheapest runescape 2007 gold from us.

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For those of you who haven’t yet travelled to Zeah, you can do so by speaking to Veos (below) at the Port Sarim docks. He will take you to the Kingdom of Kourend which is made of five Houses on the continent of Zeah. After arriving in Kourend on his ship, you will find yourself in the Piscarilius house, on the Eastern side of Zeah. The Kebos Lowlands can be found on the far western side.

Say a player wished to see Konar to receive a Slayer task but hadn’t done the Kourend achievement Diary or started Fairytale Part II, the best route would to teleport to the Farming Guild via a Skills neckalace and run North East. Once at Mount Karuulm, they could climb up using the Agility shortcuts to reach Konar. Alternatively, players on the Arceeus spellbook could cast the Battlefront Teleport and run north west.

Players looking to do a spot of Aerial Fishing may use the Fairy Ring south of the Lizardman Canyon or Kharedst’s Memoirs then run west to catch a boat to the centre of Lake Molch.Below is a map to help you find your way around the new areas, with a list of teleport and transportation locations and their requirements.

1. The Farming Guild (entrance) – Farming Skillcape or Skills Necklace
2. The Farming Guild (inside) – Spirit Tree (85 Farming)
3. Fairy Ring – Start Fairytale Part II
4. Mount Karuulm (Konar quo Maten) – Kourend Diary Blessing (Hard = 3 per day, Elite = Unlimited)
5. Battlefront Teleport – the Arceuus Spellbook (60% Arceuus Favour 23 Magic)
6. Lovakengj A – Xeric’s Talisman (5% Shayzien favour)
7. Kharedst’s Memoirs – Forsaken Tower Quest
8. Kourend Castle A – Xeric’s Talisman (Architectural Alliance)
9. Kourend Castle B – Kourend Castle Teleport (Transportation Incantations)
10. Shayzien Cemetary – Kharedst’s Memoirs (Tale of the Righteous Quest)
11. Fairy Ring – Start Fairytale Part II
12. Lake Molch – each dock allows transport to the others
13. Mount Quidamortem – Xeric’s Talisman (Ancient Tablet)

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